Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rescue I like a lot

I bookmarked this photo to keep the track on news and updates.

Pensacola, FL ~ BADLY NEGLECTED MALE LHASA APSO NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER. He was picked up by Animal Control June 18 and is at Escambia Co. Animal Services [...]
This Dog Deserves TLC!! He has lived tied 24/7 to this wire crate, no shelter, no water today, has bad eyes, bad shave down and/or skin condition. He was left out during the historic rains we had last weekend. My heart broke when I saw him. [...]

Link @ Wall Photos

Then there was this comment from a woman "OK! We are going to pull this guy and bring him to Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, FL. There is another one in similar shape as well [...]" - June 26

The same woman posted again "UPDATE! I HAVE HIM" - June 27; with the following album and photos in it.

This is where I was found. CHAINED to this crate and I had to depend on it for shelter during those horrific rain storms a few weeks back. I was rescued, my owners "surrendered" me, was taken to a shelter where I stayed a week. Alaqua Animal Refuge took me in and a very nice lady transported and groomed me. I am grateful! They have named me Conan! I am in need of a sponsor for my care, I am safe at Alaqua Animal Refuge.
This is Conan before grooming.
This is Conan after grooming! Look at my beautiful eyes!
I was dumped inside of a kennel at a kill shelter. I am only about 5 pounds and so full of life! My skin hurts and I am grateful for those who stepped up to help me. This is my before photo! They have named me Tiny!
This is Tiny's before. Tiny is in need of a sponsor for his care, but is safe at Alaqua Animal Refuge. After photos to come... thank you Cindy Hunter and staff!
Tiny's after photo!

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