Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

Royal Pardon For Killer of The Corgi
Princess Anne's dog savagely attacked the queens corgi and the queen gave it a royal pardon. Why can't she do it for Lennox?!
  1. Anti-Fur Petition
  2. Email China
  3. Ask the Pope not to wear fur
  4. Alexandra Lightfoot to be removed from her post as Dog Warden with Belfast City Council
  5. Bayonne must become a city without bullfighting
  6. Against the dog meat industry
  7. Stop the Illegal Trade in the Endangered Barbary Macaque
    This is their website: Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation
  8. Big Cats At the Fair
  9. Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act HR 4122
  10. The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act
    (need to be registered on the site to support/oppose)
  11. Laws and justice for al animals in France (confirmation needed)
  12. Real sanctions for all animal abusers
  13. Stop Dog Competitions: Dog Shows, Dog Agility Competitions, Greyhound Racing
  14. Please reverse funding cuts to anti-poaching programs that save elephants (US)
  15. Tell EPA to Ban Large-Scale Mining in the Bristol Bay Watershed!
  16. Tell Secretary Clinton: It's time to lead on climate. Reject Keystone XL.
  17. Reject GMO Crop Riders to House Farm Bill
  18. Tell the EPA to protect our drinking water from toxic chemicals from fracking.
  19. Support Wildlife and the Global Conservation Act (US)
  20. Tell Congress to honor America's best idea (US)
  1. Protest Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Alligator Backpack
  2. Demand Justice for Abandoned Dog
  3. Stop Cruel and Useless Research Experiments on Mice
  4. Protect Craigslist Pets from Slaughter by Charging Rehoming Fees
  5. Don’t Allow South Korea to Hunt Whales
  6. Applaud Plan to Protect California’s Central Valley from Floods
  7. Protect Naturally-Forming New River in Louisiana
  1. City of Namyangju, S. Korea: Close down the illegal "Hell Hole" dog slaughterhouse now!
  2. The Greek Veterinary Society and its Lesvos' branch: Help, rather than boycott, the free neutering of strays on Lesvos, Greece
  3. Wayne County Humane Society: Rescue neglected dogs and puppies in Dalton, OH
  4. Ringling Brothers Circus: Stop inhumane treatment of animals, specifically, this time, the elephants.
  5. CRAIGSLIST: Stop the rehoming/ selling of pets, delete pet section
  6. FaceBook, Inc.: Restore non-profit animal Page's ability to tag; fan's to receive all posts
  7. Del Monte, Purina: Issue a voluntary recall of Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
  8. The environmental ministry of Trinidad and Tobago: take full responsibility and penalization
  9. Chipotle: Stop using bacon in your pinto beans
  10. Wayne Pacelle, President of the HSUS: Include horse tripping under the "End Animal Cruelty & Fighting Campaign"
  11. US Government: Ban Gas Chamber Killings of Shelter Animals Nationwide (US)
  12. The "resting place" for unfortunate dogs in Jackson, AL (US)
  1. Protect Bristol Bay from Destructive Open Pit Mining
  2. Ask President Obama to Save Whales!
  3. Ban the dangerous and unreliable extendible leash in Canada
  5. Get some shadow for tourist attraction coach horses in Vienna, Austria
  6. Justice for 15 Dogs Killed at Macon Animal Shelter
  7. Charge Belfast Council with Animal Cruelty for Lennox
  8. Investigate Kitten Buried Alive in Concrete!
  9. SPCA: Stop euthanizing pit bulls without giving them a chance at life!
  10. NSW and Commonwealth Governments: Legislate to Protect endangered Koalas from Forestry logging.
  11. Support Wildlife and the Global Conservation Act
  12. Demand justice for Thomas the kitten, buried alive in concrete by polygamist LDS church
  13. Tell The Border to ditch Cruel Lobster Killing Game
  14. Demand Louisiana Keep its Promise to Halt Sea Turtle Deaths in Shrimp Nets
  15. Convince Governor Brown to Sign the Leatherback Bill in California
  16. Help Pass California's Leatherback Bill AB 1776 (Fong)
  17. Dogs Allegedly Abandoned and Starved to Death
  18. Strengthen Federal Law to Protect Big Cats
  19. New York: Act Now to Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws
  20. SeaWorld: Stop Dolphin and Whale shows!!!!
  21. Protect the Worlds Forests from Illegal Logging
  22. Improve the Lives of Egg-Laying Hens
  23. Ask Peta to help us shut down cruel magazine!
  24. Idaho: Felony Animal Cruelty Law Leaves Room for Improvement
  25. Help us Save Endangered Atlantic Bluefin Tuna from Extinction
  26. When Children Witness Animal Cruelty
  27. Record poaching drives African elephants into decline.
  28. Don't Flush Tiger Forests
  29. Tell Fish and Wildlife to List Hammerhead Sharks Under CITES at CoP 16
  30. Thank President Obama for Making Rivers a Budget Priority
  31. Declare a Global Sanctuary in the Arctic
  32. Save the Arctic: No to Oil
  33. Protect Polar Bears. Save the Arctic.
  34.   Stand Up for Strong Soot Protections
  35. Philadelphia Governor Pushes Risky Fracking in Delaware River Watershed
  36. Stop the Continued Attacks on the Clean Water Act
  37. Tell the EPA: No Fracking with Diesel
RIP Lennox - July 11, 2012

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