Thursday, August 30, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 08/30

  1. Justice for Bhopal
  2. Save Great White Sharks From Extinction
  3. Please improve the national network of marine reserves
  4. YES to world's largest marine reserves
  5. Tell the USDA to Keep Agent Orange Soy Off Your Plate!
  6. Thank President Obama for shifting clean cars into high gear
  7. Tell the USDA:  No GMO Apples!
  1. NatGeo Television/National Geographic: Stop the Melissa Bachman show from broadcasting!
  2. Ask the EPA to Protect Consumers, Not Corporations Peddling Poisons
  3. Governor, State of Montana USA - 406-444-3111: Ban the Trapping of Wolves In Montana
  4. Delaware County, Ohio Dog Warden: Stop this INNOCENT dog from being wrongfully killed
  5. No Chain Porter County
  6. The Hartz Mountain Corporation: Stop selling harmful, poisonous flea and tick products
  7. Urge Kaporos Practitioners to Wave Money Instead of Chickens
  8. Japanese car and consumer electronic corporations: Tell your government to stop killing whales and dolphins!
  9. Remove Shark Fin Soup from Dynasty Restaurant, Trump Taj Majal Atlantic City, NJ
  10. No mass killing of dogs in Oradea, Romania
  11. Close the pounds, Ask the kennels pursuant to Spain: Spain to get under the laws in defense of animals.
  12. Animal Protection Movement
  13. No to the Anguilla Dolphinarium
  1. End Misconception of Rhino Horn Health Benefits in Vietnam
  2. Save Resident Bat Species in Pennsylvania
  3. Applaud Disney for Eliminating Junk Food Ads
  4. Support Reduction of Toxic Chemical Use in Public Parks
  5. Support Algae Fuel Development in Israel
  1. STOP Bear Baiting in South Carolina
  2. National Geographic please remove Melissa Bachman from the cast of your upcoming show!
  3. Stop Animal Torture in Spanish Festivals!

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