Sunday, December 16, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/16

  1. KFC Stop Destroying Southern Forests
  2. Czech Republic: Protest against Fur Farms
    (click on: Stop the Killing, at the right)
  3. Against the Fox Hunt in Flanders, Belgium (confirmation needed)
    First name, last name, email, password, plaats=town, teken=sign.
  4. Stop P & G form torturing & testing their products on animals.
  5. Like a Duck to Water Campaign
  6. Thank you for making a difference to the lives of farmed ducks
    Tesco has committed to stocking duck meat from farms implementing RSPCA welfare standards and therefore providing ducks with full body access to water.
  7. Help Save 70 Beagles From Experimentation
    Beagles were saved :)
    Victory: Dozens of Beagle Puppies Saved From Cruel Testing Lab!
  8. Urge Air India to Keep Ban on Shipping Animals to Labs!
  9. Fortnum & Mason: Stop Foie Gras Cruelty
  10. NOT another 50 Million to Huge Chicken Factory Ukraine
  11. Ask for a legislation to guarantee minimum welfare standards for Europe’s dairy cows.
  12. We Can't Trust Enbridge -- Stop the Tar Sands (US)
  13. Don't Drown out Dolphins' Voices (US)
  14. Ask Edmonton to Let Lucy Pack Her Trunk!
  15. Urge Virginia to Ban Cruel Penning, Mauling of Foxes!
  16. Tell the U.S. Forest Service to Prioritize Bat Protection
  17. Stop Wasteful Experiments On Marmoset Monkeys To Study Human Communication (US)
  18. NYU Left 10,000 Animals to Drown During Hurricane Sandy
  19. Tell NRC & Congress: Strengthen or Close GE reactors (US)
  20. Payback Time! Boycott the Brands that Helped Kill Prop 37
  21. Please stop the cruel radiation experiments at Jacobs University!
  22. Stop the use of animals in Palini and folk festivals
  1. Stop Eating Monkey Brains
  2. Save Orangutans – demand only sustainable palm oil is used by Supermarkets/Manufacturers!
  3. Save Rocket from BSL
  4. Cameron Missouri Anti Tether Ordinance
  5. Loving Kindness can stop the Canadian seal hunt
  6. Stop the use of reindeer for public entertainment (confirmation needed)
  1. We speak for those who can not
  2. Fireworks
  3. Standardized symbols and colors for guide dogs
  4. Access on the beach for the pets.
  5. Fenced green areas in the parks for animals.
  6. Shelter for cats in danger
  7. No barrels to New Year's Eve in Vicenza and its province.
  8. We protect Mother Earth! We need more trees.
  9. Hunting In The National Park Stelvio
  10. "The Right to Live 2012" - For a circus without animals
  11. Vivisection = Death. We need 500,000 signatures for referendum
  1. USDA: No More Lion Burgers! Ban the Sale of Lion Meat
  2. Stop Fish and Game from taking my raven!
  3. Help Create a Better Future for Polar Bears
  4. STOP culling of wild monkey, boars and blue bulls in India - Naresh Kadyan
  5. Protest against savage Festivals in New Caledonia
  6. U.S. State Department: Help the Endangered African Elephant by Supporting a New Barter System
  7. Snohomish County Council Members: Pass Ordinance No. 12-106 to ban the slaughter of horses.
  8. Pres. Obama, reinforce Statements made while Senator against Canada's annual Seal Hunt
  9. The North Carolina General Assembly: Ban gas chambers and heartsick for the killing of shelter animals
  10. Help Make France a Cat-Friendly Country. (no specific target)
  11. White Tiger: We can stop this abuse in our generation - Naresh Kadyan
  12. Justice for all dogs who have basic rights to bark! - Ms. Sukanya Kadyan
  13. Stop killing African elephants for illegal ivory trade!
  14. Restore Tiger occupancy area which shrunk by 20,000 sq km in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  15. Death camps and Nazi like moneymakers
  16. Completion and closing dolphins park in Boudewijn Seapark Brugge Belgium
  17. Termination of two dog breeders from Hillsborough County's Animal Advisory Committee
  18. USA needs Animal Cruelty Surcharge to help fund Spay/Neuter programs in Each State
  19. Tell IHOP to stop using eggs from confined cages
  20. Oppose the Cruel Practice of Factory Farming of Egg-Laying Hens
  21. Tax Meat Products, Reduce Meat Consumption and Global Warming, and Save Animals
  22. STOP cruel camel transportation by BSF for Republic day - Naresh Kadyan
  1. Applaud Australian Supermarkets for Phasing Out Factory Farmed Animal Products
  2. Demand Animal Hospital Stop Turning Away Animals in Need
  3. Stop Deadly Party Pills Drug Testing on Animals in New Zealand
  4. Protect Lions from American Poachers
  1. Stop the ruminal cannula - permanent access to a cow's stomach to analyze the feed process
  2. Tell the CPUC Not to Pass Gas
  3. BAN the retail of caged eggs (no specific target)
  4. Please help us save our family dog from being destroyed.
  5. Please help us save our family dog. (2nd petition)
  6. ALL USA Citizens Sign My Petition to President Obama and Congress for the Dogs!
    petition is inside!!
  7. Tell LADWP to Enforce Water Restrictions
  8. India - Stop Classifying Fruit Bats as Vermin
  9. Better Animal Habitats At Lagoon!
  10. Stop Tasmania labradoodl breeding center
  11. Steve-O, STOP Promoting the 'Bully Breed's' Bad Image!
  12. Tell Florida: Keep Bestiality Illegal!

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