Saturday, December 21, 2013

Old Petitions Part 4
  1. Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) Council: Rescue bears at Cherokee Bear Zoo (CBZ)
  2. Mejor acoger que matar: Mantener la concesión de la perrera provincial de Cuenca a ArcoAiris
  3. Lolita, what has been done to you?
  4. The Teachings are the same, as the Truth is always the same, and both are one.
  5. Stop Barbulescu Flavius from Brasov, Romania to kill stray animals!
  6. Ayuntamiento de Orozko: Que se dejen de celebrar becerradas y novilladas en las fiestas patronales
  7. Pidele al presidente del Principado de Asturias que acabe con las corridas de toros en Asturias
  8. Proteger a los animales en extinción.
  9. Close Newcastle University Animal Laboratory
  10. Keep cruelty out of property listings
  1. Stop the Slaughter of 3000 Wolves in Siberia
    - Mail your comment: Send a Letter to the President
  2. Save the koalas from Extinction
  3. Save the Snow Leopard from Extinction
  4. Facebook - you are stopping users from saving lives!
  5. Stop Animal Cruelty in Slovakia
  6. Stop mr. Hatem Yavuz-largest Seal Slaughterer Tycoon
  7. Help Save Killer Whales in Inukjuak, Quebec.
  8. Stop shipping dehydrated onions to Australia from the US!
  9. Let Them Keep Their Cats!
  10. Stop building new slaughterhouses in Hungary
  11. Stop Plans for Michigan Wolf Slaughter
  12. Save the Northern Spotted Owl
  13. Tell China- CLOSE Tiger Farms!
  14. Save Elephants in Vietnam from Extinction
last updated on March 1, 2014

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