Saturday, December 15, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/15

  1. Urge Congress to Act to Protect Animals: Two Automatic Letters
    petition inside => Urge Congress to Act to Protect Animals!
  2. Take Action: Stop Owyhee NOW!
  3. Cat Fight In Rome: Beloved Shelter Faces Closure
  4. Show the Australian Racing Board that cruelty is not profitable
    (Australian residents only)
    you can use the email and sample letter provided to send your own letter.
  5. Stop brutal torture of dogs and dog meat consumption in South Korea.
  6. Tell Officials the Killing of Yellowstone Wolves Has to Stop!
  7. No grey seal slaughter
  8. Tell Loro Parque to Let Morgan Go Home!
  9. Crippled Elephants at Ringling Still Suffering
  10. Protest against the plans of the Icelandic government to weaken the EU Birds Directive
  11. Protest against bird trapping on Cyprus
  12. 100 million dead wild birds are too many, Mr Potočnik!
  13. Tell Your Members Of Congress To Throw Big Oil Off The Fiscal Cliff, Not The Environmental Programs We All Depend On! (US)
  14. Ban backyard butchers and military, drug testing on animals
    => Take Action Against Backyard Slaughter!
    => Ask the Department of Defense to Investigate Animal Killings
    => Dogs shouldn't die so humans can get high.
  15. Say no to the TPPA - Say yes to choice
  16. Ask the European Commission to stop imports of meat from US horses today
    (EU member countries only)
  17. Feedback on Parks Canada’s proposed National Marine Conservation Area
  18. President Obama, Enact Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws in the United States (US)
  19. Tell General Mills: No GMOs for breakfast!
  20. Protect California Great White Sharks Under the Endangered Species Act
  21. OBAMA: Put a Moratorium on Faulty Coal Waste Dam Construction
  22. Let's mobilize against the dynamite fishing in Lebanon
  23. Crack Down on Spectators at Animal Fights
  24. Our 5 pledges to help animals and improve their welfare
  25. Wendy's: Stop Selling Livers in Japan!
  26. Show Love for Lonely Elephants at Seattle Zoo
  27. Clean Water, Wild Forests Petition
  28. Support a Trap Ban in the Mexican Wolf Recovery Area (Wolf Den)
  29. Tell USDA to IMMEDIATELY fine University of Southern Mississippi
  1. Stop the Wrongful Confiscation of Pit Bulls
  2. Stop Animals From Being Sold on the Street in Barcelona
  3. Don’t Euthanize Animals Seeking Adoption
  4. Protect Rabbits in Los Angeles
  5. Protect Animals Sold by Large-Scale Breeders
  6. Encourage Apple to Reduce Electronic Waste by Developing Built-to-Last Products
  7. Encourage Opti-Free to Reduce Plastic Waste with Contact Lens Solution Dispensaries
  1. City Officials of Saginaw, MI: Allow Mr. Edmondson to keep his condos on his property.
  2. Restaurants serving Veal and Foie Gras in Jacksonville, FL: Please stop endorsing extreme animal cruelty
  3. Stop the suffering of animals during the slaughter.
  4. Stop killing whales, Denmark
  5. France: Abolish horse meat
  6. Spain: the cure or care for a sick or injured animal is a legal and moral duty, not a whim or a luxury.
  7. Prevent the electrocution of Costa Rican wildlife
  8. Argentina: Pupin was savagely murdered! Abolish animal abuse!
  9. Protest against the horror in the kennels of Rivadavia, Argentina
    Corruption and cruelty to dogs have no limits, especially in the hands of so-called politicians. Let us support animal organizations and eliminate these atrocities.
  10. Spain: stop the animal cruelty in the festivities.
  11. Mayor and City Council Environment Cordoba: Help for the protectors to sterilize stray animals. Sterilize stray animals. It would be a more humane solution than killing, and ultimately more beneficial to the city.
  12. D. Jose Antonio Nieto, Hon. Mayor of Córdoba (Spain): the City of Córdoba honor its commitment to Noah's Ark Córdoba
    Cordoba, Spain. If the City Council does not keep its commitment , demolition of the Hostel Association will start in March 2013. All the animals will be strays again or kept in kill shelters. It would mean the cessation of the altruistic work of the Association.
  13. Prime Minister: Amendment Protection Act of Pets
    Spain: Adapt the Law Protecting Animals: Prolong the staying period in a shelter of an animal without identification.
  14. Government of Denmark: Stop the ritual dolphin killings!
  15. Spain's government: No hunting in any reserve or park in Spain
  16. Italy: NO permission for HARLAN to Import Animals for Vivisection
  17. Chihuahua, Mexico: Punishment for guards who dragged two dogs tied to a car.
  18. Netherlands: Stop the Cruel Slaughter of Dolphins/Whales in Taiji, Japan!
  1. The ethics of altering a petition without acknowledging it.
  2. France: Prevent the senseless killing of deer.
  3. Urge P&G To Stop Testing On Animals.

  4. Cut Polluter Subsidies, Not Environmental Programs

  5. Coffs Creek: Shut Down Foam Party Pollution
  6. Ban Outdoor channel
  7. Outlaw Cockfighting or "Sabong" In The Philippines!
  8. Remove Rossie Hayes from the position of Director of Columbus County Animal Control
  9. Stop The Slaughter Of Biodiversity In South Africa Livestock Farming
  10. OSPCA: Return our animals at no cost to us!
  11. Save the Indochinese Tiger in Thailand
  12. Ban Canned Hunting in Arizona

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