Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/13

  1. Rhino horn trader jailed for 40 years
  2. Major rhino horn trader sentenced to 40 years behind bars
  1. We want justice for the calf tied and dragged in Uberaba-Mg.
  2. Rio Puerco Area Management Plan
  3. Save the shelter Tierheim Schoppen (confirmation needed)
  4. Northern Californians: Help protect wilderness at Point Reyes National Seashore
  5. Tell Tyson: Stop Horrific Abuse Of Factory Pigs Now!
  6. Tell Polluters: Pay For Sandy Relief, Not Climate Chaos
  1. Petition to NOT declare Ghost and Bear as Dangerous or Menacing
  2. Pets in the passenger cabin without weight limitations
  3. Petition Against Pet Shops Being able to Sell Live Animals
  4. Make California a No-Kill State
  5. Adopt Meatless Monday at IUSB
  1. The government, any animal protection organizations: a LAW that covers Animal Abuse!!!
  2. Spain's government and hunting law: No hunting in any reserve or park in Spain
  3. The US Government: Prevent the allowance of horses being slaughtered in the US.
  4. Fight against the human consumption of cats and dogs in South Korea
    no target at ALL, but there are sample letters you can send to officials
  5. Thailand Officials and Thailand Navy: Thank you for being heroes and saving 750 dogs from slaughter
  6. Please help Lek save her Elephants!
  7. Lonely Planet: Urge readers to avoid elephant trekking. Promote Elephant Nature Sanctuary.
  8. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks: Stop the senseless killing order of Yosemite the bear!
  9. Chez Jacques French Cuisine Restaurant: Take Foie gras OFF the menu
  10. Texas Police: Stop using deadly force on family pets!
  11. Brent Hogan, CEO of Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW): Step Down and Stop Killing Thousands of Greyhounds
  12. FORREST AND CHARLOTTE LUCAS of LUCAS OIL: Build a sunny, new habitat for the dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo.
  13. Congress: Stop the Killing of Hawaiian Monk Seals
  14. New York City MTA: Allow non-service dogs to ride on the subways on-leash
  15. Pretty Pitties: Stop discrimination against Pit Bulls

  1. Urge U.S. Agriculture Secretary to Stop Horse Slaughter from Resuming!

  2. Help Free Puppies and Dogs from Cruel Puppy Farms
  4. Help Protect Whales and Dolphins In Scotland
  5. END FOX/COYOTE HUNTING IN New York State and Massachusetts!
  6. Stop the torture of moon bears in Laos!
  7. Insist Facebook remove recipes of killed animals.
    no specific target... it should be FACEBOOK
  8. Stop Dog Fighting in Beijing!
  9. Burlington Humane Society should NOT pay property taxes.
    The petition about the Burlington Humane Society is now closed. Thank-you to all who signed, commented and shared. Fingers are crossed that it will make a difference.
  10. Barbados Votes for Animal Rights
  11. Defend Whales from PG&E Seismic Testing
  12. Help Protect Crucial Habitat for Piping Plovers
  13. Against Rollkur and other Horse Cruelty on Dressage places.
  15. Shut down Link farm puppy farm Pulborough West Sussex
  16. Stop using animals in circuses.
  17. Association is trying to get rid of my son's emotional support animal.

  18. Tell Both Houses of Congress to Prioritize the Environment
  19. Save the Streaked Horned Lark!
  20. City of Virginia Beach should relocate the traffic sign that will cause the mutilation and removal of Live Oaks.
  21. Please urge Philadelphia to stop using plastic bags.
    targeting residents ? !
  22. Japan - Don't Force Whale Meat on Schoolchildren

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