Monday, December 10, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/10

  1. The sow stall ban is almost here - send a final warning to EU agriculture ministers
  2. Derail the Tongue River Railroad
  3. Take action with Anti-Fur Society
    petitions are inside
  4. Write Wild - Halt the Expansion of Dirty Coal Exports!
  5. Support Our Petition to List the African Lion as Endangered
  6. Demand End to Torture of Endangered Turtles in Trinidad and Tobago!
  7. Please Get Rid of Hideous Glue Traps!
  8. Urge Los Angeles School District to Halt Use of Glue Traps!
  9. Tell Bass Pro Shops That George the Alligator Deserves Better
    Contact form => Sample letter:
    Dear Sir,
    For the last several years, PETA has received repeated complaints regarding living conditions for George, an alligator on display at a Bass Pro Shops location in Springfield, Missouri. George is confined to a small tank, in which he can't swim or even walk around. To make matters worse, he also suffers from a chronic eye condition.
    Almost a year ago, PETA's wildlife biologist spoke with Bass Pro Shops officials regarding George's condition. They were assured that George would be moved to a larger, more peaceful enclosure to alleviate the stressors of public display. Sadly, recent photos show that George is still confined to his gloomy enclosure.
    I'd like remind the company that alligators are meant to swim freely through swamps, bask on banks, roll around in the grass, and submerge themselves in muddy ponds.
    I urge you to retire George to a reputable sanctuary, where he can live out the rest of his days with some peace and dignity, and to ensure that another alligator doesn't suffer the same fate!
  10. Give a Meaningful Sentence to Accused Cat Mutilator
  11. Keep the Rio Grande Alive (US)
  12. Florida: Ban Cruel Heartstick & Gassing Animal Euthanasia! (US)
  13. Against declaring of bullfighting under UNESCO World Heritage (confirmation needed)
  1. Stop bear baiting in Pakistan
  2. Boycott Beef to Save America's Wolves and Wild Horses
  3. Stop funding/conducting animal experiments
  4. Save ALL the Kangaroos
  5. Stop Breed Specific Legislation - Against Banning Pitbulls Australia
  6. Make a Phoenix doll to raise funds for animal welfare
  8. Help rural area animals
  9. Dissolve Malaysian Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB)
  10. Stop Fracking in Deleware River Watershed
We The People-White House petitions (U.S. residents only)
  1. Appoint Congressman Raul Grijalva as the 51st Secretary of the Interior
  2. Allocate land to create a reservation for gray wolves
  3. Protect our future by setting a goal of stabilizing the U.S. population at or below one-third of a billion people.
  4. Shut down the tar sands project in Utah before it begins and reject the Keystone XL pipeline.
  5. Declare all anti-predatory animal organizations as domestic terrorist groups
  6. Adopt the native Gray Wolf to join the Bald Eagle as a national symbol of our powerful independence and freedom.
  7. Take action to minimize and protect against the threats of a warming planet.
    The petition you are trying to access has expired, because it failed to meet the signature threshold.
  8. Require zoo’s to have more secure cages & enclosures keeping animals in & people out of them thus preventing accidents.
  9. Reinstate the Endangered Species Protections for Gray Wolves nationwide prohibiting hunting and trapping of same.
  10. Create a Wildlife Conservation Stamp for Habitat Acquisition and the Conservation of Wildlife.
  11. Require the FDA to require Labeling of food that contains Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)
    Signatures needed by December 08, 2012 to reach goal of 25,000
    The petition you are trying to access has expired, because it failed to meet the signature threshold.
  1. Get Rattlesnake Republic off Animal Planet!
  2. Ban the Sale of British Zoo Animals to Foreign Circuses
  3. City of Toronto Shark Fin Petition
  4. Let this be the final and ultimately successful petition for Lucy - let her live free!
  5. Petition to ban trophy hunting of cougars in Wa. State
    no specific target
  6. Reform the live export laws in the UK
  7. Tell the Tories - Don't Pave the British Countryside

  8. Tell Canada: Let Bluefin Tuna Off the Hook
  9. Angel Owl Foundation
  10. Stop the Cutting of Dog Vocal Chords
  11. Stop dumping of waste water
  12. Prosecute Puppy Killers to the Full Extent of the Law!
  13. Stop L'OREAL animal testing, once and for all!
  14. Stop PeTA From Supporting Their Own Animal Abuse
  15. Don't Include Dolphins in Vast New Singapore Aquarium
  16. Justice for Bulls in Spain: DESTROY the culture of the CORRIDA
  17. Tell Idaho, Reindeer Matter More than Snowmobiles!
  18. Ban the Hunting of Yellowstone's Wolves

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