Thursday, November 8, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/07

  1. Act Now to Save Millions of Animals From Painful Poisoning Tests
  2. Do Your Cookies and Shampoo Contain "Deforestation"?
  3. Lets get 10,000 people telling David Cameron to stick to his green promises.
  4. Urge President Obama to Act Aggressively on Science-based Solutions to Global Warming
  5. Urge the Australian Government to End Hellish Live Export
  6. 4,000 of the giant trees are already marked for chainsaws
  7. Petition Against Pet Shops Being able to Sell Live Animals
  8. Stop unlabelled halal meat
  9. Get 60 Minutes Australia to Cover Dolphin Killings and Captures in Taiji Japan
  10. Stop the Threat to Island Gardens Conservation Area and Greenwich Foot Tunnel
  11. Demand Accountability for Those Responsible for the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
  1. President Obama: Protect our Streams and Wetlands
  2. ├ľsterreichischer Nationalrat: Bundesweites Verbot von sog. Heizpilzen bzw. Au├čenheizungen
    Against the outdoor heating many coffehouses and bars are using. It's the waste of energy.
  3. A todas las personas en el Mundo: Rechazo total por sacrificio de un cabrito en reality Mundos Opuestos RCN
    All people in the world: Total rejection of slaughtering a goat in reality Opposite Worlds RCN
    no specific target
  4. BILL THROOP & KENNETH MULDER: Release Bill and Lou to Vine Sanctuary!
  5. Au Prefet: Arreter le Massacre des Loups
    Stop killing wolves (France)
  6. Urge Facebook to protect human and animal rights activism and reject those who glorify violence!
  7. FERMER la page sur facebook
    Close this page on FB. Wolves are not meat to eat.
  8. Council of Europe: stop Ukraine from passing a law that legalizes hunting of cats and dogs
  1. Prevent Minneapolis Animal Care and Control from Killing Healthy Animals
  2. Compensate Indigenous Community After Multiple Oil Spills
  3. Thank Farmer for Suing Monsanto and Winning Landmark Case
  4. Thank Brazil for Sharing Environmental Information on Free Global Network
  2. Unchaining Dogs in Valencia County, NM
    no specific target
  3. SOS! Help stop flayers killer dogs and animals in Russia!
  5. PEOPLE OF WYOMING!! Stop Animal Abuse!! No Chained or Penned Dogs!!
  6. Help for AAN the orangutan shot 104 times.
  7. Stop animal abuse in Egypt
  8. Official program to castrate animals from the streets
  9. BACK YARD BREEDERS - STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no specific target (?!?!)
  10. Get Lions Off the Menu at Dave's Pizza and Burger
  11. Tell the California Parks System To Preserve Tesla Wilderness Area!
  13. Wyland: Please Visit Taiji, Japan Again!
  15. Save the Grotto Sculpin!

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