Saturday, December 8, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/08

  1. Article with some emails to contact:
    Yellowstone’s Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston: Take Action for Yellowstone Wolves
  2. Article - Northwestern U.S. Becoming Wolf Slaughterhouse
  3. Video - A Beautiful Wolf Trapped in Icy Waters is Rescued and Brought Back to Life
  4. Justice for Drake
  5. Tell Racing Bosses: 'I won't bet while horses die...' (Australian residents only)
    - there is an email you can contact if you're a non Australian resident.
  6. Ban Elephant Acts in Los Angeles
  7. Email PM of Canada to protect flathead turtle
  8. Petition against keeping animals on balconies (confirmation needed)
  9. No more Toro de Fuego (confirmation needed)
  10. Against polar bear hunting in Canada (confirmation needed)
  11. Article, petitions, photos - Free Tony the tiger
    the latest update was on November 2 2012
  12. Cruelty at Calstead Collies
  13. Tell Barack Obama & his Interior dept to stop brutal trapping and killing of wolves
  14. Ask Your MP to End Shameful Live Export (Australian residents)
  15. Rhinos, tigers, and elephants are being slaughtered for their body parts
  16. Show your support for growing the Greenbelt
  17. Give thanks to our bird heroes
  18. Last Chance To Protect Florida's Water From Slime
    Victory! The Environmental Protection Agency has adopted stronger pollution rules for Florida's waters. Read more about this precedent-setting announcement here: EPA adopts water pollution rules for Florida
  1. Tell Poultry Farm to Treat Its Turkeys Humanely
  2. Ask the Government to Reconsider the Ethanol Requirement for Fuel
  3. Stop Shooting Harmless Wild Animals in North Carolina
  4. Prevent Logging on Federal Land in Oregon
  5. Bring the Pinta Island Tortoise Back to Life
  6. Support Development of Self-Filling Water Bottle
  1. Japan Slaughtering Dolphins for Sport needs to Stop!
  2. Negligence at Santa Cruz Biotech causes suffering and death for animals
  3. Secretary Sebelius: Give Chimpanzees Sanctuary
  4. Shut Down Circuses Once and For All
  5. Police officers in state of Colorado: Undergo further training on how to interact/deal with animals.
  6. The Vassar Farm Oversight Committee: Halt the Planned Deer Cull and Further Explore and Implement Alternatives
  7. The State Of California: Close L.A. County Animal Care Control: Lancaster Shelter!

  1. Save the Fox Mountain Wolf Pack's Pups
  2. Horse slaughter

  3. Protect Our Health from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining!
  4. No Apes as pets in Canada!
  5. Demand more protection/severe punishment to end Rhino poaching!
  6. Sacrificio 1000 agnelli in Albania

  7. Tell Minnesota: Stop Wolf Killings for Sport
  9. Protect the Wolves in Wyoming!

  10. Justice for Tame Pit Bull Murdered By Police
  11. Don't Destroy Endangered Elephant Habitat
    additional petition: Stop Mining In Elephant Habitat

  12. Get Political For Animals
  13. Make CCTV Mandatory for Slaughterhouses!
  14. Keep the Puget Sound Orcas on the Endangered Species List!
  15. JUSTICE pour les chiens victimes de Guynel Pintor
  16. JUSTICE pour les chiens victimes de Guynel Pintor
    (2nd petition with more signatures)
  17. Show Feces Warning Label on Chicken!
  18. River Otters are DYING
  19. Block the Wolf Kill Contest in British Columbia
  20. Trato cruel hacia los galgos en España.
  21. American Wild Horse Preservation
  22. Stop killing the seals for fur in Canada
  23. Justice for Chloe
  24. STOP fracking with Community College of Philadelphia

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