Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Ask Kohl's To Cut Ties With Violent Fur Industry
  2. Call the White House to Protect the Arctic Today! (US)
  3. Protect Americans from Soot Pollution (US)
  4. Uncontrolled breeding with sick horses in Schleswig-Holstein
  5. Urge the Australian Minister for Agriculture to End Live Export
  6. Today is World Ranger Day! Sign our card to the National Park Service Park Rangers!
  7. Pour qu’il n’y ait plus d’algues vertes en Bretagne!
    Stop the growth of green algae because their emission of toxic gasses kills dogs, boars and people. The growth of the algae is due to the intensive farming of pigs.
  8. Rutland Citizens Against Chloramine
  9. Save the Putnam Trail
  10. Kids Sue to Force Government Action on Global Warming
  11. Help End the Hideously Cruel Live Export Industry
  12. Dare to be Deep
  13. CCTV in Slaugherhouses
    We call on the National Assembly to urge the Welsh Government to introduce mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses to help vets with better regulation and monitoring, to provide footage for training and retraining, to deter some of the animal welfare abuses filmed by Animal Aid, and to provide evidence for prosecutions should they be necessary. (for Welsh)
  1. @Futuroscope : Arrêtez de promouvoir la corrida auprès des enfants
  3. Stop Promoting of Animal Abuse On All Social Media
  4. Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Eric Trump: Stop the merciless killings of wildlife!!
  5. NYC ACC Brooklyn Shelter: Post animals that are up for murder a week in advance so they can be saved.
  6. US Fish and Wildlife: Stop the use of coyote bait/traps
  7. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation: Charges against Blake Shelton
  8. Sec. Proceso Alcala, Dept. of Agriculture & Sec. Ramon Paje, DENR: Stop feeding of whale sharks in the Philippines
  9. Burning puppy!: Stop the cruelty against puppies!
  10. BELGIAN PARLIAMENT: Law issue that allows pets in rental housing
  11. This is addressed to owners and the social housing organizations
  12. Against urbanization plans on a quite road in Belgium
  13. PETITION: SIGN/SHARE: Justice for Kitten Entombed Alive in Solid Concrete (US)
  1. Stop Ottawa from Trapping and Killing Resident Beavers
  2. Ask the Government to Support Meatless Mondays
  3. Honor the Life of Baboon Rescuer Killed in Fire
  4. Demand Apology from Country Singer for Killing Wild Turtle
  5. Ask Trader Joe’s to Sell Only Drug-Free Meat
  6. Close Exhibit that Exposes Animals to Thrown Rocks and Poor Care
  7. Demand Brazil Restore Land Rights To Its Indigenous Peoples
  8. No Corporation Should Own Your Genes: Demand Release Of Gene Patents
  1. Do Not Euthanize Champ and Release Him to His Owner Now
  2. Bring Home Diamond, My Dog!!!!
  3. Ban Fur farms in Ireland
  4. Send Elephants to a Sanctuary and Close L.A. Zoo
  5. Help Save Orca Whales
  6. Remove the dog currently in the home of Jesse Deleon
  8. End Abuse of Roman Carriage Horses!
  9. Help Save Critically Endangered Gibbons
  10. Tell Secretary Salazar: No Reckless Drilling in the Arctic
  11.   Stand Up Against the Destruction of Public Trees!
  12. Oil Drilling in the Arctic Isn't Worth the Risk
  13. Stop Nuclear Power NOW!!
  14. Save the Putnam Trail
  15. Ameren - Illinois Will Not Waver on Pollution Standards!
  16. Reject Keystone XL 2.0
  17. Urge Congress to Support Regulation of Toxic Coal Ash
  18. Protect Clean Water and Landowner Rights

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