Thursday, December 13, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/13

  1. California Fish & Game Abuses Public Safety Clause to Kill Two Lion Kittens
  2. Two lion kittens shot: please protest
  3. Tell Officials the Killing of Yellowstone Wolves Has to Stop!
  4. Petition against the kill shelters in the EU
  5. Stop Wasteful Experiments On Marmoset Monkeys To Study Human Communication
  6. Protect Mendocino National Forest from Destructive Post-Fire Logging
  7. NYU Left 10,000 Animals to Drown During Hurricane Sandy
  8. Urge Virginia to Ban Cruel Penning, Mauling of Foxes!
  9. Save the Dolphins of Florida's Indian River Lagoon
  10. Buffer Zone Around Yellowstone Park Needed to Stop Wolf Slaughter
    Send your mail please:;
    Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead: I demand an end to the assault on Wolves, and I urge you to immediately enact the much-needed buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park!
  1. Protect Animals Sold by Large-Scale Breeders
  2. Demand Disciplinary Action against Veterinary Clinic for Denying Starving Animals
  1. Charlton Bonham, Director, Department of Fish and Game: Consider change to mountain lion policies.
  2. National Geographic Channel: Take Doomsday Preppers off the air for slaughtering live animals.
  3. Animal Lovers Unite: Ban the Use of Inhumane Euthanasia Methods for Shelter Animals!
  4. City of Hagerstown: Give us a Dog Park
  5. Animal Neglect that Took Away the Life of My Dog.
  6. Erie County Sherrif's: Tranquilize dogs if they seem threatening.
  7. Sikeston, Missouri: Against Pitbull RoundUp - Overturn this Law/Ban on Pitbull and Pitbull Type Dogs.
  8. Please HELP us put an end 2 the brutal DAILY TORTURE of 6000+ animals!
  9. Stop Killing the Stray Dogs on the Seychelles
  10. Save Borneo and its orangutans for God's Sake!
  11. Stop Malaysian Palm Oil Companies Killing Orangutans
  12. Stop the Malaysian Orangutan Chainsaw Massacre
  13. Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore: Stop the culling of innocent stray dogs
  14. Update; The BBB issued a warning "Stay Away From Help Save One"
  15. Faroese Government: Stop the pilot-whale killing in Faroe Islands
  16. Facebooks Policy on Grapic Images: Change YOUR policy on what you consider graphic images!
  17. Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY: Find homes for homeless cats in and around the Roberts Wesleyan Campus
  18. Alcalde de Palma de Mallorca no permita más sacrificios en Son Reus.
    Spain - Kennel Son Reus takes any excuse to condemn the dogs and cats to death and until recently were hidden in crates (considered unadoptable)
  19. DA Sec. Proceso Alcala and BFAR Director Asis Perez: Deny the export of the RWS 25 dolphins to Resorts World
  20. Irish petition against badger cull: To Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney 'Stop badger culling in Ireland'
  21. THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT: Pass Bill C-322 and End Horse slaughter in Canada
  22. prohibir la matanza de caballos, y el consumo de su carne
  23. Prohibir la matanza de caballos y el consumo de su carne
  24. SENAD HUSEJNOVIĆ vrsi besplatnu likvidaciju pasa na ulicama Sarajeva
    File criminal charges against SENAD Husejnovic, he created a website called "Sarajevo fleecer" which offers free liquidation of dogs on the streets of Sarajevo, prepares to commit many crimes of murder and torture of animals, which is criminalized by Article 318 criminal Code of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  25. Danny Cohen, Controller BBC 1: Stop the buying, selling & pricing of Ivory Products on your Antiques shows
  26. Stop the SLAUGHTER of Wild Horses in Alberta!
  27. City of Henderson Ky.: Do not build a new Animal Control Facility
  28. Stop allo Stabulario di Trieste No a the Vivisection
    Italy: STOP Vivisection
  29. Send a clear message to your elected officials banning horse-drawn carriages!
  30. Quick Kill Hunting Act (Against Bow Hunting)
  31. Justice for male calves in Dairy Farms in India, they are being killed for profit - Sukanya Kadyan
  32. Tell the US Department of Agriculture & the FDA to investigate disease-laden factory farms
  33. Create a Public Registry for Animal Abusers in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  34. Shut down slaughter houses in UP cancelling their license- Naresh Kadyan
  35. Be a Hero for Hens - Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to OIPA in India
  36. Appointment of Abhishek Kadyan as Dy. SP in Haryana Police - Naresh Kadyan
  37. National Commission for Animal Rights and Welfare be formed - Naresh Kadyan
  38. National animals of India needs attention - Sukanya Kadyan
  39. We want to rescue all farm animals left in evacuation area of Fukushima.
  40. Support Senator Mac Harb-Help End Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt Permanently
  41. Stop Dog Fighting in Indonesia
  42. McDonald's: Stop the Cruelty!
  43. Please Ban Sex With Animals Now!
  44. Señores del parlamento español : Leyes dignas de amparo a los animales.
    We ask for dignified Protective Animal Laws. Spain.
  45. Stop Rabbit Mast
  46. Protect the Caribou

  1. Stop Shooting Innocent Wolves
  2. Demand Permit for ALL Tiger Breeding in U.S.
  3. Stop Bobcat Skin Exports
  4. Saving Idaho's abused animals
  5. Endurecer las condenas contra el maltrato animal
    More severe sentences for Animal Abuse
  6. Abolish the use of animals in circus
  7. Help Death row animals at high kill shelters
  8. Save Lear's Macaw
  9. UNESCO - Please educate China and Korea - stop torturing and eating dogs!!
  10. S. Korea: Educate consumers and farmers of dog meat - animal torture must STOP
  11. CHINA - Educate consumers and farmers of dog meat - animal torture must STOP
  12. Stop Breed Targeting
  13. Protect African lions from unsustainable hunting

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