Thursday, November 22, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/21

  1. Vote: Are you in favor of the return of the bulls to TVE (Spanish TV Chennel)?
  2. President Obama and Sec. Clinton: Keep fighting poaching!
  3. Wolf Army Calls to Stop the Plans to Exterminate The Swedish Wolf Tribe!
  4. Stand up for the Forgotten Four
    Together we have achieved an historic win for our marine life with Australia’s new reserve system. The Forgotten Four are 4 very special but threatened marine areas that we believe might be included for protection at the last moment, if we make enough noise.
  5. Justice for Animals in Monflanquin (confirmation needed)
  6. Petition for Life of Bear 'M13'
    The independent councilor of German oven, Dr. Christa Pardeller in South Tyrol, points out that the bear "M13" at risk, currently living in Switzerland, because according to the Swiss authorities, will be released in the near future and could be shot. There are 2 petitions that require confirmation.
  7. on the same page where the Bear 'M13' petition is, there is a poll:
    Vote - Ist Jagd ein Kulturgut? (Is hunting a cultural treasure?) -> NEIN
  9. Tell BLM to HALT all roundups! (US)
  10. New Zealand Animal Wefare Act Review (New Zealand residents only)
    Send a message to your MP now and vote for New Zealand to become a true world leader in animal welfare!
  11. Salazar is Not “Exactly Sure” What is Going On ~ Take Action NOW Please. (US)
  12. Help us Celebrate Shelter Pets! (US)
  1. Ban BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears!
  3. Ban the import and export of shark fins
  4. BAN Wild Animal Circuses in Australia
  5. Moratorium urgently needed: Kangaroos heading for Extinction
  6. Kill Shelter, Longview, TX
  7. Help to stop badger-culling and to ban the guns
  9. Stop Lion Trophy Hunting in South Africa
  10. Stop the British Columbia Wolf Hunt!
  1. Urge President Obama to Veto Construction of Natural Gas Pipeline Through New York
  2. Ensure Protection for Endangered Antelope
  3. End Subsidies on Commercial Fishing
  4. Charge Animal Abuser for Poisoning Dogs
  5. Stop the Canadian Grey Seal Cull
  6. Ensure the Protection of Myanmar’s Forests
  7. Film Director Peter Jackson Must Stop Using Live Animals on Set After 27 Perish
  8. Investigate Brutal Dolphin Killings Along the Gulf Coast
  9. Stop Animal Deaths on Hollywood Sets
- Spanish petitions
  1. The Kennel Arrabassada Municipal de Barcelona (CAAC) is horrible pain and suffering endured by millions of animals.
  2. Peru's Congress: Stop the torture of animals in public performances or private
  3. The government and the Dutch Justice: Perverse and sadistic woman with innocent animals, be imprisoned!
  4. City of Córdoba: Castration-not extermination-colony of abandoned animals
  5. UN General Assembly: those who mistreat animals go to prison
  6. Barrax Dear Mr. Mayor: No more abuse of animals in the festivities of Barrax
  7. Government bodies of the countries of Latin America: to launch campaigns for the protection of animals
  8. Next President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto: Criminal Code Animal Abuse!
  1. Samsung: Reject all depictions of animal cruelty in your Puppy Love ad
  1. Tell the President to Keep Fighting Poaching
  2. Save Golden Coin Turtles From Poaching
  3. Save Animals Asia's Vietnam Sanctuary!
  4. Save homeless dogs in Mexico city
  5. Stop the killing of pilot whales in Denmark
  6. Trap/Neuter/Release Strathmore on the Green, Middle Island, NY
    no specific target
  7. Stop Killer Karaoke
  8. Stop Old Growth Logging in B.C.
  9. Tell America To Stop Abusing Animals At Rodeos!
  10. South Africans taking a stand against Taiji Dolphin Hunts
  11. Tell NY- Stop Duck Abuse for Foie Gras
  12. Urge Oakland County Animal Control to Adopt and Implement Improved, Modern Practices and Procedures

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