Monday, August 13, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Vote - For or against the hunting of sharks? NON
  2. Stop Stewart Murray Wilson from harming more innocent animals
  3. 強烈讉責海洋公園漠視動物演員勞動權益
    We are a group of animals who take good care of, "Apple Daily" reported on August 12, 2012, the Ocean Theater changed from three to six daily performances Gaga training time for more than ten hours, so involved in performing the animal actor from overwork situation, we deeply concerned about the situation.
    Ocean Park in Hong Kong since more than thirty years, has been the introduction of different types of animals, providing public education to the general public to promote the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, message, and its efforts can not be denied. However, the present expansion to cope with the Ocean Park, a variety of animal actors participate in the Ocean Theater and other self-financed items such as dolphins, sea lions, constantly training for various types of action.
    Fake conservation in the name of Ocean Park, Ocean theater, the number doubled, and even increased in different forms at their own expense project implementation extremely weak for the violation of nature, forcing the animal actor animal actors working long hours training and performances entertain guests involved. The animal actor from nature, such as dolphins and sea lions, etc., but for the entertainment to meet human requirements, daily for more than 10 hours of training and performing, so ignore the actions of animal rights, this is not those for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals would like to see.
    Now sought immediate implementation of improvement measures:
    • A reply to three performances a day, involved in performing the animal actors enough time to rest.
    • 2 promise not compel animal actors to work overtime
    • Increase transparency, to allow the public to monitor the animal rights status of your organization.
  4. Stop Puck Fair
  5. Eradicate all fur farms
  7. Relist Wolves
  8. Please Rescue Sunder From Abuse
  9. End animal brutality in Australian abattoirs
  10. Stop the Serengeti Sell-Off
  11. Stop Loss of Borrowdale Vlei
  12. Urge the government of Indonesia and the logging industry to stop the destruction of critical tiger habitat in Sumatra.
  13. No guarantees for battery hens! (confirmation needed)
  14. Stop The Slaughter Of Wyoming Wolves
  15. Don't roll back 40 years of wolf protection. (US)
  16. Call on Premier Clark to Block the Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline
  17. ENOUGH TO MAKE GAMES THAT THE DYING ANIMAL (confirmation needed)
  18. We support renewable energy technologies that create jobs (confirmation needed)
  19. 1 Million to Ban the Lion Trade
  20. President Obama, Enact Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws in the United States (US)
  21. Please don't destroy the nation's wild heritage (US)
  22. U.S.: Hold Personal Care Companies Accountable!
  23. The Department of the Interior needs to do more scientific research before it can grant Shell Oil access to Alaskan seas.
  24. Protest planned against animal testing center in Berlin (confirmation needed)
  25. Would you like to see the animal protection built into the Constitution? Then please sign this important petition! (Germany and Austria)
  1. City of Fremont: save JUNIOR THE AKITA from being put to sleep on Wednesday
  2. Save A FAMILY (US)
  3. Help Stop Dogs Burned Alive
  4. FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) / AR 2012: Ban HSUS from the 2012 "Animal Rights" Conference
  5. USPS: stop the delivery of all animals via mail carriers of all types
  6. Give a chance to the Wolf in SW Europe
  7. Governor Schweitzer, Governor of Montana: Stop Wolf Trapping in Montana
  8. District Collector, Satara: Investigate the poisoning of stray dogs
  9. Illegal pig farm in Spain
  10. The state of Virginia: Hold those accountable for euthanizing a perfectly healthy bear cub
  11. Ministry of Forestry: Rescue the orangutans and take them to the animal rescue centre
  12. Officials of Wythe County, Virginia: Free these dogs, provide them with medical treatment, find adoptive homes
  13. "Boutique Teacup Puppies": Stop the breeding and sales of "micro teacup puppies"
  14. The President of the United States: Help to get rid of this Law (US)
  15. Gaston apl , NC: Stop putting down animals for no reason
  16. City of Arlington Texas: Stop Euthanizing Animals in the care of Animal Services
  17. The United States of America: Ban the use of laboratory test animals on cruel experiments
  18. United Airlines: Stop Transporting Primates For Research
  19. A service to ask Superquark Against Vivisection
  20. New Mexico state University: Stop the use of animals in medical experimentation
  21. Ganga Singh: Enforce laws that protect the Leatherback Turtles that nest in TnT
  22. Tell Gaga Endorsing Fur is Wrong
  23. Volusia County, FL City-Deltona: Begin a TNR program in Deltona=Trap, Neuter and Release
  25. Stop the H$U$ from illegally raiding cockfights and putting to sleep our we the peoples livestock
    Warning...bad petition...Do not sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Prosecute and stop dog fighting rings everywhere.
  28. Michael Vick should not own a dog.: Help stop Michael Vick from getting a dog.
  29. Michael Vick: Donate All Personal Proceeds from Finally Free to ASPCA
  30. J. C. Penney Company, Inc.: Stop selling and promoting Michael Vick Merchandise
  31. The Petition To End The Killing Of Sharks Just For Their Fins
  32. Mohnton Boro Council: Stop the Killing of the Cats -- SUPPORT TNR!
  33. Isle Of Wight Council: Change the Unfair Isle of Wight Court Orders!
  34. Equestrian Olympics: Stop Abuse To Horses!
  35. US Congress: Pass HR2966 And Stop the Slaughter of Americas Horses
  36. Moyle District Council and Animal Cruelty Authorities: STOP HORSE TRADING AT LAMMAS FAIR IN BALLYCASTLE!!!
  37. The State Legislature of Maryland: Stop the Use of Gestation Cages for Animals in Maryland
  38. Commissioner, Chatham County Commissioners: Donate land and support building an Animal Adoption Center
  39. This puppy was murdered because its adopter was out of control. He hid the body in the trunk of his car.
  40. Chicago Public School System: Permanently terminate the employment of Derek Fierro
  41. The NY Times: Publish our counter Street Dog article
  43. The President of the United States The U.S. Senate: Make Penalties for Animal Abuse More Severe!
  44. Implementation of an honest labeling mechanism for meat and dairy products in the EU
  45. Ban any animal circuses, do not allow animal circuses into our city.
  46. **Versace** STOP SELLING FUR: stop selling fur & stop torturing animals for "Fashion"
  47. Stop Allowing Cage Dog Boarding!
  48. Boxy's Law
  49. Los Angeles City Council: Open more Los Angeles homes to pets
  50. Revise Waterford's Township Ordinance Banning Pitbull Terriers and Related Breeds
  51. Green Pasture Products: Become Certified Humane again.
  52. Hold a Polluting Cement Plant Accountable by Approving More Protective Regulations
  53. Stop the Coalfields Expressway
  54. Parkwood Manor: Preserve Our Open Space: Stop Construction of Tour Bus Parking Lot
  55. Demand World Leaders Declare a Global Sanctuary in the Arctic
  56. Change the US UN vote on depleted uranium weapons this fall
  57. The President of the United States: Stop horseslaughter in the U.S. (US)
  58. The Governor of TX: Charge the Deputy with the negligent homicide of his 2 partners. (US)
  59. The OK State Senate: End the Barbaric Use of Gas Chamber Euthanasia for Animals (US)
  1. Fire Elementary School Teacher Who Beat His Dog To Death
  2. Don’t Allow Farmers to Painfully Extract Bile from Asiatic Bears
  3. Ask Police to Develop New Rules to Responsibly Handle Dog Encounters
  4. Tell Insurance Company not to Promote Greyhound Racing in Advertisements
  5. Hold Man Accountable for Illegally Purchasing Baby Orangutan
  6. Refinery Explosion Demonstrates Need for Clean Energy
  7. Protect Raritan River from Rutgers Abuse
  8. Harness Oregon’s Solar Energy Potential
  1. Make harsher penalties for animal abusers
  2. Stop Mass Killing of Romanian Dogs
  3. Help Save the Wild Horses of Alberta
  4. Investigate "Lion Burger" Butcher
  6. Save Japan Dolphins Day 2012 - Chicago and Worldwide Event ~
  7. Toronto should not permit the import of sharks from the wild for Ripley's Aquarium 2013
  8. STOP CRUELTY at Mina Animal Market Abu Dhabi
  9. Stop Montreal From New Animal Bylaw.
  10. Ask the Borough of Mohnton, PA to TNR feral cats, NOT kill them!
  11. Please release Diesel the dog into the care of a trainer. (QP4A volunteers to take him)
  12. Petition To Remove A Sick Petition On
  13. Ban the Trade of Seahorses
  14. Save Monarch Butterflies
  15. Stop the Exotic Meat event at the Taste and See restaurant in Wichita, Kansas
  16. Speak up for Beau
  17. Stop allowing some countries like China to eat dogs or trade in them
  18. Don't Imprison and Separate Wolf Mother from Her Pups
  19. Ban the kill shelters
  20. Halt Plans to Kill Mexican Wolf
  21. Demand the city of Belfast to change their name to Lennox
  22. Ban Sales of Endangered Shark Fins!
  23. Stop the Sneaky and Polluting Coalfields Expressway!
  25. Harper: planet's enemy
  26. Stop a Huge Dam in Wild Alaska
  27. Stop the Loss of Borrowdale Vlei
  28. Support the Kearny community garden initiative!
  30. Save Nick's Organic Farm

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