Thursday, August 2, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Petitions to Los Angeles City Council on wild animals in circuses.
  2. Let's Strengthen the Great Lakes Protection Act
  3. Every day, healthy cats are put to death in shelters across the country. Stop the killing!
  4. Stop publicising hare coursing
    The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has renewed its appeal to the Clonmel Park Conference, Leisure & Spa Hotel in County Tipperary to stop publicising hare coursing. On its website, the hotel presents the local coursing cruelty festival as a "sporting event" and those who attend it as "sports people".
  5. Oppose Removal of 580 Wild Horses and Testing of Dangerous Drug in Wyoming's North Lander Complex
  6. Please End the Use of Live Animals in Albert Einstein's Pediatrics Residency
  7. Please End the Use of Live Animals in ECU's Pediatrics Residency
  8. Please End the Use of Live Animals in UVA's Pediatrics Residency
  9. Retire NEPRC's Cotton-Top Tamarins Immediately
  10. Co-sponsor H.R. 1513/S. 810 - the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (US)
  11. Please Become a Co-sponsor of S. 3418, the BEST Practices Act (US)
  12. Help protect landmark rules to reduce air pollution from ships
  13. Australia's Marine Jewel Needs More Protection!
  14. Tainted Water – Help us reveal the RAW truth
  15. Don't Let Them Gut the USDA Approval Process! (US)
  16. Don't Allow the Biotech Industry and USDA to Override Court Rulings! (US)
  1. Otero County Colorado District Attorney's Office: Seek the maximum punishment allowed by law for Jody K. Bracy
  2. Iowa Representative Steve King: Remove him from office
  3. Congressman Steve King speaks out in favor of dog fighting spectators
  4. Help Protect Defenseless Animals
  5. Ask Seattle Mayor and City Council to oppose any attempt to ban pit bull breeds in Seattle
  6. FACEBOOK: Ban pages and groups endorsing dog fighting
  7. Jeju Island of S. Korea! Punish the "Dog Truck from Hell" and ban the dog meat trade! 잔인한 악습, 개식용은 이제그만!
  8. Stop giving false information on pitbulls and rottweilers!
  9. is not an "expert" organization when it comes to canine behavior.
  10. The Dutch Government Authorities / Ministry of Agriculture: Re-open the case for Morgan's release back to the wild
  11. Save the dog trapped on the roof in sweltering Miami heat!
  12. The Parks at Monterey Bay military housing community: change the pet policy
  1. Tell Food Welfare Programs to Stop Discriminating Against Organic Foods
  2. Ban Trade of Lion Bones Used to Make Phony Medicine
  3. Protect Utah Public Lands from Privatization
  4. Applaud Virginia Representative for Efforts to Eliminate Gas Chambers at Animal Shelters
  1. Ban Force Feeding Ducks (Foie Gras) in New York
  2. Frazier Barking
  3. Tell Rep. King: Stop Supporting Dog Fights!
  4. NRA Don't Shoot Down Efforts to Get Lead Out of Hunting Ammo
  6. Tell Congress To STOP Animal Experimentation
  7. STOP those who pay Rhino poachers (AND the poachers).
  8. 17 Ways to Help Bears
  9. Criminal Charges Against the person who neglected their mascot
  10. Free the Dogs in a Box!
  11. Save Baiji dolphin from extinction
  12. Protect our village's trees!

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