Friday, July 13, 2012

News & Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Good News for Tigers! Top Canadian Buyer Drops Rainforest Paper Supplier
    Major Canadian office supplier White Paper Co. is severing ties with Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) because of its links to rainforest destruction. APP is the subject of a global campaign by Greenpeace for its involvement in illegal logging and devastation of endangered Sumatran tiger habitat.
  2. Repentant Bullfighter Turns into Animal Rights Activist
  3. Carr says South Korea dropped whaling plan
    Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr says a South Korean official told him scientific whaling won't go ahead.
  4. Animal testing isn't just an ethical problem – let's invest in safer methods
    More experiments are being carried out on animals, despite genetic, biochemical and physiological differences with humans.
  5. End of Species - Saving the last mountain gorillas in a country at war
    A new civil war has begun in eastern Congo. On Sunday July 8th, much of Virunga National Park was overrun by rebel units. All ranger families have been evacuated. 40 rangers have remained behind to protect the park and a family of orphaned mountain gorillas that live at the station. They need your help.
  6. Ray Greek MD, Annalea Pippus JD and Larry Hansen MD have published their article "The Nuremberg Code subverts human health and safety by requiring animal modeling" in the journal BMC Medical Ethics. The provisional .pdf is available at:
  1. DO NOT buy animals from the Internet & Pet Shops
  2. Stop killing feral cats in Switzerland
  3. Scarecrow dogs - Expose Bulgaria's dirty little secret
  4. Withdraw the slaughter, stripping, gutting and cooking of wild animals from all courses provided by "Thrills and Skills for life".
  5. Scoping Comments on McCullough Peaks Bait Trap Wild Horse Removal
  6. Stop the Operation "Noah's Ark"!
    We are dismayed to learn that the Namibian government is planning to capture and export 148 wild animals in a national park to Cuba. We will therefore ask you to stop the capture of African wild animals in captivity for the entertainment and all the animals that may have been caught already, to release them.
  7. Urge Air China to Stop Shipping Monkeys to Laboratories!
  8. Leaked Video: Live Goats' Legs Cut Off With Tree Trimmers
  9. IKEA: Stop destroying Russia’s remaining ancient forests
  10. Stop Illegal Logging (US)
  1. Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO): Stop India's first mega dairy in Andhra Pradesh
  2. Animals & Humans Need Rights!
  3. Lexington Avenue Brewery, 39 North Lexington Avenue, Asheville, NC: Take cruel and environmentally devastating foie gras off the menu for good!
  4. Dogs are family members too!
  5. Mayor of Giurgiu: To get involved and stop the attacks on a dog shelter and its volunteers
    NO to hunting wild boars with spears!
  7. Director of Recreation, UNF Campus Recreation: Adopt a Policy Disallowing Wild Animal Acts to Perform on Campus.
  8. US Federal Government/President Obama, Representatives & Senators: Prevent Breed Specific Legislation in the United States
  9. Save Blue the pit bull
  10. USDA: Stop Online Puppy Mills
  1. Praise Urban Decay Cosmetics for Remaining Cruelty-Free
  2. Ban Inbreeding of White Tigers
  3. Help Expedite Veteran’s Adoption of Bomb-Sniffing Dog
  4. Encourage Apple to Keep Its Products Green
  1. The Wildlife Trade & Animal Abuse - Tiger Temple - Behind the Cloak of Buddha
  2. Gov. Perdue: Veto Bills that Harm North Carolina's Environment
  3. Bring Back America's Biggest Cat: Jaguar Sighting
  4. Stop euthanizing animals in shelters - Dogs have the right to live
  5. Pass an Ordinance to Ban the Retail Sales of Canines and Felines
  6. Stop Using Pigs at University of Mississippi
  7. Support HR 2492-Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act
  8. Prevent Breed Specific Legislation in the United States
  9. Stop Livestock Grazing in Wolf Recovery Area
  10. Ban Gas Chamber in Shelters in Ohio: Stop the use of gas chambers to destroy innocent animals.
  11. Prosecute Owner of Pit Bulls that Attacked Defenseless Pony
  12. Wild African animals in tiny Cuban zoo!
  13. The Lennox Law Petition.
  14. Save Blue the pit bull
  15. Jackson County Animal Control/Shelter: Give Tiki back to her owners.
  16. Stop Modells from selling Michael Vick's new product line
  17. Adopt a Policy Disallowing Wild Animal Acts to Perform on Campus.
  18. Trupanion: Pay Medical Expenses for a special needs animal companion, Molly.
  19. Ban the killing of Pit bulls in all USA states
  20. How Safe Is Your Cookware?
  21. Don't Let the American Kennel Club Pander to Puppy Mill Interests
  22. Pass a Federal law making Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) illegal
  23. Shelters should stop putting innocent animals asleep
  24. Urge U.S. House Committees to Oppose Cruel Act!
  25. Database of State Greyhound Disciplinary Rulings
  26. Tell Presidio Club to Take Foie Gras OFF the Menu.
  27. Houston, We Have a Problem
  28. You're Invited to H-Couture
  29. The HSUS Issues Statement on End of Invasive Chimpanzee Research Program at Maryland Lab
  30. Mirage in Las Vegas: The Dolphin Death Pool
  31. Stop Animal Experiments in UK
  32. Lennox is gone, but questions and outrage remain
  33. C&C of Honolulu Mayor: Stop all commercial uses at Kailua Beach Park not considered by 1996 EA
  34. IFAW rescuers in India are fighting to save an elephant calf.
  35. Dirty gold mine is leaving Peruvians high and dry
  36. Save the Majestic Alligator Snapping Turtle!
  37. Save the Boreal Forest and Caribou
  38. Save our Oceans and Marine Wildlife

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