Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Dígales a Smithfield Foods y Granjas Carroll: ¡Descontinúen el cruel confinamiento de cerdos en México!
    Tell Smithfield and Granjas Carroll: Discontinue the cruel confinement of pigs in Mexico! (Don’t bother if you don’t fill your State, they accept it.)
  3. Sign our "Good Luck" card to Julia Trigg as she heads into her pre-trial against Big Oil next week.
  4. Stop fracking in South Africa
  5. Restore our wild rivers (US)
  6. URGENT! Speak out to limit snowmobiles in Yellowstone! (US)
  7. Stop the New England Tar Sands Pipeline (US)
  1. Stop Selling Toilet Paper Made from Severely Damaged Sumatran Rainforest
  2. Reprimand Chinese Fishermen for Destroying Marine Environment in West Philippine Sea
  3. Stop Development of Power Plant Near Scotland’s Holy Isle
  4. Applaud Bhutan for its Commitment to Organic Agriculture
  5. Stop Big Oil’s Onslaught on the Environment
  1. Maximum Sentence for Luis Baltazar for Charges of Extreme Animal Cruelty
  2. Help Have A Heart Save A Life
  3. Mississippi: Outlaw chaining/tethering of dogs for extended periods of time
  4. The Governors of each State and the Members of Congress.: Ban all Dog Breeding for 10 Years Unless You Buy a Dog Breeding License
  5. Attention to All AT&T CEO's & Shareholders: STOP Supporting Rep. King who Supports Dogfighting or Lose US as Customers!
  6. Demand Maximum Sentence for Tim Chavez for Charges Animal Cruelty and Torture
  7. Corporación Municipal de Tordesillas, Embajada de España en México: ¡No más Torneo del Toro de Vega!¡No más crueldad disfrazada de cultura!
  8. Ayuntamiento de tordesillas: La prohibición del Toro de la Vega en Tordesillas
  9. NO al Toro de la Vega! NO AL SUFRIMIENTO ANIMAL!
  11. Dile al PSOE de CyL que pida al alcalde de Tordesillas el fin del Torneo Toro de Vega
  12. Prohibir El Toro de la Vega
  13. D. Manu Onieva. Alcalde de Calvia. Mallorca.: Urge cambios en Perrera Municipal .Urgent changes needed in Dog Pound.
  14. The United States Navy Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): Stop sending sound into our oceans that affects us and our environment
  15. Please stop Breed-Specified Legislation (BSL) in Australia
  16. Tell EPA & the National Marine Fisheries Administrators: Save Salmon by convening a 'Salmon Stakeholders Roundtable' Meeting
  17. Congressman Todd Rokita: Respect Federal Order to Protect Endangered Mussels During Drought
  18. Tell the EPA: Reject Shell's Arctic bait and switch!
  19. Stop exploratory drilling near Mount St. Helens National Monument
  20. American Leadership on Climate Can’t Wait
  21. The President of the United States: Speak Up and Act Now on Climate Change
  22. Waste-less New York City Marathon
  23. General Mills, Kraft, Heinz, Mars Incorporated, Sarah-Lee: Eliminate palm oil in products or use sustainable palm oil
  24. The J.M. Smucker Company: Source all their coffee ethically through Fair Trade.
  25. Jefferson County West Virginia Planning and Zoning Department: Prevent the overcommercialization of the Potomac River for recreational use
  26. Walmart: Stop the opening of the Evergreen Valley Square store
  27. Tell the EPA: Protect Our Water from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining!
  28. Homeowners for Florida Friendly Landscape Rights
  29. Mayor and City Council of Clearwater, Florida: Allow the use of a kudo bus to provide transportation on Clearwater Beach
  30. Registered Voters in Lubbock, Texas: Stop fracking for oil in the city of Lubbock, Texas
  31. Save the Great Pyramids
  32. Maui County: Stop A&B and the ILWU Union from causing harmful dirty air in Kihei!
  34. Urge Starbucks to change their hot coffee lids
  35. Disconnect the Champlain Canal from Lake Champlain
  36. Oppose the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project
  37. Save Our Honey Bees
  38. Stand Up for Strong Soot Protections
  39. Buckeyes Against Fracking: Stop the leasing of Ohio State University land from any sort of Fracking!
  40. Hinkley Environmental Terrorism
  41. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Sears, K-Mart, Meijer, BJ’s Warehouse, Costco: U.S. RETAILERS TO STOP TREATING MEXICO AS OUR TOXIC WASTE DUMP
  42. Thanks Apple, now please make all products EPEAT certified
  44. Ban The Bag
  45. California Plastic Bag Ban
  46. STATE OF ILLINOIS: Ban single use plastic bags
  47. U.S. federal government: Ban Styrofoam
  48. WENDY'S - MCDONALD'S - BURGER KING - TACO BELL: Replace plastic and styrofoam cups with compostable biodegradable cups.
  49. IHOP: Stop using closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam containers aka "Styrofoam"
  50. All Fast Food Restaurants: Stop Using Styrofoam Cups and Containers
  51. Save the Boundary Waters Night Sky from flashing tower lights
  52. Bill Gates: Stop spraying of sulphur into the atmosphere & supporting GMO's
  53. Atlantic Highlands Harbor Commission & Borough Council: Stop fast-track approval of Casino Boat for AH Harbor
  54. Town of East Haven Zoning, Mayor, Joe Maturo; CT DEEP, OLISP: Keep our public beaches and the safety of our citizens a priority.
  55. The ABQ Environmental Planning Commission and the ABQ City Council: Stop the Approval of the Walmart at Coors and Montano ABQ
  56. Illuminating Dallas: STOP THE GLARE
  57. Voters for a Quiet & Safe Terra Linda
  59. Move on to hemp products.
  60. Green Acres
  61. Sen. Mitch McConnell: Allow a Senate Floor Vote on the Safe Chemicals Act
  62. S.S. Badger Ferry: Stop dumping coal ash into Lake Michigan
  63. Tell the California Coastal Commission and AT and T to Stop the Cell Tower at 302 Mount Holyoke Pacific Palisades.
  64. The Federal Government: Shift subsidies from factory farms to organic farms.
  65. Save Eastern Truckee
  66. Repeal the Flame Retardants Rule! (US)
  67. Alaska's Endangered Heritage (US)
  68. No Fracking in North Carolina (US)
  69. For our children and grandchildren: Promote legislation and agendas to fight climate change (US)
  70. Help Save SC Sea Grant! (US)
  71. Candidates: Talk About Climate Change (US)
  72. Protect Kardon Park (US)
  73. Take A Stand (US)
  2. Stop the massacre of stray dogs in Giurgiu
  3. Basta de asesinar perros mediante descargas elctricas en antirrbicos
  4. Stop the Killing of Deaf Dalmatians- Sanctioned by the Dalmatian Club of America
  5. Stop Orangutan Slaughter in Borneo
  6. Stop Facebook from Deleting Animal Accounts!
  7. Save Grevy's Zebra from Extinction
  8. Save Grevy's Zebra from Extinction (2nd petition)
  9. Retire Grazing Permits and Give Mexican Wolves Freedom to Roam
  10. NY- Monitor Chinatown for Endangered Species Products
  11. Not Enough Animal Shelters
  12. Demand Justice for Rabbits
  13. Save the Tarkine Rainforest!
  14. Papua New Guinea - Stop Dangerous Deep Sea Mining Experiments

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