Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Tell Government to Increase Protections for Mexican Wolves
  2. I Support Keeping Fort Matanzas' Beaches Vehicle Free
  3. Where Does Gaga Really Stand on Fur?
  4. Help needed from the government in order to help the animal protection organizations (confirmation needed)
  5. Punishment needed for those who killed in an horrible way a lama in the circus, the other lama is for ever blind (confirmation needed)
  6. Tell the DNR Commissioner To Stop The Wolf Hunt
  7. Tell Arthur Galan to go fur free
  8. Tell to Take Action on Climate Change!
  9. Federal: Support the End of Battery Cages for Laying Hens (US)
  1. Stop Killing Dolphins for Shark Fin Soup!
  2. Ban the use of gestation crates
  3. Local Business Owner Fatally Shoots Dog
  4. Pledge to Boycott Greenhill Humane Society
  5. Maximum Sentence for MI Animal Abusers After 60 Animals Removed from Home
  6. I cooperate with shepherds and cattle and protect the wolf
  7. City of Rowlett, Texas: Stop Dallas County from aerial spraying for West Nile Virus over Rowlett
  8. Justice for Hate Crime against Lakota Sioux Elder Vernon Traversie!
  1. Ask France not to Kill Sharks in the Indian Ocean
  2. Applaud Shark Attack Survivors Working for Shark Conservation
  3. Encourage the USDA to Investigate the Death of 400 Pregnant Cattle
  4. Applaud Decision to Protect California’s Wolves
  5. Stop Order for Lethal Removal of Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf
  6. Put an End to Increased Animal Testing in United Kingdom
  7. Ban Australian Hunters from Using Dogs to Brutally Kill Boars
  8. Let New Haven Family Keep Their Pet Rabbit
  9. Support Connection Between Public Schools and Local Farms
  2. Stop Illegal Foie Gras Eating Contest!
  3. CLOSE Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium
  4. Demand the Governor of New York to end the mass killing of dogs in NYACC.
  5. Report on Greyhound Racing in Arizona.
  6. Prosecute and stop dog fighting rings everywhere.
  7. Ban Calf-Roping Cruelty in Rodeos!
  8. Retire famous celebrity animals like the elephant Tai
  9. Stop Killing Dolphins for Shark Fin Soup!
  10. Stop Burning Dogs Alive at Ohio Shelter
  11. Set standards to Puppy Mills in Lebanon
  12. Make harsher penalties for animal abusers
  13. Stop Destructive Seabed Mining in Groote Eylandt Coral Reefs
  14. Vancouver Ban Plastic Bags
  15. Tell the EPA: Listen to Native Tribes' Input on Climate Change

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