Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/19

  1. Vote: Should the appearance of circus animals be banned?
    • Yes! Animals such as elephants, bears and monkeys have no place in a circus!
    • No! A real circus needs not only acrobats and clowns but also animals in the circus ring.
    We are losing!
  2. Against  fox hunting in Belgium
  3. Don't allow Victoria to become a killing field for Kangaroos
  4. Secretary Vilsack: Reform the Federal Wildlife-Killing Program!
  5. Make Protecting Streams from Mountaintop Removal Mining a Top Priority
  6. Keep the opposition momentum going
  7. Petition: Stop throwing cats filmmaker Jan Fabre
  1. Ask Quebec to Reduce Fossil Fuel Usage
  2. Ask Environmental Protection Agency to Set Safe Water Contamination Levels
  3. Investigate Federal Agency that Sold Wild Horses to Horse Slaughter Supporter
  4. Thank California Governor for Making Clean Water a Priority
  5. Thank California Governor for Supporting Anti-Climate Change Initiative
  6. Demand New Zealand Judges Uphold Harsher Punishment for Animal Abuse
  7. Ban the Use of Harmful Drugs in Horse Racing
  8. Seek Justice for Slain Zoo Monkey
  9. Praise Congress for Protecting the Gulf Coast
  10. Ask Environmental Protection Agency to Punish Fuel Company for Spill
  11. Protect the Marine Life of Olowalu Reef
  1. Ban Hunting in Malta
  2. Prime Minister of Malta & All Ministers Concerned: Ban Hunting in Malta
  3. USDA: Inspect and Regulate Puppy Mills
  4. Estee Lauder: Stop testing products on animals
  5. President of Vietnam: Save the Saola from Extinction
  6. Mr. Peter Kent, Canada's Minister of the Environment: Stop the open slaughter of Western Canadian Wolves
  7. steve.thomson.mla@leg.bc.ca: Free the Spirit Bear
  8. Prevent the hunting of Gray Wolves in Minnesota
  9. NO to a pitbull ban in British Columbia, Canada
  10. minister.mkgp@gov.si , gp.mko@gov.si: Stop the mass killing of wolves in Slovenia
  11. Hunters: stop the hunting of wolves
    addressed to hunters... like they will care
  12. The churches in Germany: We demand an end to the "fire animal fiestas" in Spain
  13. The Home Office: Say "enough" to bullfighting and, with them, the abuse of bulls.
  14. Nikon Inc.: Stop sponsoring professional hunter Melissa Bachman
  15. SIGN to abolish bullfighting in Peru
  16. Millions of Dogs Tortured & Butchered in S. Korea. Boycott 2013 9th International MDPD Congress in Seoul, S. Korea!
  17. The President of The United States: Strict laws for animal abuse and cruelty
  18. Dýravinir: we comment on the new bill on animal welfare
  19. International Whaling Commission: Protect the Dolphins!
  20. World Governments: Support the Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare
  21. Governor Jerry Brown: Make it mandatory that every dog in the state be microchipped
  22. Wisconsin: Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for animal cruelty
  23. Hanane Ahpae Death Camp In Casblanca, Morocco
  24. Educate2End Puppy Mills Pledge
  25. P&G: Stop testing products on animals. ALL of your products.
  26. Animal Planet: Stop glorifying animal cruelty with your program 'Rattlesnake Republic'
  27. Fire USDA Wildlife Services Federal Trapper Jamie Olson for Animal Cruelty
  28. Burger King, McDonald's, Tyson, Butterball, Walmart: Stop the inhumane, cruel abuse to animals in the meat production industry
  29. State of Mississippi: Ban BSL statewide!
  30. President Barack Obama and the US Congress: Stop government subsidies on the commercial fishing industry in the US
  31. President Barack Obama: Remove Ken Salazar as Interior Secretary
  32. Town Supervisor and Town Board of Arcadia New York: Stop the Arcadia landfill.
  33. Protect America's Fast-Disappearing Wildlife Habitat Corridors
  34. Environmental Protection Agency: Outlaw Polystyrene foam a.k.a. Styrofoam
  35. Save Maui's Mantas - SAVE OLOWALU REEF!
  36. Fracked Gas Pipelines -- A Danger Needing Review
  37. To Chancellor Angela Merkel: Stop financing from European funds of bullfighting

*Old 'Animal Advocates' Care2 petitions, please sign if you have not already done so*
  1. Stop Seal Slaughter in Namibia
    additional petition: The Seals Of Nam - End the seal hunt in Namibia!
  2. Stop Wolf Trapping in Montana
  3. Stop Whale Hunting Plans in S. Korea
  4. Establish Trade Bans of Manta Rays
  5. Stop Bullfighting in Mexico
  6. Tell Mars Candy Stop Animal Experiments
  7. Do Not Wait 6 Years- Ban Endosulfan IMMEDIATELY
  8. Protect the Clouded Leopard
  9. Save Critical Tiger Reserve
  10. Stop Promoting Circus Cruelty
    additional petition: Goldstar Still Promoting Ringling's Cruel Circus
  11. Tell Coca-Cola to Stop Sponsoring Bullfighting
  12. Sanctuary for Kansas Zoo Elephants
    additional petition: Help Topeka Zoo Elephant Sunda
  13. Ban Pigeon Shoots in Pennsylvania
  14. Tell Walmart to Stop Selling Gluetraps
  15. Save the Irrawaddy Dolphin from Extinction
  16. No Permits for Shark Finning
  17. Ban Sugar Gliders as Pets in U.S
  18. OBAMA- Protect Polar Bear Habitat!
  19. Stop Plans to Kill Wallabies
  20. Stop Killing Wolves in Finland- 135 Left
  21. Help Save Wombats
  22. Revoke Bear Parks License to Exhibit Bears
  23. Stop Hunting Lynx in Europe
*New Petitions*
  1. Stop the Marketing, Selling and Ongoing Suffering of 'House Pigs'.
  2. Ban Whales and Dolphins in Captivity and Establish a Global Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary.
  3. Taiji Summit
    no specific target...
  4. Stop the use of Palm Oil in Cadbury Chocolate
  5. Against the fair of pigs in Belgium
  6. Stop the Sale of Dead Parrots on Ebay!
  7. Save the endangered animal called the 'Atlantic Striped Dolphin'
    no specific target...
  8. Demand Strong Penalty & Long Imprisonment for Poachers
  9. Stop Dissecting Domestic Animals in Any High Schools
  10. Demand No More Chem Trails
  11. Ask the U.S. authorities to stop throwing tons of milk to the garbage can
  12. Tell the EPA to Ban Prairie Dog Poison
  13. Sign Our Petition to Bring Safe, Good Quality USA Pet Products Manufacturing Back to America
  14. Stop Cat Dissection in all High Schools in the United States
  15. Stop Bullfighting in Colombia
  17. Hunting animals
  18. Canada stop premiums to kill baby seals!
  19. Pets in need
  20. North Carolina's Worst Animal Control Facility Kills All Cats And 98% Of The Dogs.
  21. Tell the President to Take the Lead on Clean Energy

  22. Our Coral Sea Needs Your Help!

  23. Ask President Obama for His Plan to Fight Climate Change

  24. Save Tiny Atlantic Fish and the Wildlife That Need Them
  25. STOP Animal Abuse
    targets are One Direction, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Barack Obama?!?!?! I know Justin Bieber promoted dolphin captivity.. Obama doesn't do anything to stop the abuse... but I don't know anything about others....
  26. Stop the pollution of our water ways!
  27. Stop Wasting Power Lighting Up Every Street In Every Area & Go LED street lamp NOW.
  28. Stop Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario From Allowing Killing of Endangered Species!
  29. Balinese Government: Start Putting Public Bins In Bali

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