Monday, November 12, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/12

  1. Bob Barker turns 89 in December - he has never been afraid to use his celebrity status to speak out on behalf of animals. A 14 minute interview with Bob.
  2. Alhurra TV: Yourofsky fights for a vegan diet
    English version of Gary Yourofsky interview on Alhurra TV network in Israel. Following the incredible impact of his speech in Israel, Arabic reporter, Eman Haddad, met Yourofsky in Jerusalem and heard his strong opinions about animal rights and veganism. This prime time story was aired on Al Youm ("Today") magazine in September 2012.
  3. CONFIRMED: Gator Clubs Fund Vivisection at the University of Florida
  4. North Dakota retains it “right” to torture animals to death for profits
  1. Live Exports:Be part of the chain reaction
  2. Torture on demand: BioXpert's contract cruelty
  4. Stop the Extermination of Wolves
  5. Bulls Set on Fire in Spain?!
  6. Justice for a raped dog (confirmation needed)
  7. Against fur (confirmation needed)
  8. Pledge to Never Bet on Cruelty!
  9. Pledge to adopt, not buy!
  10. Urgent: Save Newman Ridge From Strip Mining!
  11. Belo Monte: Justice Now!
    Join the worldwide chorus calling for justice in Brazil by urging a definitive ruling on lawsuits against the Belo Monte Dam.
  12. Romania: no dirty mine, no dirty politics!
  13. Speak out for the wild salmon
    or just copy/paste the letter and send it that way if you can't sign
  14. Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics by Factory Farms
  15. Stop "Pet Theft" for Illegal Trade in Animals Sold for Research
  16. Senate Now Considers a Ban on Use of Live Animals for Military Research
    for more petitions visit their Action Page
  17. Recognize the Service and Sacrifices of Military Working Dogs (US)
    Facilitate the Adoption of Retired Military Working Dogs.
  18. Tell Congress: Don't undo clean water progress (US)
  1. Facebook: Please CLOSE the page "Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipes"
  2. Facebook: Close down Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipes, a site that promotes racism
  3. Facebook: Ban the sale of imitation Ugg boots on Facebook selling pages
  4. Help us prevent Darby White from owning another animal again due to neglect
  5. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission: Stop spotlight hunting of coyotes in red wolf area
  6. New Zealand Government: Build a Rehab facility for Stranded Cetaceans in New Zealand
  7. The Spanish people want the abolition of the Toro de la Vega
  8. Helft den wölfe in Deutschland. Pease, help the wolves in Germany.
    no target stated
  9. Commission Européenne: Stop Dolphins jails
  10. United States Department of the Interior: Stop Federal Agencies from Killing Wild Buffalo
  11. Close NY Bobwhite Quail Hunting
  12. Tell Sea Country Community Association: STOP animal cruelty to neutered/spayed/chipped feral cats
  13. 24PetWatch: Stop registering pets to the wrong owners and families!
  14. Companies: Use ethical and non-animal methods for testing to replace animal testing.
  15. Lucas County Sheriffs Department: Investigate the shooting of Roxy, a beloved dog
  16. Residents of Puerto Rico stakeholders towards environmental conservation.: Promoting recycling of motor oil and the proper disposition.
    don't know if that's a target at all...
  17. Protect Drakes Estero with the Wilderness Act!
  18. Kraus building management: Reconsider the displacement of our sweet heart pit bull puppy Kano
  19. US Congress: Capuchins belong to the wild! Don’t have monkeys as exotic pets
  20. Fedora Filippi and the Italian Culture Ministry: Stop trying to evict the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
  21. Stop funding University of Wisconsin experimentation cats!
    petitioning people????? grrrrrr ...
  22. Stop taking over their habitat: let the tigers live
    petitioning people????? grrrrrr ...
  23. Stop taking over their habitat: let the orangutans live
    petitioning people????? grrrrrr ...
  24. STOP experimenting with hamsters in the University! 
  25. Stop using Pigs in military training, stop experimenting with pigs
  26. Village of South Elgin, IL: Terminate Code Violation in the eviction or euthanasia of rescued felines
  27. US Government: Don't let manatees extinct!
  28. WE WANT JUSTICE FOR AXEL: Stop ACO Bates from killing all animals.
  29. SPCA: Mandatory contact when a vet treats another vets animals
  30. Chicago City Council: Ban pet stores from selling abused animals from puppy mills in Chicago
  31. Butterball: Stop the abuse of turkeys
  32. U.S. laboratories: Stop testing on dogs
  33. Only animals should wear furs.: Stop killing foxes for their fur
  34. Animal Control Shelters: Stop the hatred on Pit Bulls
  35. Hunters and deforestation agencies: Let the chimpanzees live
  36. Burgur King, Mcdonalds: Stop/shut down the farms where unbelievable animal cruelty is taking place.
  37. Government: Harsher penalties for animal cruelty and dog baiting.
  38. Halstead Sqaure at Dunn Loring Metro: Erect a fence around a portion of our dog park to allow our pets to play
  39. "Wolf Butchering, Cooking, Recipes": Shut them down and permanently be removed from FB forever!
  40. Protest for animal to be killed for specimens in India - Naresh Kadyan
  41. Save the Dogs Bürgermeister von Craiova / Rumänien /Mayor of Craiova / Romania: Immediately stop the plans off killing of stray dogs
  42. Bundestag: Verbot von Tierquälerei - weg mit den sinnlosen Ausnahmen!
    Bundestag: Ban on animal cruelty - away with the pointless exceptions!
  43. U.S. FDA and the Governor of Florida: List and label GMO's on food sold in Florida
  44. Boycott companies opposing GMO labeling
    no specific target
  45. Premier Christy Clark: Do not renew salmon farm leases
  46. State of Tennessee & The FDA, USDA, USA Government and Governor Bill Haslam: Legalize Organic, grass fed, free range, Raw Milk in Tennessee!
  47. The Indonesian Government: Stop the trade in protected species of wildlife
  48. Labels identifying products for vegetarians / vegans / Celiac / Etc.
  49. Concello Cerdedo: stop indiscriminate felling of native species.
  50. Postal Police and Communications: Zooerastia ... block sites and blacklist.
  51. President of the Region of Sardinia: You have to stop the MATTANZA of tuna in Sardinia
  52. Kraft: Put warnings out for xylitol in their gum being toxic to Dogs
  53. Parlamento europeo: STOP alla produzione di FOIE GRAS ("fegato grasso")
  54. Stop Killing our Great Whites!
  55. Minister Lake: Return the year old SPIRIT BEAR placed in the Kamloops Zoo back to the wild.
  56. Stop the killing of kangaroos
  57. Government authorities Durango: Justice for the dog killed by machete in Durango
  58. Canada, protect porbeagle sharks from politics!
  59. Stray animals used as shark bait: Stop the horrific use of stray animals as shark bait
    no target stated
  60. Value Pet Clinic: Pledge to stop offering cat declawing procedures at all of their clinics
  61. Ventura County District Attorney Gregory D. Totten: Maximum jail sentence for Anthony Delgado who BURNED his family dog to death!
  62. Return Sasha's remains to her original rescuer Melisa Peacock!!!!
  63. Colonial Properties Trust: Implement a recycling program for all of their apartments.
  64. Ban Plastic Bags in Providence, Rhode Island
  65. CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E): stop seismic testing off the Central Coast of California
  66. The Australian Senate: Prevent proactive killing of white sharks in Australia
  67. Magistrate Steven Heath: Re open the case for Cookie who was bashed to death.
  68. Government and Municipalities of San Luis: Want massive spay/neuter for free
  70. Abolición de la experimentacíon con animales
    no target at all...
  71. No usar animales en operaciones policiales.
    No animals used in police operations.
  72. GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN: Stop hunting whales for "scientific" ends
  73. GOVERNMENT OF CHINA: Stop using bears to extract the bile.
  74. Greenpeace: for the dolphins in Denmark.
  76. Spain: Prohibit stores from selling dogs and cats from professionals
  77. Stop killing whales: Stop the Japanese killing whales
    not targeted ? !
  78. EVERYONE to raise awareness of this atrocity ..: TO STOP DOLPHIN AND MURDERS
    no targets at all.....
  79. Mateo Isern: NOT ALLOWED culling in Son Reus, encourage adoption
  80. Companies experimenting their products on animals: Abolition of animal testing
  81. Government of El Salvador: A LAW AGAINST ABUSE OF ALL ANIMALS.
  82. Collection Unit and Animal Health of the Government of Tlajomulco, Jalisco: The confiscation of ALL farm animals called City Farm
  83. AYUDA ADOPTANDO - Help to Adopt
    no target... I think this person only want to find people willing to adopt!
  1. Demand Apology from Diver who Brutally Killed Octopus for Art Project
  2. Demand that Congress Renew Tax Breaks on Wind Energy
  3. Urge Grocery Stores to Eliminate All Plastic Bags
  4. Stop Dutch Artist from Abusing Animals
  1. Stop the Toro Jubilo de Medinaceli, Soria - Spain 2012
  2. Tell Croatian authorities to change the animal adoption law
  3. Let us put a stop to this murderer Katinka Simonse
  4. Eliminate violence against animals from Facebook.
  5. Save the Octopus in Cove 2 West Seattle
  6. Bengkulu (ANTARA Bengkulu)
    The six Sumatran elephants in question (Elephas Maximus Sumatrae), currently reside at Bengkulu Elephant Conservation Centre in West Sumatera, but if the plan goes ahead they may end up being transported to Bali Zoo. To save the endangered animals that need support.
    Bona Documentary Preview
  7. Save the Wetlands of North Bengal
  9. Stop cutting down trees at the center of Skopje
  10. Stop Plastic Pollution From Killing Ocean Animals
  11. Stop shooting seals and start making them a source of research and information so we can co-exist!
  12. Bring Back Fundy National Park
  13. Save the Swedish wolves
  14. Tell Congress to Investigate Wildlife Services Now!
  15. Save Maui's Manta Rays - SAVE OLOWALU REEF!
  16. The Lebanon County Humane Society:
  17. Stop cat torture experiments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW).
  19. Tell Recycler Classifieds to Stop Advertising Free Animals
  20. Justice for Sapphire- an abused American Bull dog mix
    no target specified?
  21. CCTV cameras should be in all NZ abattoirs or dairy operations
  24. Free Tony the Tiger
  26. Save Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
  28. Wirral Dog Warden Service -The Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels
  29. Stop the cruelty to greyhound dogs who can no longer run in the races!
  32. Frazier Shows giving baby bunnies, turtles and fish as prizes at carnivals!
  33. Tougher laws on people that use hounds for hunting
    no target ? !
  34. Stop Injustice: End Cruelty and Neglect of Hoarded Brittany Spaniels
  35. Coyote in Leg-Hold Trap Brutally Tortured
  36. Free Bolt
  37. Make declawing of cats illegal as it is in many countries worldwide.

  38. Let Researchers Tell the Truth About Oilsands!
  39. Allow surplus home produced electricity to be fed into the national grid.
  40. Stop the destruction of our local area of natural beauty
  41. Whales
  42. Stop The Slaughter Of Amur Falcons

  43. North Carolina: Close the Caves and Save Your Bats!

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