Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/12

  1. NZ: greater climate commitment now!
  2. Stop P & G form torturing & testing their products on animals.
  3. Help Elephants Suffering at Seattle Zoo!
  4. Please Drop Foie Gras at Wendy's Restaurants in Japan
  5. Dogs shouldn't die so humans can get high.
  6. Write Wild - Help Manitoba's Reindeer This Christmas!
  7. Write Wild - Help Stop the Upper Lillooet Hydro Project!
  8. Write Wild - Save Langley's McLellan Park East Forest!
  9. Florida Horses Slaughtered On Hillsborough Country Farms (US)
    I didn't take this petition seriously, since it is just the copy/paste of the article and it is done sloppily.
  10. Take Action - No Apes in Entertainment
  11. Help Santa put a lump of coal in Shell's stocking
  12. I pledge to respect and protect the world's wildlife.
  13. Help Maintain Federal Wolf Protections
  14. We Can't Trust Enbridge -- Stop the Tar Sands
  15. Save the Manatee
    It says error, but the msg is actually sent, only failed to be delivered...
  16. Ask the European Commission to stop imports of meat from US horses today
    (EU member countries only)
  17. Sign WWF's card to David Cameron to tell him to take the reins on climate change
  18. Ask Florida Zoo to Halt Cruel Swims With Tigers!
  19. Pennsylvania - Stop The Senseless Slaughter Of Deer In Tyler State Park, Newtown, Bucks County (Pennsylvania residents only, deadline December 26)
  20. Fortnum & Mason: Stop Foie Gras Cruelty
  21. California Fish & Game Abuses Public Safety Clause to Kill Two Lion Kittens
  22. Petition to Ban Fracking in California
  23. Tell Governor Cuomo: Ban Fracking in New York!
  24. Sign the Petition to Ban Fracking Now!
  25. Pledge to Save Booty!
  1. Enact Stricter Protections for Rare Albino Deer
  2. Don’t Test Designer Drugs on Animals
  3. End Aquifer Depletion in the Midwest
  4. Train Colorado Police to Handle Lost Animals Nonviolently
  5. Ensure Protection for Rare American Bird
  6. Stop Animals From Being Sold on the Street in Barcelona
  7. Improve Pollution Regulation in Asia Before It’s Too Late
  8. Don’t Euthanize Animals Seeking Adoption
  9. Protect Rabbits in Los Angeles
  1. FAO, WHO, UNESCO, UNWTO of the United Nations: Sanction S. Korea for horrific cruelty of dog meat trade!
  2. Animals Are Being Shot: Ask the Department of Defense to Investigate
  3. Tell Secretary Salazar: No Drilling in the Arctic Ocean
  4. Don't let AVX escape from its responsibility to clean up toxic PCBs in New Bedford Harbor
  5. Help Clean Up the Potomac River
  6. Oregon Zoo: End Your Partnership with the Abusive, "Have Trunks Will Travel"
  7. Southwest Airlines: Stop supporting cruelty at Seaworld
  8. Humanity for Greene County animals! Help bring Sugar home!
  9. Oregon Zoo: Stop contract between Oregon Zoo and Have Trunks Will Travel
  10. Freddy Thielemans: Interdire les collets à Haren
    No snaring in Brabant, Belgium
  1. Stop the euthanasia of pit bulls
  2. Save These Hungry Horses

  3. Levi's: We Want Toxin-Free Jeans!
  4. Prevent The Destruction Of America's Wilderness
  5. Save the Fish, Turtles and Dolphins of the Vizag Coast
  6. United States of America: Remove the bans and discrimination of pitbull and pitbull mixes
  7. I need 25,000 Signatures to Stop Pitbull Dog Discrimination to White House USA
    original petition: Stop Breed Discrimination of Pitbulls and Pitbull Dogs Mixes Nationwide (US)
  8. Thank Judge Caldwell for Protecting the Truckstop Tiger
  9. Tell Fendi to Stop Using Rabbit Fur
  10. Stop animal hog and chicken confinements
  11. No killing python snakes
  12. Stop Poisoning Our Animals
  13. Stop the delisting of grizzly bears from the endangered list
  14. Stop Chemtrails and HAARP all around the United States of America
  15. Tell NYU Medical Center to STOP Animal Experiments
  16. Stop Pet Store Sales of Dogs & Cats in Ottawa, Ontario
  17. Demand Hunters to Stop Hunting Amur Leopards
    Demand Hunters to Stop Hunting Amur Leopards (2nd petition)
    and it's not Armur, but Amur leopard...
  18. Stop Killing Wolves
  19. Save All Those Abandoned Animals.
  20. Stop killing helpless stray dogs...
    Stop killing helpless stray dogs... (2nd petition)
  21. Stop Black Bear Hunting
  22. Help Elephants in Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo

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