Friday, July 20, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Please support an Animal Bill of Rights
  2. Shooting in the dark
    The Coalition Government has decided to conduct a pilot cull of badgers in England this year in a misguided attempt to solve the bovine TB crisis. They intend to do this by shooting badgers as they roam during the night: an untested, inhumane method.
  3. Please remove elephant Sunda from Topeka Zoo
  4. Justice for Rugar 
  5. Reject Shell Oil's Air Permit Waiver
    Save badgers – write to your local council
  7. Help Protect Alaska's Bristol Bay From Pebble Mine
    (Action Deadline: Monday, July 23)
  8. Hold Shell Oil Accountable To Their Permit And To The Law
  9. Tell EPA: Set Strong Soot Standards
  10. Tell FDA to Regulate Nanotechnology in Food
  11. Thanks for More Study, Please Deny the Proposed Alton Coal Mine
  12. Tell Congress to Fix It -- And No Secret Farm Bills!
  13. Stand Up for Rare Birds and Sea Turtles (US)
  14. Please Cosponsor the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act (HR 139) (US)
  15. RESTORE Act Vote Thank You (US)
    Senator Nelson from Florida proposed an amendment that added the RESTORE Act to the larger transportation bill. Now that the bill has passed and the RESTORE Act is law, let's thank the Senators who made it possible by voting for the Nelson Amendment and urge them to establish a Regional Citizens' Advisory Council to give affected communities a voice in holding the oil industry accountable.
    The RESTORE Act provides for the restoration of the natural resources, ecosystems, fisheries, marine and wildlife habitats, beaches, and coastal wetlands of Gulf Coast States, and Gulf Restoration Network lauds its passage!
  16. Don't let Monsanto & Co. sneak this one through (US)
  17. Stop the NRA's Lead-poisoning Legislation (US)
  18. Strengthen Federal Law to Protect Big Cats (US)
  1. Free Asian Elephant in Solitary Confinement for 35 Years
  2. Reject Shell’s Permit to Drill in the Arctic
  3. Don’t Remove Great White Sharks from Australia’s Protected Animals List
  4. Protect Pet Owners’ Right to Decide What to Feed Pets
  1. Save Bugsy: Help to rescue Bugsy..Time is CRITICAL
  3. Joe McCalls rentals: To let me who disabled have a help/watch dog
  4. Essex County Prosecutor's Office: Prosecute Kisha Curtis to the fullest extent allowed by law
  6. Stop abuse of hunting dogs
  7. The Lakes Of Highland III: Stop trapping and or removal of the ducks on the pond
  8. ASPCA and all other animal shelters: Find a home for all abused animals
  9. US Government: Put a temporary ban on breeding of cats/dogs.
  10. Bring the FLDS to justice: Hold those responsible for the cruelty to the cats accountable
  11. STOP BSL in Earlham, Iowa
  13. People who are sending baby chicks to others through the mail.: Stop allowing the mailing of baby chicks to others through the mail.
    (there is no target specified, but I’d like to mention it, can’t believe this is happening!!!)
  14. Mayor of Chicago: Make Chicago Animal Care and Control a NO-KILL shelter
  15. The Government Of Japan: Stop the massacre of dolphin in Taiji Japan
  17. Florida law makers: Make dyeing of chickens against the law like before
  18. President Barack Obama: Stop the Animal Abuse in other countries. (Make It illegal to buy here!)
  19. Johnson & Johnson: Stop Animal Testing
  20. McDonald's: Start Using Cruelty-Free Chickens
  21. Save one-of-a-kind Snake River Salmon.
  22. Gladys Porter Zoo: Shut down the zoo
  23. Spay/Neuter in Baldwin Park & El Monte
  24. Remember Nathan and Contact Ft Worth Mayor and City Council to End Dog Fighting
  25. Help Save The Florida Box Turtles
  26. Wildlife on the verge of becoming Extinct or Endangered
  28. Keep Great White Sharks Protected
  29. Stop the Cottage Grove Rodeo "Animal Scramble!": Stop the cruelty, exploitation and unnecessary breeding!
  30. Homewood suites by Hilton: Give pet bereavement days to employees
  31. Save the Specimen Trees in Alpharetta, Georgia
  32. 180 5th St. E., #700, St. Paul, MN 55101: Recover 496 barrels of waste it dumped in Lake Superior near Knife River MN
  33. The Governor of CO: Colorado wildfire victims need our help (US)
  34. Prevent Animal Deaths & Abuse (US)
  35. The President of the United States: Criminal penalties for poisoning domestic animals stiffened to a felony. (US)
  1. Mayor of Hume: Save Lilla from a life behind bars
  2. Mayor: Lift the ban on Pit Bulls
  3. Settlement In Palm Springs Lawsuit Will Mean Improvements In Conditions For Homeless Animals
  4. No More Deaths at SeaWorld: Free Releasable Orcas
  5. 800 dogs saved from China's meat trade
  6. Michigan Humane Society (MHS) Board of Directors: Call for the resignations of Mr. Cal Morgan and Mr David Williams
  7. Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter
  9. Protect old Ash & Elm trees on Geelong's Barwon River
  10. Speak Out Against Walmart's Cruelty to Pigs
  11. Strengthen Federal Law to Protect Big Cats
  12. Protect States' Rights to Create Food Standards!
  13. EU Commission Makes History with Proposal to Phase Out Bottom Trawling for Deep-Sea Species
  14. Stop the Swimming With Dolphins Program at the Melka Resort in Bali
  15. Stop Solomon Islands From Trading in Captive Birds!
  16. Crack Down on African Rhino Poaching!
  17. End Chuck Wagon Racing at the Calgary Stampede
  18. Save Our Beaches, Towns, Farms & Wildlife
  19. Stop Asbestos Exports from Canada
  20. Save Ghana Elephants!
  21. President Obama: Amend Your Decision to Allow Arctic Drilling
  22. Tell the Obama administration: Consider the climate impacts of Keystone XL -- and reject it.
  23. COFI 30 Builds on Rio+20 Momentum
  24. Mass, Don't Let Developers Kill Your Endangered Species Act!
  25. Prohibit Hydrofracking
  26. New York: Act Now to Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws
  27. Duke is going home!

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