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In loving memory #3

In loving memory #2

RIP 07/10/2012
Previous names of the thread "URGENT - Brooklyn - Staten Island"
- "To Be Destroyed - MONDAY 7/9/12/"
- "TBD Unknown Status - will update ASAP"
RIP 07/10/2012
Previous names of the thread:
"URGENT Dogs MED/LARGE BREEDS at Miami-Dade Animal Services"
"Unknown status"

GONE 07/11/2012

My name is GRAY.  I am a spayed female gray domestic sh mix. The shelter thinks I am about 9 years old. I came in the shelter as a owner surrender on 06/16/2012. Owner surrender reason stated was destructive.
 She came in with her friend that ended in the Safe album.
Her name is Peggy and can be found in the thread from the 1st photo.
RIP 07/11/12
 First and Second photo are from the album "RIP: WE'RE SO SORRY (9)"
Symphony is the girl who is with Sarasota and unfortunately she ended up the same way as her kennel mate :( She can be seen on the "official photo" from Devore, above with Sarasota on the second photo and there is one more pretty picture of her.
RIP 07/11/12
When I was checking Symphony's thread there was still a headline"Devore Medium-Large Urgents: July 11, 2012" but the comments were saying -killed-. I didn't understand so I checked the the previous and next photo and one was already killed, too but there was hope for the other one since no "PTS" comment was made. Early in the morning statuses changed to "RIP: WE'RE SO SORRY (10)" for the other dog, too.
RIP 07/11/12
RIP 07/11/12
This girl came in with a baby (don't know if they were related) who was saved, but unfortunately for this 13 years old dog fate was not so kind :( They only kept her there minimum time and didn't give her the chance to be networked and shared for home and pledges :( Breaks my heart :(
No Name
RIP 07/20/12
 Shame, shame, shame :( Nothing but shame :(
GONE 7/22/12
Someone wrote "Med - large Black and brindle dogs are overlooked by adopters fosters & even rescues unless they are brindle English bulldogs or some other status breed. People should really open their minds & look beyond the color of their fur. This was a great dog... but brindle and a pit. Shame on society!"
My first OC killed dog :( And if I go next and previous it's all small dogs.... small but still not wanted.... OMG.... poor doggies :( And they didn't have enough time to be networked....8 days after his arrival at the shelter he is PTS :(
No Name ~ Sterling
RIP 07/22/12
Previous "Orange County, CA Shelter Dogs, Updated 7/12/12"
Boomer Sooner
RIP 07/10/12
 "We need lots of prayers far and wide for this little man. We rescued him from a 'free to good home" on Craigslist last week. He is parvo neg, VERY wormy, just finished antibiotics for a bacterial infection .... He's a great pup, about 12 weeks old, but hes not thriving .... Seems to be steadily going down hill .... Vet cant figure out whats wrong ... He's so desperate iin hi eyes for help, but he cant tell me what he needs .... Pray for Boomer please!"
"*Final Update* Boomer had a pretty good weekend, he walked around more, seemed to be eating a little better (only what was hand fed of course.) He actually came to me last night for a quick rub down and snuggle time. This morning when I came down the stairs, he was laying on his pillow, when he saw me he wagged his tail as if to say "Good morning Mama." He was one of the sweetest puppies I ever had the privilege to share my life with. I came back from running some errands and things were different, he was breathing different. Almost like a whine in every breath. I got down on the floor with him and asked if he was done fighting and he turned his full body away from me. It was as if to say that I insulted him for thinking about giving up. He couldn't get comfortable, sitting, standing, or even laying down were too difficult for him to breath. I promised him that I would never let him suffer ... so off to the vet we went. His breathing was more labored by the time we got to the vet. They did an abdominal x-ray at my request. I just couldn't wrap my head around distemper, he didn't have the signs. When the doctor came in to show me the slides, I could tell it wasn't good. There was a HUGE mass where his liver should be. She said the mass was more than likely his liver and it was just that enlarged that you couldn't make out the design of it. His diaphragm was pushed with his stomach into his lungs which is why his breathing had become so labored. Do you know he came back from those x-rays still walking on his own and wagging his tail when he saw me? The doctor and I stepped to the next room to look at the slides and talk, the prognosis was not good at all. She said hepatitis or possible cancer. But his liver was too enlarged to do any further testing and he was only 14 weeks old. She recommended that we humanely send him to the Rainbow Bridge. I went back into the room with Boomer, laid down on the floor with him and asked him again if he still wanted to fight or was he done, with tears in both of our eyes, he laid his head on my cheek ... I knew then that he was ready to go. I told him how much I loved him and how much we all loved him. In 2 -3 weeks, Boomer had been given more dignity and love than he had in the previous weeks of his life. He didn't even have a name when Britanni found him on Craigslist, "free to good home." He lived on a 4x4 concrete porch and was fed from the ground, no bowl, just a handful of food thrown on the ground. We were honored to show him love and be allowed to share in his short little life. He learned his name and how to use a puppy pad all within a 24 hour period. He was an amazing baby. So amazing apparently that his picture got almost 100 shares in a weeks time. I held him in my arms mixing my tears with his as he was given the freedom to run and play with the other pups who were waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge. I gave him some names of great contacts to look for, especially when he needed an extra belly rub or snuggle. It's amazing how your life can be touched so deeply and so intensely by a fur baby you knew for only 2 -3 weeks. Kindred Spirits is what my mama would say ... I love you Boomer ... I can't wait to see you again!!!"

This cat went to safe album once he was pulled by Empty Cages Collective. Than I accidentally went back to this page and saw he passed away.
RIP 07/04/112
NYC Urgent Cats - Krystal, we are sorry to say that Maury didn't make it. He was holding on, fighting and then it seems the sepsis got worse. The veterinarians were concerned that infection was travelling into Maury's body from his severe wound so they advised closing it surgically. Maury came through that procedure just fine. But then it seems the sepsis just took hold of him and he began having problems breathing. The doctors advised that Maury was suffering and that they were certain that they were not going to be able to make him better.
We are so sorry Maury and wish you could have been saved. Rest well sweet angel.

1st photo can be found here and here
From the albums "May / June 2012 - Old Pleas and First Alerts" by NYC Urgent Cats
(Previously called album "First Alerts: Injured and/or Ill in Need of Medical Care")
and "Wall Photos" by Empty Cages Collective

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