Sunday, August 26, 2012

News, pledges, updates @ 08/27

  1. PLEDGE: ACTION ALERT! Resist Monsanto: Reassert Your Faith in Non-GMO Seeds and Properly Labeled Natural Foods
  2. Help stop abuse of orangutans at Melaka Zoo, MALAYSIA
    with two petitions in it
  3. Owner of MICHAEL VICK'S former Va dogfighting compound wanted for animal cruelty! The sheriff's department has been unable to find Tamira Thayne of - DOGS DESERVE BETTER.
    articles in it:

  4. Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary Newsletter
  5. Save Lives - Emergency Rescue Support
    We are fundraising for EMERGENCY HAY, VET AND FARRIER funds for Lifetime Equine Refuge rescue horses. Join us in supporting this important cause.
  6. PLEDGE: Take a stand against big plastic
    Update #1

    [...] Governor of Illinois rejected Senate Bill 3442. [....]

    For more information about the Governor's veto, please visit our press release:

  7. Rescued elephant-David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
    Rescued on 22nd August, Faraja thoroughly enjoyed his first day out with the Nairobi herd today. He'd been a little aggressive since his rescue, understandable given he had lost his mother, likely speared! .... (read more on the link)
  8. The Hunt Starts Again 1st September, The Murders Will Begin Again!
  9. peta2 Helps Liberate Ben the Bear!‏

    Do you remember Ben the bear?

    This was Ben at Jambbas Ranch—a filthy roadside zoo in North Carolina, where he spent several years confined to a cage on hard concrete. Ben was in prison, although he'd done nothing wrong.

    Thanks to PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, concerned citizens, and peta2 Street Teamers who fought for Ben, he has been rescued and released to a sanctuary in California!

    Check Ben out now:

    Ben will spend the rest of his days doing the things that bears do naturally—no longer confined and neglected. But there are other animals at Jambbas who need your help. Speak up for them now!

  10. PETITION: Tell Lonmin to meet workers demands for higher wages and better living conditions!

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