Friday, December 7, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/07

  1. URGENT : sauvons les ânes de l’ADADA
    Click 5 times on the heart to help the donkeys!
  2. Vote - Pick your favorite Canadian campaign
  3. News - ACTAsia becomes official representative of the Fur Free Retailer Programme in China
  4. News - African Lions Roam Closer to Protection
  5. Toxic gold mining in the Caribbean
  6. Slovenia: A ‘Slaughterhouse for Bears’ – Please Act – Petition Etc.
    Petition against the killing of endangered species
    (choose the language to sign it)
  7. Halt Deadly California Gillnet Fishery Expansion
  8. Help Animals Suffering in University of Utah Laboratories
  9. Petition to stop hunting on Sunday. (confirmation needed)
  10. Petition for moral trade of animals (confirmation needed)
    In this context the petitioners request the establishment of a crisis center to assist animal welfare groups throughout the country including in territory overseas. They ask that the fight against trafficking should be strengthened and abuse and animal breeding company are controlled so as not to flood a saturated market where the animal is recognized by law as being sensitive is treated as though mere object of consumption regardless of his suffering and his life.
  11. Do not let Agro-Chemical Co. rule your World!
  12. Urge BLM to Cancel Plans to Remove 20 McCullough Peaks Mustangs
  13. Thank Westchester County for Creating Animal Abuse Registry
  1. City of Bradenton, Florida, Department of Public Works: Take proper responsibility for wildlife & stray domesticated animals
  2. Busan, South Korea! Close down all illegal dog slaughterhouses & restaurants in Gupo market now!
  3. USDA: No More Lion Burgers! Ban the Sale of Lion Meat
  4. Flying foxes under threat in QLD
  5. Simons: Please Go Fur Free
  6. EBAY: Stop the sale of real fur
  7. Canadian Sealers Association: Stop the sealers killing seals for fur, fun, money and products
  8. Rodeo insults the Great Country of China-please keep it out
    (read before signing)
  9. City of Charlotte: End preventable euthanasia and create a community without homeless pets.
  1. Help save Our Rhino!
  2. Justice for Justice!
  3. Stop the eviction of Animals Asia's Vietnam bear sanctuary
  4. Suspend shooting of flying foxes in Queensland
  5. Protect the Dolphins & Raise Awareness
  6. Don't Cut Conservation Funding in the EU
  7. Save Central American River Turtle
  8. Ban the Import of All Research Animals
  9. Save Finland's Ringed Seal from Extinction
  10. Stop the Galapagos Islands rat extermination
  12. Tell Kreider Farms to Stop Lying About It Egg Production Methods
  13. Save the Endangered Oriental Stork!
  14. Tell the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to ban the hunting of rivers otters
  15. Maintain Federal Protection for Western Wolves
  16. Save the Gunnison Sage-Grouse!
  17. Tell online store DAYTONA to stop selling FUR!
  18. Lambs massacre in Tirana, Albania
  19. Demand justice for dog shot by police near her own home
  20. Hold Commerce City Police Responsible for Shooting Harmless Dog!
  21. Stop Texas From Banning Pit Bulls
  22. Tell the Senate to Reject the "Stop the War on Coal" Act!

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