Saturday, December 7, 2013

Old Petitions, Part 3
  1. Commend Chipotle for Being the First Restaurant to Label Genetically Modified Products
  2. Tell Environmental Official That Water Safety Complaints Aren’t Terrorism
  3. Don’t Let Energy Companies Fund Studies About Their Own Pollution
  4. Praise West Virginia for Banning Dangerous Exotic Pets
  5. Stop Forcing Monkeys to Perform for Money in Indonesia
  6. Protect the Sumatran Tiger Before they Become a Myth of Our Past
  7. Applaud The Weather Channel’s Climate Change Coverage
  8. Increase Conservation Awareness for Rare Mammal
  9. Remove Dangerous Chemicals from Food Products
  10. Support the Yaqui Tribe’s Water Rights
  11. Protect Oregon’s Rivers from Destructive Mining
  12. Force Target to Stop Using Plastic Bags
  13. Applaud Funding of Small Business Green Innovation
  14. Protest Unregulated Bird Hunting in Egypt
  15. Change Postal Service Live Animal Handling Policies
  1. Governor of Minnesota: It is time to investigate the MN DNR & its commissioner, Tom Landwehr
  2. Brigantine City Council: Re-open the Dog Park
  3. No ads on Putnam Trailway
  4. Hawaii: Comply with the law and implement a plan to clean the Ala Wai Canal
  5. End The Plastic Problem: Save The Sea
  6. City of San Jose, CA: Protect us from fire: Preserve Almaden lake
  7. Governor Herbert: Do not allow the West Davis Corridor to be funded!
  8. Dentsply: Stop Making Mercury Dental Fillings
  9. Air Pacific & Qantas: Ban the transport of all shark products.
  10. Municipality pf Monemvasia, Greece: Take action against poisoning of animals
  11. Seogwipo (Jeju Province), S. Korea! Please stop the construction of large scale illegal dog farm and crack down on existing dog farms immediately!
  12. STOP Slaughtering Horses in the US
  13. Governor of Chiapas: Stop the killing of 90,000 dogs in Chiapas
  14. Totolapan Township Morelos, Mexico: Stop the killing of dogs!
  15. Stop the practice of surgery on dogs by URSE
    Southeast Regional University (URSE), located in Oaxaca, Mexico, uses dogs to teach medical students in their subject of surgery; causing severe cruelty including chest opening, chronic pain and subsequently death. Dogs are purchased at 600 pesos by a pseudo veterinarian named Roberto Guzmán Solana, a dogcatcher.
  16. Tierprojekt von Father Anthony & ACI im Franziskanerkloster vor dem Aus!
  17. Province Lujan, Buenos Aires: Stop the project to kill stray dogs because the President attends a thanksgiving service at the Basilica of Luja!
  18. Hector Gutierrez, Mayor of Parchment, Argentinia: Suitable shelters for stray dogs and neutering campaigns!
  19. International condemnation of the killing of dogs in Sibaté, Mexico
  20. Governor of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela: Donate a piece of land for abandoned dogs and to create a free sterilization center
  21. Verbot des Orgien-Mysterien-Theaters von Aktionskünstler Hermann Nitsch und seiner Nachfolger
  22. Dekalb Humane Society: Release the name of the rescue that took a heavily pregnant dog!
  23. California Board of Forestry: Stop Plan to Target 38 Million Acres of Habitat in California for Clearance
  24. Salt Lake County Government: Save Steep Mountain
  1. Save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction!
  2. Save Arctic and Antarctic ice from melting.
  3. Keep Elephant Abuse Out Of California's Nevada County Fair!
  4. Stop Calling Animals "It"
  5. Argentina: NO to gray fox hunting from June19 until September 9 in the province of Buenos Aires!
  6. Stop dog fighting videos being posted on facebook
  7. Investigate New York City Animal Shelters In Violation of Humane Laws
  8. Review of "Meat Export Policy"
  9. Urge law makers to support the S.A.F.E. act that will keep horse meat out of our food supply.
  10. Protect Endangered Animals From Madagascar
  11. US, Join India in Banning All Dolphinariums
  12. Save the giraffes
  13. STOP BSL - Educate, Adopt, and Love.
  14. Save the Philippine Eagle
  15. Save the Brown Spider Monkey
  16. Save the Hyacinth Macaw
  17. Protect the Brazilian Merganser
last updated on March 1, 2014

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