Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9 petitions and more

  1. Fb page: Rješenje problema DA - Ubijanje NE
    Please like and share this page (it is against the kill law). It will be published on a Bosnian TV channel as evidence to show how many people are against the killing! So please like/share. We need to get as many likes as possible!
  2. Removing the Gray Wolf from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Maintaining Protections for the Mexican Wolf by Listing It as Endangered - Deadline Dec. 17: Protest again against the removal of the Gray Wolf from the Endangered List! Use the talking points / comments provided here: Act Now to Ensure Mexican Wolf Recovery!
  3. Mexico: Stop mass dog slaughter campaign!
  4. Prison for man who dragged puppy behind motorized scooter!
  5. Free Sunder, elephant abused for 6 years in Indian temple!
  6. Stop Testing on Monkeys (confirmation needed)
  7. CGF: Act to end rainforest destruction! (US) Deadline Dec. 10
  8. Italy: No to the killing of deer! - Send the letter and add your name/country
  9. TAKE ACTION by December 12: Wetlands At Risk in the South S.F. Bay (US)
  1. Stop Cruelty To Dogs and Cats
  2. Stop Murdering Bulls in Spain
  3. Pass an Animal Rights Act protecting street animals
  4. Provide shelter for animals in care in Utah
  5. Stop Lighting Bulls on Fire
  6. Stop Killing Mountain Lions in Arizona
  1. Save Vietnam’s Elephants From Extinction
  2. Stop Poachers from Tracking Tigers with GPS Collars
  3. Commend Partnership for Helping Homeless Dogs
  4. Save Bald Eagle Habitat from Destruction
  5. Save Great American Lake’s Ecosystem
  1. STOP the extermination of stray dogs and police brutality in Romania
  2. Leopards are being killed in India for no reasons: Resolve man - animal conflict
  3. Spain, stop the slaughter of stray dogs to clean your streets.
  4. The President of the Russian Federation: Rescue 3000 dogs' and 200 cats' souls
  5. Drop animal cruelty charge against undercover investigator in Colorado
  6. Minister of Tourism in Greece: Enforce existing law on animal protection
  7. O2, stop supporting Romanian film festival, support Romanian dog rescuers!
  8. Melilla, Spain: Stop the indiscriminate killings of cats!
  9. Norman Hardisty: Stop the animal cruelty
  10. Germany, Waldhufen: Prevent the construction of a chicken factory!
  11. New Castle County Gov't: Get a New Plan for Dog Control
  12. The Pet Zone: Stop breeding and selling puppies and offer space for shelter animals up for adoption.
  13. Protect the Idaho Humane Society's Veterinary Practice
  14. Stop the American "Humane" Association’s animal abuse for Hollywood films!
  15. Change animal cruelty laws in the province of Manitoba
  16. Justin Moore: Cancel your upcoming show at SeaWorld
  17. Implement Animal Rights in Canadian Education
  1. Defund Awful Sex Experiments on Animals
  2. Demand higher penalties for cruel dog fighting
  3. Cut Down Deforestation
  4. Demand "World Vision" and other organizations to stop breeding/promoting live animal donations
  5. Stop Monstrous Dairy Farm in Wales
News and Polls
  1. PINK BH - Vote on Bosnia: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, at your  right, choose "Sterilizacijom" and click on "Glasaj"!
  2. Learn "HOW TO" Vote For The Red X Project In GlobalRockstar Competition - quick & easy! [VIDEO] Go to Show More, Sign up, Vote now (upper left), get the 2 videos playing, wait for Red X Project, hover over it with your mouse and VOTE! Semi-finals! If they win, $10K will be donated to Elephant Nature Park Thailand!
  3. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone - Poll: Do you agree with Animal testing? No, definitely not!
  4. Should Michigan have a wolf hunt again next year? - Vote several times a day NO! Pay attention: 'NO' - position changes with every load of the page!
  5. Is it ok to eat seal meat? - Vote: NO Meat of any kind please!
  6. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Give your points to 'Defenders of Wildlife' and submit the votes. Only US
  7. Sungevity Gives Back will give $20,000 to a non-profit this year to help support their important work. VOTE for "Save the Frogs" as they currently hold the 2nd place. US only
  8. Aviva Community Fund - Semi Finals! Log in and vote for your favorite by Dec. 11
  9. Animals from the shelter in Poland need food - Select a dog and click on the red button 'Nakarm psa'!
  10. Dogs begging for more and more petting - Funny dog compilation [VIDEO]

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