Friday, December 6, 2013

Old Petitions Part 2
  1. Stand Up for Threatened Goose Population
  2. Deny Permit Request for Coal Export Terminal
  3. Commend U.S. for Retiring Research Chimps
  4. Save Polar Bears From Extinction
  5. Save Bird Populations from Hunting in Albania
  6. Stop Bill From Cutting Renewable Energy Funds
  7. Commend Microsoft’s Self-Imposed Carbon Fee
  8. Stop Approval of Genetically Engineered Potatoes
  9. Applaud Ban on Wild Animals in Colombian Circuses
  10. Revoke World Food Prize Awarded to Monsanto Executive
  11. Stop Using US Tax Dollars to Fund Australian Mining Project
  12. Commend Shipping Company for Plans to Lower Fuel Emissions
  13. Do Not Increase Wolf Hunt Quotas in Wisconsin
  14. Charge Cat Torturers with Animal Cruelty
  15. Demand Nestle Stop Cruel Animal Testing
  16. Save Wolves From Slaughter in America
  17. Protect Sea Turtles From Mexican Drug Gangs
  18. Commend San Diego Zoo Global for Conservation Efforts
  19. Commend Wildlife Refuge on Innovative Species Protection
  20. Keep Vital and Picturesque Lake Intact
  1. Woodstock Georgia Police Department: Charge Officer Berry with Spartacus's Murder!
  2. Stop euthanasia of ducks and geese in Gaston County Dallas Park, NC
  3. Gaston County Parks and Recreation: Stop Killing Geese
  4. Miami Zoo: Close down the elephant exhibit
  5. State of Ohio: Provide discount spay/neuter for every shelter pet adopted.
  6. Glen Rock Mayor and Council: Consider creating a local Dog Park
  7. General public: Stop elephant poaching
  8. Rectorado de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid: ¡Los gatos de la UAM sí quieren quedarse en el Campus!
    Rector of the Autonomous University of Madrid: UAM cats want to stay in campus!
  9. ¡Cádiz, protege a tus gatos en lugar de maltratarlos!
    Spain, Cadiz City Council: Protect your cats instead of abusing them!
  10. Administración de Jusicia de la Generalitat de Cataluña: La investigacion sobre la muerte de doce gatos en un incendio intencionado
    Spain, Catalonia: Investigate the death 12 cats burned to death
  11. ¡No al exterminio de la colonia de gatos del cementerio de Salamanca!
    Spain: NO extermination of cats at Salamanca Park Cemetery!
  12. Let's Stop Dog Racing in India
  13. United States Federal Government: Enforce animal abuse laws by forming federal animal police & harsher punishment
  14. Ayuntamiento de Peligros (Granada): Que no se retomen las corridas de toros en las fiestas populares - Granada, Spain: NO Bullfighting!
  15. OIPA: We want clear labels on products that are tested on animals.
  16. Hillsborough County Commissioners: Clean up Animal Services
  17. Committee of Rajya Sabha: Ban meat Export from India - Sukanya Kadyan
  18. Mayor Richard Berry and Albuquerque City Council: Keep the Rio Grande Bosque Wild!
  1. Lets protect the last of the Elephants. STOP Poaching.
  2. Justice for Hannah
  3. Abandonment summer of puppies / adult dogs and cats
  4. Save the White-bellied Heron
  5. Save the Golden Lion Tamarin
  6. HAARP Navy Research Paper: ‘Disrupt Economies’ with Man-Made ‘Floods,’ ‘Droughts’
  7. Tell the Australian Government to Help Stop Food Waste!
  8. Pledge To Boycott All Nestle's Bottled Water Products
  9. No Ransom Money for Animals held Hostage in Indonesia
  10. Don't Allow Crocodile Hunting in Australia's Northern Territory!
  11. Stop Killing Healthy Race Horses!
  12. Ban meat export from India: Say No to halal process of commercial slaughtering
  13. Thank Judge for Protecting Critical Lynx Habitat
  14. Horses Not For Meat Or Sold To Other Countries For Such
  15. Punish Circus for Abusing an Elderly Elephant!
  16. Justice for the Death of Bijlee, the Elephant
  17. Save the bear Masha!
  18. Municipality of Osorno: Change the Ordinance 83 of Environmental Management (no target)
  19. Please do not promote animal abuse, and the destruction of our Nation's ecosystems!
last updated on March 1, 2014

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