Sunday, November 18, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/16

  1. War vets find solace in four-legged friends
  2. NC judge rules against New Year's Eve possum drop, ending 19-year tradition
  3. Environmental groups sue over Wyoming wolves
  4. Lolcats: Where they came from and why we love them
  5. Maneka Gandhi supports BUAV campaign to end the trade in primates from Mauritius
  6. Russia issues rare punishment for tiger poaching
  1. Support Governor Kitzhaber's Gillnets Compromise
  2. Help End the Slaughter of Wyoming’s Wolves!
  3. Demand Justice for Allegedly Poisoned Dogs!
  4. Stop the kill-first mentality when it comes to wildlife
  5. Reform the Federal Wildlife-Killing Program
  1. Tell Texas NOT to Ban Pitbulls, Say NO To Justin's Law!
    no specific target
  3. Facebook and Mark Zukerberg: Eliminate applications on Facebook that allow Pets for Sale advertising.
  4. Old Petition: Cowlitz County Superior Court, Prosecutor's Office & Sheriff's Office: Justice for Jagger the Bulldog & His Owner
  5. Justice for Brutis
  6. Consiliul Local Galati: Sterilize & adopt vs Killing Romanian Strays
  7. The Governor of NY: Work Toward Zero Kill Animal Shelters in New York City by 2015
  8. South Africa: Stop the Barbaric Annual Ritual of Tearing Bulls into Pieces
  9. The U.S. Senate: Hannah's Law-Make Pets Worth More than Property in Court
  10. Texas Apartment Association: Remove breed restrictions based by breed name
  11. Pet Owners: Stop unnecessary ear cropping
    no specific target
  12. Oodle Marketplace: Stop supporting animal abuse!
  13. Insist that your elected officials ban the production and selling of foie gras in your state
  14. Stop Tom Otterness Project at the Memorial Art Gallery
  15. Make Farm Animal Cruelty a Felony in all 50 States
  16. A Star Is Overdue As A Cove Guardian In Taiji, Japan
  17. The U.S. Senate: Provide service dogs to Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  18. It would be easy, and economically advantageous to redesign marine parks and zoos...
  19. Reduction of animal testing to reduce government waste at tax payers' expense
  20. Increase Animal Abuse/Neglect Penalties in Arkansas and Investigate Ozark Humane Society Practices
  21. Reform Intake, Adoption, and Euthanasia Policies At NYC ACC
  22. Stop Allowing the Abuse at the Tooele, Utah Animal Shelter (TAS)
  23. Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, Revised 2011
  25. Say No to Gas Chambers!
  26. P&G: Stop testing products on animals. ALL of your products.
  27. City of Bridgeport / Bridgeport City Council: Support The Bridgeport Animal Resource Center!
  28. Take the Pledge: Join the Bluefin Boycott
  29. Stop Killing Deer/Perpetuating Myth That Killing Deer = Population Control
  30. St. Kitts & Nevis: Halt the export of wild monkeys
  31. The Governor of NY: Continue Horse Drawn Carriages but Improve Stables & Treatment!
    not that I agree too much... or at all...
  32. Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture: Outlaw routine hot-iron branding of live, conscious farm animals
  33. Tell Newark Museum to Stop Supporting Animal Abuse
  34. Equine Slaughter Houses: Stop the slaughter of horses in the US
  35. The city of Sherman, Texas: Stop GASSING Sherman Animal Shelter pets to DEATH
  36. Implement a feline TNR Program at Fort Worth Animal Control
  37. America: Start Controlling Equine Breeders in the USA
    no specific target
  38. City of Fort Worth: Improve policy to decrease the kill rate of the animal control center
  39. Defend Federally Recognized Endangered Species
  40. Stamp Out the Canadian Foie Gras Industry--The Dirty Little Secret
  41. Stop Breeding: Stop breeding dogs and cats for three years
    no specific target and I say "stop breeding for good!"
  42. Outlaw experimentation on chimpanzees in the US
  43. H.L.S cruelty is still on-going!
  44. End Horrifying Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands of Denmark!
  45. The Governor of CT: Stop the sale of animals in pet stores unless they are shelter pets
    so it would mean a sale of shelter pets?
  46. Shut down Pennsylvania Puppy Mills
  47. Urge Pennsylvania to take a firm stand against factory farming animal cruelty
  48. End animal torture in USA military training: Co-Sponsor H.R. 4269, the BEST Practices Act
  49. H.F.A. Humanity For Animals: change prison years to min 10 year max 15 and 100,000 dollar fine
  50. Tell Westfield Malls to Stop Allowing Puppy Stores!
  51. Demand trap-neuter-return on PSU campus!
  52. Oppose Utah HB 187: It protects criminal activities on farms
  53. PETA: Adopt a No-Kill Policy by Moving Funds to their Shelters.
  54. Demand that President Obama continue to support the ban on global whaling
  55. Demand that Pennsylvania stand firm against canine cruelty
  56. President of the United States: Outlaw ALL puppy mills! Regulate kennel breeders and outlaw mass producers!
  57. McDonalds: Get them to change to a less cruel way of slaughtering
  58. Urge congress to create harsher punishments in animal abuse cases
  59. Wyoming stop murdering Bald Eagles for Satanic sacrifices
  60. The Pet Safety and Protection Act, H.R. 2256
  61. We demand an animal friendly stray dog policy in the EU!
  62. Stop America's Tiger-Breeding Farms
  1. Stop the laboratory testing animals killing
  2. Brownsville Animal Shelter Expansion
  3. Pope Benedict: Can you please denounce animal cruelty world wide!
  4. Stop Abusive Amish Puppy Mills
  5. Stop the sales of dogs in Flea Markets
  6. Save Tigers