Wednesday, August 29, 2012

News, pledges, updates @ 08/29

  1. Owner of MICHAEL VICK'S former Va dogfighting compound wanted for animal cruelty!
    Update #2

    Search warrants filed Tuesday are shedding light on the charges being levied against Dogs Deserve Better founder Tamira Thayne.
    According to the warrants, "animals are being maced and tased on regular basis". Investigators were able to recover one taser and seven cans of Mace from the Surry County property. Also taken into evidence was an invoice for the purchase of the Mace.
    The paperwork further states that Thayne's dogs were being kept in unsuitable size crates "a minimum of 19 hours a day unless it is raining outside, then they are crated even longer."
  2. Poll: Do You Think That Dogs Should Be Used In Wolf Hunting?!
  3. QUIZ: WHAT STATE IS THE FIRST TO ENACT THE AG GAG BILL? The commercial farmers and ranchers are a major wolf concern!
  4. QUIZ: WHO SAID, in the yr. 2011; That the WOLF should be replaced on the endangered species list with an ENVIRONMENTALIST POLITICIAN?
  5. PETITION: Tell Citipups to STOP selling puppies
    Update #3

    Thanks to a dedicated animal rights activist and lawyer, we now have an up-to-date Freedom of Information Law file on Citipups. The link below will confirm what the Humane Society's investigation has already stated: Citipups buys their puppies from puppy millers and brokers. One of the brokers they use called "Critersville Kennels Inc." based in Nebraska has a problematic history with the USDA. Some of those problems include: transporting puppies in cages too small, transporting puppies in cages where the puppies feet fall through the bottom and transporting puppies without proper health and identity certification. Download the 32 page .pdf document here:
  6. PLEDGE: Use sunscreens that don't harm our beautiful coral reefs.

    Facebook Event - BOYCOTT! Iowa to oppose the AG GAG BILL, the first ever in the Country
    Facebook Page - Boycott Iowa, the AG GAG State
    A list of Products from Iowa to Boycott! -
    Petitions - Exposing Animal Cruelty Via Undercover Operations Shouldn’t be a Crime & Don’t Criminalize Undercover Investigations on Factory Farms
    some insight about Romanian dogs
  9. QUIZ: Do you think that ranchers have the right to graze their cattle on public lands.....wolf territory?

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