Thursday, December 5, 2013

Old Petitions part 1
  2. City of Hawthorne, Police Chief, Mayor & Governor of California: Investigate shooting of "Max", demand resignation and retrain officers.
  3. Hawthorne Police Department: cop that shot the dog: fired
  4. The Hawthorne police department: take action against police misconduct
  5. Hawthorne Police Department: Arrest Officer Salmon who shot the dog, teach officers how to handle dogs
  6. The Hawthorne Police Department: Remove the officer who killed Max the dog without cause from his position
  7. President Obama: Stop the government funding of research facilities that use animals
  8. Expedia: Drop Tiger Temple from your website!
  9. The City of Collins: Repeal Breed Specific Legislation
  10. Bistro Bobette: Remove cruel foie gras from your menu
  11. Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros
  12. Gov. Dayton, Sen. Franken, Sen. Klobuchar, Rep. Nolan of Minnesota: Reinstate Dr. Lynn Rogers' permit to conduct research on black bears. 
  13. Office of the Assistant Deputy Attorney General Joyce Dewitt-Van Oosten: Drop charges against Janet Olson for the theft of abused dogs 
  14. USDA: Stop the USDA from allowing horse slaughter in New Mexico
  15. Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych : URGENT help in retrieval of 3 caged bears in Pervomaisk, Ukraine. 
  16. To the governor of Minnesota: It is time to investigate the MN DNR & its commissioner, Tom Landwehr
  17. Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive for fake Ugg Boots (no target)
  18. Ban the use of hunting with dogs throughout the borough of Benitatxell
  19. Stop AVA killing the Bukit Brown Dogs on the "Terrorizing" cyclist incident
  20. Gerardo García Henestroza: Protección y Respeto a los Perros Callejeros en Salina Cruz, Oaxaca - Oaxaca, Mexico: Stray dogs crushed alive like garbage! Protect and respect Stray dogs in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca!
  21. Intendente Rivadavia Mendoza Ricardo Mansur: Castraciones masivas para perros y gatos, machos y hembras
    Mayor Mendoza, declaring an Emergency: Start a massive Neutering Campagne for Cats and Dogs, male and female, according to Law 7603 and 8246 for the Ethical Control of Urban Fauna 
  22. Diputados Urgente - Sancion Ley Que Regule Y Controle Actividad Criaderos De Perros - Argentina: Create stronger Laws to regulate Puppy Mills
  23. Listado semanal de animales sacrificados y dinero público destinado a ello en la web de los Ayuntamientos
    Weekly list of animals to be killed, and the costs involved in public money, on the websites of the municipalities
  24. City Council London Ontario: Lift the maximum number of dogs per household for Rescues & Fosters
  25. Ellis and Associates: Add Emergency Response Protocol for Service Dogs to your Lifeguard Training
  26. State of Ohio: Provide discount spay/neuter for every shelter pet adopted.
  1. Drop Tiger Temple from Website
  2. YouTube Still Promotes Animal Killing
  3. Stop importation of dogs and puppies into the Isle of man by third parties.
  4. Prosecute Puppy Killer to the fullest extent of the law
  5. Ban plastic bags in Victoria, Australia
  6. Save Radstock Railway land
  7. No Keystone Pipeline
  8. We want a recycling program for mercury containing Compact Flourescent lights in the Byron Shire.
  9. Save the Northern Sportive Lemur
  10. Peru- Stop Using Endangered Condors in Bullfights
  11. Stop Permits for India's "Begging Elephants"
  12. Thank India for Banning Animal Testing for Cosmetics
  13. Say NO to Permits to Kill Bald Eagles
  14. Demand Better Management for Idaho's Wolves
  15. Ban Animal-Tested Cosmetics in Australia
  16. Stoppt die Abrichtung von Jagdhunden an lebenden Füchsen
    Germany: Stop the training of hunting dogs on live foxes!
  17. Stop this senseless slaughter!
  18. Cop shoots Rottweiler for going to his owner's side Justice for Max
  19. Hawthorne Police Department Shoots and Kills Defenseless Dog
  20. Justice for Max the Dog - Shot by Police in Hawthorne, CA
  21. Another Murder Of Dog By Police
  22. United States: Ban Animal Kill Shelters
  23. Stop Salary For Confessed Serial Dog Killer
  24. Tell Gaston County, NC to Stop Gassing Canada Geese!
  25. Stop the 3X per week gassing of pets!
  26. Outlaw Cruel Single-Sheep Pens
  27. Stop the ridiculous animal hunt in Asia for their supersititious goods!
  28. Tell the Indian Government to Enforce Animal Protection Laws!
  29. Mandatory Nationwide Spay/Neuter for all dogs and cats who are solely companion animals
  30. India- Rescue Laxmi, the "Begging Elephant"
  31. Save the White-bellied Heron
  32. Save the Chinese Giant Salamander
  33. Save the Northern Sportive Lemur
  34. Recycling Tires Is Not a Crime!
  1. Remove Plastic Packaging from National Geographic Magazine
  2. Stop Discouraging Sustainable Development
  3. Applaud No-Kill Animal Shelter’s Outstanding Rescue Efforts
  4. Ban Violent Italian Horse Races
  5. Fight Just to Keep Them Alive: Stop Tiger Farms and Tiger Extinction
  6. Property Management Company: Don’t Force Tenants to Declaw Their Cats
  7. Stop Feeding Marijuana to Pigs
  8. Save Polar Bears From Extinction
  9. Save Bird Populations from Hunting in Albania
  10. Commend U.S. for Retiring Research Chimps
  11. Stand Up for Threatened Goose Population
  12. Applaud Ban on Wild Animals in Colombian Circuses
  13. Increase Conservation Awareness for Rare Mammal
  14. Change Postal Service Live Animal Handling Policies
  15. Tell Google That Dog Fighting is Not a Game
last updated March 1,2014

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