Monday, August 20, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Tell the White House: Don't roll back 40 years of wolf protection.
    You can help by sending your letter to the President today. Our goal is to flood the White House with 100,000.
  2. Gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Videoüberwachung europaweit an allen Schlachthöfen und Dokumentation der Fehlbetäubungen
    The reality in German slaughterhouses:
    Practice in German slaughterhouses - In five seconds, a death
    In German slaughterhouses, animals must often suffer unnecessarily.
    The error rate during slaughter of cattle is partly at nine
    Percent, even in pigs at up to 12.5 percent.
    Reason is the piece-work at slaughterhouses.
    Just five seconds remain for the professional killing.
    These are more than 700 pigs per hour.
  3. Stop suffering in the rabbit cage
    The department store chain Galeria Kaufhof sells rabbit meat from an Italian fattening farm, where animals vegetate agonizingly too narrow wire mesh cages on. FOUR PAWS protest - join.
  4. Please Replace the Use of Animals in Combat Trauma Training Courses
  5. Boycott Lady GaGa and all artists who exploit animals
  6. Stop the super trawler!
  7. Competence center instead of animal experiments (Germany)
  8. Tell Your Representative To Protect Appalachian Communities (US)
  9. USA: Support and Protect Retired Military Dogs! (US)
  10. Please Oppose Another Nevada Mustang Roundup
    Government Helicopter Stampede to Remove 400 Wild Horses from Wassuk Herd Management Area in Nevada
  11. Our Ministers for fisheries and the environment have the power to stop the approval of this industrial super trawler, but they need to hear we don't want it here. We need to speak up. We must convince them to refuse this vessel access to Australian fisheries. Please send an email to Fisheries Minister Joe Ludwig and Environment Minister Tony Burke below.
  12. With Your Help Australia Can Create the World's Largest Network of Marine Parks
  13. Protect Canada’s Species at Risk!
    If you're concerned about the future of Canada's endangered species, speak up now, before any changes are made to the federal Species at Risk Act. (There are talking points you can copy).
  14. Please Find a Path to Deficit Reduction that Does Not Damage National Parks (US)
  15. Please Stop the Sage Creek Coal Sale
  16. Radioactive waste shipments should require an environmental assessment.
  17. Chipotle: Sign the Fair Food Agreement
    If you believe its marketing hype, you’d think Chipotle does everything it can to source its ingredients ethically.
  1. Ban Gas Chambers in Illinois
  2. Free Sunder and Send him to a sanctuary
  3. King Aggressive Breed
  4. Outsource Animal Services
  5. Governor of California: FIRE THE WOMEN and man IN THE VIDEO
  6. Justice for Spade and Sobe
  7. Protect the Irish Hare!
  8. Against horse meat in France
  9. House Committee on Agriculture, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner: Remove Steve King's PICA Amendment from the Farm Bill
  10. Marineland Canada: I want them to either shut down or take better care of the animals
  11. The Australian Fisheries Minister: Stop the fishing trawler FV Margiris
  12. To the persons concerned: the closure Weger Stops for Steinalm in Saalfelden
  13. Stop The Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Before Oct 15th!
  14. Law Enforcement STOP killing pets
  15. Save Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue!
  16. Save our animal family members from being killed.
  17. Skaist Taylor: Go Fur Free
  18. Ban religious slaughter in the European Union
  19. Investigate the City of North Chicago's Police Division and Officials
  20. All Ace Hardware Corporation stores throughout the US.: Stop selling animal glue traps.
  21. SOUTH KOREA: Stop hunting whales
  22. Apache Alaska Corporation: Stop Harassing and Killing Beluga Whales
  23. Save Baby Seals In Namibia: STOP killing SEALS for FUR
  25. Businesses offering shark fin soup and other shark items in the US.: Stop selling all shark items and services that are aimed at harming sharks
  26. Save Marineland's Animals
  27. Stop stereotyping dog breeds and shut down this website!!!!!!
  28. Find and prosecute those responsible for tying 3 dogs to railroad tracks
  29. Dear Drafting of Report I ask you to give voice to the world ANTIVIVISECTIONIST
  30. Jail for dealer Galapagos land iguanas
  31. CITY COUNCIL Argoños: Immediate confiscation of a dog tied permanently
  32. The U.S. House of Representatives: Update the Animal Welfare Act to improve animal safety and health.
  33. UGG Australia: Boycott the UGG brand
  34. Vancouver Parks Board: KEEP KITS BEACH WILD. Say NO to the Point Grey Foreshore Seawall
  35. Stop Testing on Animals!
  36. Ask the EPA of Hawaii to Clean Up A'Bay
  37. President Barack Obama; U.S. Congress: Implement a major reforestation effort in America-Plant America
  38. Muriel D'Archambeau: Steunen in de oprichting van een markt - Soutenir la création d'un marché
    For a bio-market in the city
  39. Anti Venom at Banfield Pet Hospital
  40. Ban all export of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption
  42. Help Sulphur OK Animals
  43. Circuses: (Piccadilly Circus, Barnum & Bailey, etc.): Stop using animals for entertainment in circuses!
  44. Spanish Minister for the Environment: Put an end to dolphin and orca shows in Spanish dolphinaria
  45. Congress: Reauthorize the Tiger Postal Stamp that is helping save vanishing species.
  46. No Toxic Chemicals, Please!
  47. Beaver Creek State Park: Protect the park from logging and drilling.
  48. Pe’ Sla, The Heart Of All That Is: Help Save the Lakota Heart Land: Stop auction of Sacred land or help the Sioux Nation obtain land.
  49. United States Senate: Stop the mining of COLTAN in Africa
  50. The White House: STOP Monsanto from taking charge of the food supply in Africa.
  51. Stop funding the Drug War in the USA, South America, Africa and Europe with U.S. Taxpayer's money
  52. Stop big oil companies from funding corruption in Africa
  1. Stop Mistreatment of Sea Animals in Canadian Aquarium
  2. Ban Violent Italian Horse Races
  3. Don’t Criminalize Undercover Investigations on Factory Farms
  4. Defend Great White Sharks from Extinction
  5. End Cruel Blood Sport of Fox Hunting in Ireland
  6. Close Loophole that Allows California Restaurants to Serve Foie Gras for Free
  7. Protect Threatened Wild Argali Sheep
  8. California: Ban Toxic Styrofoam Packaging
  9. Punish Lead Smelter for Poisoning Local Community
  10. Commend Johnson & Johnson for Eliminating Dangerous Chemicals in Products
  11. Thank U.S. For Agent Orange Clean Up In Vietnam
  12. Cancel Virginia’s Coalfields Expressway Project

  1. Stop Destroying India's Forests
  2. Save Wolves in Wyoming!

  3. Keep Florida's Fort Matanzas Beach Driving-free
  4. To check and sign new petitions for Animal Welfare go here:
  5. To check and sign new petitions for Environment and Wildlife

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