Thursday, November 1, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/01

  1. Save the cats of Rome
    PLZ = zip code, code postal
    Ort : city, ville, commune
    Abschicken :  send, envoyer
  3. Save Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary
  4. Ban magnetic toy balls, Docket No. 2012-21608
    Sea turtles crushed, stressed and diseased. Living with open wounds in waste-filled waters. Welcome to the Cayman Turtle Farm.
  6. Stop The Slaughter Of Wyoming Wolves
    Wyoming’s remaining wolves are in danger
  7. Italy: Not always a picture postcard
    In just three months’ time a partial ban on cruel sow stalls will come into force across Europe. This will mean millions of sows no longer have to endure most of their lives inside a narrow metal cage. But, despite knowing about this ban since 2001, appallingly, many Italian farmers will not be ready on time.
  8. Forest Action List
    Our forests belong to all Australians, not just exploitative industries. Help us let them know that we're not giving up without a fight by signing up below; you'll be the first to hear about any significant developments and opportunities to make a difference at this crucial moment.
  9. Stop the cruel trade in monkeys for research
  10. Global pledge to be cruelty free
  11. Take a stand for chimps
    Ask Your Senators and Representative to Support the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act
  12. Speak Out Against Attacks on the Endangered Species Act (US)
  13. Will the government keep their promise? (UK)
    Have the Westminster Government broken their promise to ban wild animals in circuses by 2015? Under new Regulations, animals could still be suffering in traveling circuses until 2022!
  14. Help Us Stamp Out Wildlife Crime (UK or Wales)
    Please will you take a few minutes to contact your PCC candidates and let them know how important wildlife crime is to you?
  15. Ask Your MP to Back Early Day Motion for Race Horses (UK)
  1. Stop the Poaching of South African Rhinos
  2. Allow Residents to Participate in Hearings About Oil Pipeline
  3. Demand That Oregon Apply Good Samaritan Laws To Protect Attempts To Save Animals
  4. Stop Dogs from Being Chained and Tethered in the United States
  5. Protect the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  2. Keep key environmental protection powers with the Commonwealth
  3. To the World's Spiritual Leaders: Direct their faithful not to purchase or sell any object of cult in Ivory
  4. Fayette County animal control in Vandalia, IL. needs to change!!!: needs to be improved to get animals adopted!
  5. Investec Ltd, South Africa: End your lease with Erich Fischer Furriers and stop making money from the fur trade!
  6. Janez Potocnik - Commissaire Européen: The Protection of woodcocks European Commission.
  7. Christina Aguilera: Stop testing on animals to make your fragrances
  8. Estimados señores del Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda | Sr. Ministro: QUE NO SE DESTINEN MIS IMPUESTOS PARA FINANCIAR LA TAUROMAQUIA
    Stop taking our taxes to support bullfighting!
  9. Propuesta al Parlamento Español: Derogación de la Ley PPP, es decir, Perros Potencialmente Peligrosos
    Stop BSL in Spain.
  10. Erzabtei St. Ottilien, Bayern: Für eine Linderung des Tierleids in St.Ottilien
    Improve housing conditions for livestock at monastery St.Ottilien, Germany.
  11. "Pet Protection Agreement": Have local Maryland shelters inform its clients and bring it into place.
  12. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration: Compel U.S. manufacturers to divulge the use of Palm Oil in their products.
  13. Insurance Companies: Please stop the banning of certain breeds for homeowners!
  14. Justice for equines: Stop the legalization of horse slaughter
    no target stated
  15. Bureau of Land Management: See trailer of "Wild Horses and Renegades": stop the genocide of the wild mustangs.
  16. Iams pet products: Stop cruel testing on dogs, cats and other animals
  17. Pennsylvania Divorce Laws / Property: Modify animals to not be considered property.
  18. Humane Society of the United States: Take Michael Vick's newly adopted dog and pet-owning privilege away forever
  19. Stop the Online Sale of Animals!
  20. Flagstaff Arizona Police Depart: Charge the officer for beating a dog to death without notifying the owners
  21. Clif Bar & Company: Replace Palm Oil with a more environmentally friendly alternative
  22. Monsanto, U.S. Government,: Quit Messing With Our Food and the future of the natural world.
  23. Pope Benedict XVI and The Vatican: Sign the CITES treaty and condemn ivory use for religious icons
  24. Scheele's Sports: Remove the television ad which shows hunters shooting birds.
  25. Paws Claws & Exotics Too 19764 State Rte 9 Pekin, IL 61554: Prevent this business from housing tigers on their premises.
  26. Demand justice against dog murderer Paul Detert: Impose the maximum allowable sentence against Paul Detert
  27. ATLANTA & FULTON COUNTY PUBLIC OFFICIALS: Investigate & REMOVE any employee(s) who have endangered our animals
  28. Aramark Corporation: Phase Out Battery Cage Eggs
  29. Wallace the Pit Bull wants to meet Ellen DeGeneres! #wallacebucketlist :)
  30. Dalmatian Club of America: Stop advocating the death of dogs due to hearing impairment
  31. Stop Shark Finning and the West Australian Shark Fin Trade to Asia
  32. Pledge to donate, Facebook "like" and/or spread the word of Dogstar Foundation's mission to save the strays
  1. Washington University, Stop Torturing Cats!
  2. Save Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary
    linked with the petition from above (#3 on the list)
  3. Penalizacion del uso de Pirotecnia debido a la muerte de perro en Salta
    Criminalizing the use of pyrotechnics due to the death of a dog in Salta
  4. Stop Propaganda of Doghunters Movement!
  5. Do Not Kill These Poor Badgers.
  6. Stop the use of gestation crates by Tyson Foods
  7. Strengthen Sustainable Palm Oil Targets in the UK
  8. Tell Poland to Stop Bullying Environmentalists

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