Friday, July 6, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Stop Elephant abuse for processions and begging-blessings in India
  2. Stop the creation of a company dried shark fins in Arico, Tenerife
  3. Please Replace the Use of Live Animals in the Medical Student Surgery Clerkship
  4. Please End the Use of Live Animals in Hartford Hospital's ATLS Courses
  5. Please End the Use of Live Animals in UMMC's Physiology Lab
  6. Please End the Use of Pigs in the UTCOM Chattanooga Medical Student Curriculum
  7. For those who want to send a letter to the Universities visit this link and you will find their email address: Medical School Curricula with Live Animal Laboratories
  8. Demand an Escape Hatch for Trapped Sea Turtles
  9. We need to protect the "tigers of the sea" before it's too late
  10. Send a note of thanks on behalf of Manitoba’s woodland caribou (email address is only required)
  11. End bear farming online petition
  12. Tainted Water – Help us reveal the RAW truth
    One of the most important sources of drinking and recreational water in the United States is ringed by the most intensive chicken factory farming on the planet. As a result it is under threat of pollution. Please take action today.
  13. Animal Agriculture Must Do Its Share to Protect Our Waters
  14. Speak out to help protect a giant fish
  15. No 'Pet' Cockatoo on 'The Voice', Please!
  16. Save greyhounds from cruel export!
  18. Ban Tiger Trade
  19. Stand up for National Parks (US)
  20. Stop Monsanto's Sneak Attack on Organic & Non-GMO Farmers! (US)
  21. Help Us Send Two Million Letters Supporting Limits to Carbon Pollution! (US)
  22. Stop House Proposal to Disenfranchise Communities and Contaminate Our Water (US)
  1. Kiwanis Club of Olmsted Falls, OH and trustees of Olmsted Township, OH: Ban traveling circuses for good, including July 14 and 15 event
  2. ¡¡¡ No al SECADERO DE ALETAS DE TIBURÓN en Tenerife !!!
    (Stop drying shark fins in Tenerife!)
  3. Stop Halter Horse Abuse at The Egyptian Event
  4. US Fish and Wildlife Service; Avian Power Line Interaction Committee: Make the Avian Protection Plan mandatory
  5. Marine life is in danger : Save Ram Setu - Naresh Kadyan
  1. Stop the Construction of Roads in Santa Fe Forests
  2. Support Program Allowing Maryland Inmates to Train Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans
  3. Stop the Cruel and Unnecessary Killing of Coyotes in Nova Scotia
  4. Protect Undercover Farm Investigations in Missouri
  5. Defend Endangered West Coast Marten
  6. Tell PETCO to Stop Selling Wild-Caught Fish as Pets
  7. Tell Amazon to Stop Using Coal to Power Technology
  8. Stop Petroleum Industry From Paying Federal Regulators
  9. California: Floundering State Park System Needs Long-Term Funding Solutions
  10. Stop Oil Exploration On Local California Farms
  1. Stop Yahoo! From Profiting Off Illegal Whale Meat
  2. No 'Pet' Cockatoo on 'The Voice'!
  3. 25 Ways to Save Big Cats
  4. Stop Breeding White Tigers
  5. Protect Endangered Florida Panther
  6. Help Save the Amur Leopard
  7. Tell China - Save the Siberian Tiger
  8. Baby Bear Nastia must be saved!
  9. Protect Severely Threatened Dwarf Seahorse Habitat
  10. Protect America's Wolves!
  11. Protect America's Wolves! (2nd Petition)
  12. Don't Let Animal Abusers Off With Just a Fine!
  13. Protect East Coast Whales from Extinction
  14. Ban Seal-Unfriendly Salmon in the U.S.!
  15. Tell United Airlines To Say No To Shipping Research Animals
  16. Mandatory Spay/Neuter Program for Pet Owners
  17. North Dakota Needs Tougher Animal Cruelty Laws
  18. Ringling Brothers Circus Ban
  19. Put an end to Bear Bear baiting
  20. Save the Blue Whales!
  21. Free California's Sea Otters!
  22. Standardize Military Pet Policies

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