Monday, August 6, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Shut down Wally’s Piggery
    Article - Police, RSPCA probe 'cruelty' at piggery
  2. Please Rescue Sunder From Abuse
  3. Please stop the torture and consumption of dogs and cats in South Korea
  4. Give the Cape Fur Seal the protection it deserves
  5. Anticosti Island, a natural world heritage treasure under threat by oil and gas companies
  6. For the resignation of Benoit Lacroix (abuse of euthanasia Wicca) (confirmation needed)
  7. Stop Phoenix Air's death flights
  8. Please stop the planned construction of the slaughterhouse in Wietzen
  9. Please Keep Your Promise to the Animals
  10. China: Halt Planned Panda Transfer
  11. Take action on badgers – write to David Cameron (confirmation needed)
  12. Save the Manta Manta (confirmation needed)
  13. Warning: x glass balls to kill dogs and cats (confirmation needed)
  14. Against the slaughter of stray cats in Switzerland (confirmation needed)
  15. We free the baby from her attacker Pistoia (confirmation needed)
  16. Leaving a dog is an inhumane act. (confirmation needed)
  17. Ban figurines in real fur (confirmation needed)
  18. Stop butchering cats in China (confirmation needed)
  19. Stop the illegal sale of live food animals now! (confirmation needed)
  20. Keep Fort Matanzas Beach Natural and Wild
  21. Sign the pledge to condemn the sale and ownership of animal fur.
  22. Stop Dirty Oil in Swift Fox Habitat
  23. West Virginia: Open an investigation into police misconduct during anti-MTR protest
  24. Tell the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection not to exempt coal mines from water quality standards (US)
  25. EPA Guidance Revoked: Tell President Obama to Protect Appalachia (US)
  26. Support Department of Defense Efforts on the Testing and Deployment of Advanced Biofuels (US)
  2. Close Tiger Farms and Stop Illegal Tiger Trade Online
  3. Stop the over-population of Turtles at English Springs Park
  4. Investigate USDA/APHIS and Stop Proposed Rule to Regulate Pet Sellers
  5. No to Wild Animals in Entertainment
  6. Accept responsibility for animals from Mykonos Town.
  7. Assuming Responsibility For the Animals of Mykonos By The Town Hall
  8. Σώστε το Χρυσαετό - Save the Aquita Eagle
  9. Federal Support for Homeless & Abandoned Pets
  10. We need an Independent Review on Pipeline Safety
  1. Save Harmless Family Dog from Death Sentence
  2. End Wolverine Trapping in Montana
  3. Applaud Conservation Efforts for Yellowstone Bison
  4. Demand Justice for Severely Burned Puppy
  5. Clean Up America’s Oceans
  6. Don’t Destroy Washington State Parks by Ending Funding
  7. Demand Apology From Shelter Director Who Fraudulently Killed Pets
  8. Stop Monsanto’s Attacks Against Family Farmers
  9. Return Innocent Lost Dog to His Family
  10. Outlaw Bear Baiting in South Carolina
  11. Save Tiger Habitats from Coal Mining Operations in India
  12. Protect Endangered White-Winged Ducks
  13. Rescue Elephant from Abuse at Indian Temple
  14. Demand Environmental Responsibility in Bangladesh River
  15. Urge the EPA to Tighten Soot Pollution Regulations
  1. Vida para Albert en un Santuario
  2. Stop Phoenix Air Group was recently contracted by Novartis to transport a group of non-human primates from Barbados to Italy.
  3. STOP Oxytocin misuse on animals for lactation - Abhishek Kadyan
  4. SHUT DOWN Puppy Mills : Introduce legislation's - Sukanya Kadyan
  5. Consul General of Japan in HK: Stop the brutal slaughter and capture of dolphins in Taiiji.
  6. Coca Cola, Acer, Atos, Dow, GE, McDonalds, Omega, Panasonic, P&G, Visa: Withdraw your sponsorship of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in S. Korea!
  7. Stop the August 20th Eviction of Lovepatch Farms Miniature Horses
  8. Cox Media: Get Cowhead off of the radio airwaves.
  9. American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA): Protect pet owners' rights to feed a raw meat pet food
  10. Malu
  11. Voice for the Gentle Giants
  12. Close Tiger Farms in Vietnam/Stop Illegal Tiger Trade Online
  13. Jewel-Osco Grocery Stores: Offer Certified Humane products
  14. Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio: Provide a better living space for their animals
  15. No plan of killing of Deer and Deer in the Province of Grosseto
  16. Hartford, CT Animal Control: Stop Euthanizing Dogs After Being At The Pound Only 10 Days
  17. Spectra Energy: Don't compromise Animal Welfare at Liberty Humane Society!
  18. Ian Martin: Stop the heinous hunting of exotic South African animals.
  19. Gold Medal China: stop Chinese consumption of shark fins
  20. Local, county, state, federal government: Make an animal abuse offender list.
  21. Stop Cruelty to Pigs in Wal-Mart's Pork Supplier Plants
  22. Walmart, K-Mart, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Target: Stop selling Waggin Train Dog Jerky and any other Dog Treats out of China
  24. Miami Township, Clermont County Ohio: Remove the 3 Pet Limitation on Single-Family Households less than 5 acres
  25. Protect Animals in Mexico
  26. Oleson Park Zoo/City of Fort Dodge: Remove the exotic animals from the "zoo".
  27. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Require the Meat Industry to label similar to the Tobacco Industry!
  28. Protect the Raritan River! Don’t give taxpayer money to polluters!
  29. Perfectly safe? Why is Monsanto spending millions to hide it? Demand the Truth! YES ON 37!
  30. Montgomery County Board of Education Member: Save Brickyard Educational Farm and 32 years of organic soil!
  31. Wet Seal Inc.: Stop the Drilling
  32. Congressman Frank Lucas, Chairman of the Agricultural Committee: Congressman Lucas: Protect Our Food Supply
  33. Pittsburgh: Speak Up for Stronger Soot Pollution Standards
  34. California State Legislature: It’s Time to Ban the Foam in California!
  35. Montana: Call on Congress to End Subsidies to Oil and Gas Fat Cats (US)
  36. The President of the United States: Use money from ending oil subsidies to invest in Solar Roadways. (US)
  37. Stop The Abuse from going on and on. (US)
  38. To Implement an Offender Registry for Crimes against Animals (US)
  39. The Governor of NC: STOP THE KILLING OF COYOTES in North Carolina (US)
  40. Justice 4 Heaven (US)
  41. The President of the United States: Leave the horses alone, and preserve all animals and their habitat. (US)
  2. Stop Euthanizing Baby Zoo Animals!
  3. Zakon ili Pravilnik o sprecavanju razmnozavanja vlasnickih pasa i macaka
    Law or Regulations for the Prevention of breeding of owned dogs and cats
  5. Save the Amur Leopard / Sauvons le Lopard de l'Amour
  6. Stop Live Bird Plucking for Goose Down
  7. Close Oxford Greyhound Track
  8. Stop Horse Carriage in New York City
  10. Make Balut Illegal in Australia
  11. Stop Funding Animal Experiments at Huntingdon
  12. Ban Leg Hold Traps
  13. India - Don't Let the Tiger Disappear
  14. MA Bans Breed-Specific Laws and Shelter Gas Chambers: Ask Others to Do the Same
  15. Don Sullivan's how to train the perfect dog
  16. Save the Amazon Rainforest
  17. Declare a Global Sanctuary in the Arctic
  18. Ban TV Show Tanked from Animal Planet
  19. Free Chimp from PA Zoo
  20. Contra el apoyo a las fiestas taurinas en los noticieros
  22. Stop aux pratiques incultes l'gard des animaux!
  23. Save Javan Rhinos from Extinction!
  24. NY- Monitor Chinatown for Endangered Species Products
  25. Allow Waffle the pet rooster to stay home!
  26. Ask All U.S Governors to Support H.R 3359 the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act
  27. Close Tiger Farms in Vietnam/Stop Illegal Tiger Trade Online
  28. May 10 2010 USDA Inspection report
  29. Stop Bowhunting Proposal in Florida
  30. Make Animal Inspectors Accountable
  31. Police K-9 left in sheriff's car dies from heat exposure.
  32. Stop Poisoning Ground Squirrels
  33. Save the Koala!
  34. Demand Justice For Animal Victims
  35. Stop Facebook from Deleting Pet Profiles!
  36. Justice for Dog Thrown Down Manhole!
  37. Justice For Jack--PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE--
  38. Against the puppy mill In Longueuil
  39. Keep Sewage Out of the Great Lakes
  40. Salve the Amazon Rain Forests!
  41. Plastic Disaster in Hong Kong - HELP!
  42. Stop building more factories in XinJiang, west China! save our white-headed duck from extinction!
  43. Save The unique Ojnare forest on north Gotland!

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