Friday, December 14, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/14

  1. Resist Fracking and Mountaintop Removal (US)
  2. African Lions Need Your Signature Now!
    => Help Protect African Lions from Hunters
  3. Urge Los Angeles School District to Halt Use of Glue Traps!
  4. Tell Loews Hotels to Drop Down!
  5. Stand up Against Animal Cruelty
  6. Please urge Greek Farmers to comply with the barren battery cage ban.
  7. Stop à la chasse le dimanche! (confirmation needed)
    Stop hunting on Sundays!
  8. Mettons fin aux monstreux sacrifices de Gadhimai (confirmation needed)
    Put an end to the monstrous sacrifices Gadhimai
  9. Revision du Status Juridique de L'Animal (confrimation needed)
    Review of the legal animal status
  10. Urge Peter Jackson to Ensure Animal Safety!
  11. Article - OH House Representatives laugh at bestiality bill and ignore Nitro’s Law bill - please go to #2 bill and send email to this idiot asking him nicely to bring this to a vote! - taken from:
  12. Urge Congress to Act to Protect Animals! (US)
  13. Pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
  14. Reinstate Wyoming's wolves protection under the Endangered Species Act.
  15. Make it illegal to leave a dog left tied "tethered" and unattended in Ohio.
  16. Oil: We Can 1/2 It!
  17. Please ensure retirement for all the New Iberia Chimps
  18. Sign a Pledge to Stop Puppy Mills
  19. Tell Congress to Protect Wilderness! (US)
  20. Protect Lions under the Endangered Species Act
    another petition: Help save African lions
  21. USA: Crack Down on Spectators at Animal Fights
  22. Sign the Trap Free New Mexico Petition
  23. Oppose Development of Canned Hunting Facility
  1. Stop Using Oceans as Landfills: Reduce Marine Debris Now
  2. Protect Animals Sold by Large-Scale Breeders
  3. Encourage Citizens to Participate in Protecting Portland’s Watersheds
  4. Urge Oklahoma to Create More Green Jobs
  1. Leis mais rigidas para punir a crueldade contra os animais no Brasil!
    We want stricter LAWS on Animal Abuse in Brazil!
  2. Protect Wolves in National Parks - Implement Buffer Zones Around Parks
  3. Pennsylvania Lawmakers: Crack Down on Amish Animal Abusers
  4. Implement the No Kill Equation for Sonoma County Animal Care and Control
  5. Say No to Dog in captivity : Adopt spay and neuter - Sukanya Kadyan
  6. Stop animal abuse : Amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960
  7. Mrs Jayanthi Natarajan: Rethink on Ban of Tiger Tourism in India
  8. Protect cows and their sacrifice be ban in India - Naresh Kadyan
  9. Stop Elephant abuse : Rider and keeper license be mandatory - Sukanya Kadyan
  10. Support Draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011 in India - Naresh Kadyan
  11. Ban Elephant Polo in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  12. Protest against working group suggestion to lift ban on beef exports from India - Sukanya Kadyan
  1. Tell U.S. - BAN Cat Declawing
  2. Save Kitty and Puppy Haven
  3. Stop Dogs Fight in Lebanon.
  4. Take Action on Global Warming
  5. Palm Oil production Destroys the Rainforest! STOP using it Trader Joes!
  6. Tell Dennis Basso, "No More Fur!"
  7. Jail Time for Animal Abusers
  8. Alive monkey's brain is not food!
  9. Stop Loken Farm selling animals to test laboratories in Europe
    no specific target
  10. Stop the selling of pets at Christmas!
  11. OPPOSE the proposed dog ban on Mornington Peninsula's beaches
  12. Russia - Ban the Import of Polar Bear Pelts
  13. Kellogg! Stop the Greenwash and Deforestation and Use Sustainable Palm Oil Now!
  14. Tell Lush to clean up their act.

  15. Tell the U.S. Forest Service to Prioritize Bat Protection
  16. Remove "Bamazon" Now!
  17. Tell President Obama to Protect Us from Fracking!
  18. Stop Florida's Python Killing Contest!
  19. Stop Florida's Backyard Butchers!
  20. Save the Sumatran Tiger from Extinction
  21. Serenity Horse Rescue Duped Me FaceBook Page
  22. Open A Low Cost Spay/ Neuter Clinic In Durham Region
  23. Stop Feeding Growth-Promoting Drugs to Chickens!

  24. President Obama: Make Climate Action A Priority
  25. Norway - End Accidental Porpoise Slaughter
  26. Save the Red Wolf from Extinction
  27. Tell Belgium Filmaker to STOP Throwing Cats!
    additional petition: Stop kattengooiende filmmaker Jan Fabre
  28. Stop Bullfighting in Peru
  29. Thank Portugal for Saving Lab Animals
  30. Mother Wolf Shot Just Outside Yellowstone
  31. Let's Urge the Government of Canada to Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals!

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