Monday, November 5, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/05


  1. Tell President Kikwete: Don't Abandon The Maasai To Starvation And Destitution!
  2. Stop Bull Being Killed with Bare Hands!
  3. Remind the premier: close GuZoo Animal Farm
  4. Please Decommission GuZoo Once and for All
  5. Thank PA Governor for Banning Gas Chambers in Animal Shelters
  6. Save the Swedish wolves!
  7. Stop the suffering - close all fur farms (confirmation needed)
  8. Tell President Obama: Protect Greater Canyonlands
  9. French national parks are in danger (confirmation needed)
  10. Tell Polluters: Pay For Sandy Relief, Not Climate Chaos
  11. Investigate PA DEP for fraudulent frack water contamination reports
  12. Tell Obama and Panetta: No Death Penalty for Whistleblowers!
  13. Dogs Trapped at the End of a Chain (US)
    Ask the state governors to ban chaining during extreme weather conditions.
  14. Please Support H.R. 4214: Ban on Cruel Poisons! (US)
  15. Stop The Extermination Of Wolves (US)
  16. Tell Congress to Investigate Wildlife Services Now! (US)
  17. Act now: Support wind power; end the nuclear tax credit (US)
  18. Sign Broads Wilderness Petition (US)
  1. Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control: Impose a screening process for adopters of animals in animal shelters
  2. Constitutional Court of Colombia: Torturing Animals for Public Entertainment is Wrong!
  3. DeKalb County Commissioners Rezoning: Make the land between Orion and Hollywood Drives green space
  4. BURBANK CITY COUNCIL: NO Grandfathering Provision for Peggy Woods in the Puppy Mill Ordinance
  5. HE The President of India: STOP cruel animal shifting in goods transport vehicles
  6. French President: Create a law to protect animals
  7. Ottawa City Council: Ban the Sale of Shark Fin Soup and Shark Fin Products
  8. Reinstate GOOD WOLF page on Facebook
  9. To Chancellor Angela Merkel: Stop financing from European funds of bullfighting
  10. Government of Montana: Cease Efforts to Decrease Grey Wolf Populations
  11. Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam Construction: Stop the construction of this Hydroelectric
  12. International Whaling Commission: Stop the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan
  13. To the French authorities who decide about EDEN the Pitbull: Hand EDEN over to the rescue EL Rancho Les Canailles and let her live
  14. Minneapolis Minnesota City Council: Stop the killing of healthy animals at MACC when a rescue is available
  15. BLM: Do Not Spay Wild Mares
  16. SeaWorld, Inc.: humanely release the Orca whale known as Tilikum to a seapen for rehab
  17. Support Governor Kitzhaber's common-sense plan to eliminate gill nets from the Lower Columbia River
  18. Janez Potocnik - Commissaire Européen: The Protection of woodcocks European Commission.
  19. United States Congress: De-fund the Roundups
  1. Stop the Murder of Deaf Dalmatians
  2. Urge Aramark Corporation to Stop Abusing Egg-Laying Hens
  3. Save the Whales: Encourage International Whale-Safe Fishing Practices
  4. Demand Domino’s Stop Supporting Pork Producers who Intensively Confine Pigs
  5. Support Jail Time for Man Caught Smuggling Tiger Cubs in Thailand
  6. Enforce India’s Animal Welfare Laws
  7. Thank Botswana for Decision to End the Hunting of Wild Animals
  8. Boycott the Import and Sale of Exotic Shrimp
  9. Prevent Deceitful Greenwashing Ads from Coca-Cola
  10. Applaud Famous Musician For Supporting Revolutionary Recycling Project
  11. Applaud Bogota, Colombia for Implementing Green Public Transit System
  12. Applaud European Commission for Promoting Sustainable Biofuels
  13. Applaud Indonesia for Reducing Water Pollution from Cattle Farms
  14. Encourage CNN to Acknowledge the Link between Extreme Weather and Climate Change
  15. Demand that New Zealand Keep Citizens Informed About Environmental Concerns
  16. Save Honduran Community from Abuse and Harassment from Commercial Developer
  17. Save Brazil’s Guarani Tribe from Extinction
  18. Shut Down Mining Project in San Jose de Golfo, Guatemala

  1. Take the Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty
  2. Please Help Legion to Sanctuary
    not targeting anybody just pointing to a site with more information about Legion, a dog that needs to be saved from euthanasia. ->
  3. Stand Up For The Truth In Labeling: Free Range Eggs
  4. Love the breed, punish the deed. Same treatment for pit bulls as all dogs.
  5. Canada: Label Palm Oil
  6. Stop Letpadan Copper Projects in Burma
  7. Save James Price Point in the Kimberleys
  8. Tell Aboriginal Organizations to stop taking tar sands sponsorships!!
  9. NPR should not promote ANGA's commitment to the environment
  10. Oppose Development/Construction on Bongs Croft Field, Benja Fold, Bramhall
  13. Stop shooting stray dogs in Kota Kinabalu (2nd petition)
  14. Help to get Tania out of the Targu Mares Zoo
  15. Save Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
  16. Tell Governors Cuomo and Christie to mandate landlords/apartments/hotels ease pet restrictions for those left homeless by Sandy.
  18. Protecting Cats in our Community
  20. Demand Ireland 100% Renewable by 2020

  21. Don't Let Big Tobacco Conduct Cruel and Unreliable Animal Studies

  22. Tell Iowa Rep. Steve King to Stop Opposing Animal Protection
  23. Stop Romanian Annual Hunting party by Tiriac!
  24. Hundreds of monkeys killed and piled in bins, as not corresponding to the European labs standards
  25. Ban the Circus In Malta and Tell McDonald to stop promoting them
  26. Stop Wales' Scientists from Sewing Kittens' Eyes Shut
  28. Want Costco to delete Chinese imports re: pet foods from their shelves
  29. Ban turtle feeding and baiting in the Kyceiz-Dalyan SPA
    Dear signatory, The Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation would like to thank you for signing our petition to stop the baiting of turtles in the Dalyan Delta. Because of an irreparable malfunction in the petition page we tried to set up, we have had to decide to close it and make another one at a different site. We really hope that you will be willing to sign again for the same petition on It would be a pity if so many signatures were lost. Kind regards, Kaptan June Haimoff
  30. Chiediamo che si impedisca a TINKEBELL di uccidere animali per artistiche orripilanti
    This is Katinka Simons, aka TINKEBELL an alleged Dutch "artist" that produces, among others, handbags from cats. She also makes plush dolls from dead animals, THAT SHE KILLS!
  31. Stop animal abuse in Morocco and support the AHPAE Shelter
  32. Marineland: Stop Threatening to Sue Former Trainer
  33. Stop the anhydrous ammonia plant
  34. No Animals in the Circus!

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