Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/05

  1. Tell the BLM to Establish Strong Rules for Fracking on Public Lands
  2. End the Attack on U.S. Wilderness and the 1964 Wilderness Act: Kill HR 4089
  3. Help Us Strengthen NM’s Animal Cruelty Laws
  4. Take Action to keep California's strawberry fields safe!
  5. Tell Waitrose to #DumpShell
  6. Please Return Morgan the Orca to Her Home!
  7. Colorado: Say NO to Uranium mine
  8. Rainforest destruction imported duty-free
  9. We need your help to save elephants
  10. Cut polluter subsidies, not environmental programs (US) & 1
  1. Condemn Federal Wildlife Trapper for Torturing Animals Caught in Traps
  2. Put an End to Factory Farming
  3. Maintain Protections for Canadian Environment and Public Health
  4. Protect Great White Sharks Under California’s Endangered Species Act
  5. Demand the Environmental Protection Agency Stop Using Toxic Oil Dispersant
  6. H-GAC, SCJC, Governor, State Representative: Stop the Highway 6 Landfill in Hempstead Texas

    1. NYU: Stop Using Lab Mice in Research
    2. Tell Texas prosecutors WE demand the max for crush video pair!!
    3. Tell Supermarket Chain to Stop Selling Endangered Reindeer
    4. Save Orca Whales from Dirty Coal
    5. Free Lolita
    6. Stop the Illegal Python Skin Trade!
    7. Save The Grey Wolves
    8. Enforce a Total Ban on sale of Ivory
    9. Tell NASA to Stop Using Primates for Space Research
    11. Insist facebook delete animal cruelty videos!
    12. Help shut down Duisburg Dolphinarium in Germany!
    13. BOYCOTT THE UGG boots brand! Demand Justice for ANIMALS SKINNED ALIVE!
    14. Animal Welfare Malta Should Neuter All Dogs and Cats Before Giving Them For Adoption
    15. Shut Down KFC
    16. Ban importation of foie gras into the UK
      additional petition: Illegalise the importing of Foie Gras into the UK
    17. Help to stop these horrendous atrocities
    18. Include Mice and Rats in Animal Welfare Legislation
    19. Don't destroy the Mtunzini Zebras
    21. Save Roti Island Snake-Necked Turtle
    22. Stop Fracking in Boulder County!
    23. Stop Lead Poisoning Legislation
    24. Save the Polar Bears
    25. No Permit Renewal for Truck-Stop Tiger
    26. Stop killing beautiful endangered Tigers
    27. Prevent cruelty to animals
    28. Stop the suffering of invertebrates for mass consumption
    29. Stop the reindeer slaughter in Sweden, Norway and Finland
    30. Stop whaling vessels from killing whales, open the doors to freedom
    31. Retire Seattle Zoo's Elephants to a Sanctuary
    32. Tell Urban Decay not to sell to L'Oréal
    33. Stop hunting down animals!
    34. Bamangwato Concession Limited NI-CU mine pollution in Selibe Phikwe, Botswana
    35. Call Upon the Australian Government to Protect the Dingo
    36. Stop Palm Oil Plantations!
    37. Sanctuary for Mali, the Manila Zoo Elephant

    38. Help Protect Wildlife Hotspot in Arizona
    39. USDA: Protect Food Animals From Fracking Poisons
    41. Save Endangered Whales from Seismic Surveys in the Mediterranean

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