Thursday, July 5, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Save the animals in the zoo of Riyad (confirmation needed)
  2. Navy to deafen 15,900 whales and dolphins and kill 1,800 more
  3. HELP! Preserve the historic Barmah Brumbies in their Forest
  5. Teens Who Set Puppy on Fire must Receive Maximum Penalty
  6. Governor Cuomo: Don't rush fracking through after only listening to one side. Listen to the people -- not just the frackers.
  7. Take Sick Circus Elephants Off the Road
  1. Help Stop Abuse At Malaysian Bird Park
  2. P.M. of Malaysia: Close Down The Atrocious Perlis Bird Park
    Perlis Bird Park is still open. Worse, few days ago we heard many exotic birds here have died, or maybe they were stolen, nobody knows. Please sign and share these two existing petitions below to keep the pressure on to close down this horrible zoo...
  3. Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH): Release the Rockville 15 to a chimpanzee sanctuary
  4. Belfast City Council: Let Lennox go home to his family or let him come live in the United States
  5. Director of "Rio" and co-founder of Blue Sky Studios: Please do more to save and protect spix macaws from extinction
  6. The AVMA panel on euthanasia: Make Animal Gas Chambers unacceptable as a method of Euthanasia.
  7. Bomb dogs are soldiers too....
  8. Rat busters NYC: Stop Rat Busters NYC
  10. "Tracks Across Africa" on Outdoor Channel supports the killing of Endangered Species
  11. Stop Lab-Ratting
  12. Cease Selling Ol' Roy dog food
  13. Animal Lovers Everywhere! Help K9 for Love Animal Shelter to Remain Open
  14. Trader Joe's: stop using BPA cans for their delicious dog food
  15. Prohibit Exotic Pets!
  16. California State Prison: Allow prisoners to care for rescued animals from shelters
  17. Garuda Indonesia Airlines: Stop transporting Dolphins as Cargo for circus shows.
  18. Pine Bluff Animal Control Breed Specific Legislation: Ban the B.S.L.
  19. Northeastern Illinois University: Allow the ducks to live on the school grounds
  20. Outlaw shock collars: Outlaw the use of shock collars to train animals.
  21. ACC/New York area killing too many animals a massacre: Allow each and every animal time for a new home not just 2 hours
  22. Lancome Cosmetics and Skincare: Stop the use of animal testing on their products
  23. Coffee County, Tennessee Legislature: Change the current policies regarding euthanasia of strays
  24. Collier County Board of Commissioners: Consider NO-KILL for Domestic Animal Services Shelter
  25. Leash free area dogs Federation Park
  26. VA State Government: Change the way the VA Board of Veterinarians Review cases.
  27. Stop the Abuse in the show ring!!
  29. Þingmenn Alþingis Íslendinga: Tryggið að frumvarpið verði ekki að lögum í óbreyttri mynd
  30. LL Bean Company
  31. Two Endangered Tamarins Die on Continental Cargo Flight
  32. Prime Minister John Key and the New Zealand Government : Stop shark finning in New Zealand waters and ban the trade of all shark fin products.
  33. We love P&G Product but...
  34. Jerry Brown: Make a protected place for San Francisco Garter Snakes
  35. Stop poaching for the better
  36. Governor of Maryland: Reverse the Maryland Court of Appeals ruling concerning Pit Bulls.
  37. Angel was killed in vein
  38. The Jockey Club: Implement policies to protect the horses they register. 
  39. Easter-dog-toss: To issue a public apology
  40. PEACHES AND LOCO: Save my dogs and i also don't have 2,600 to pay owner.
  41. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Allow Arizona's bald eagles on the endanger list!
  42. WestBranch Lake: NON Motorized Activities
  43. City of Ellisville: Stop discrimination against bully breed dogs
  44. The United States Forest Service: Do not blow up the cows!
  45. Justice For Bodi
  46. Περιφερειάρχη, Περιφέρεια Βορείου Αιγαίου: Δικαιοσύνη για τη Λίζα! Να εφαρμοστεί ο Νόμος 4039/2012!
    Regional Director, Region of North Aegean: Justice for Lisa! Implement the Law 4039/2012!
  47. Municipalidad de Córdoba: Juntos para abolir la tracción a sangre
  48. Give Trio maximum jail sentence & ban her from owning animals in the future!
  49. Save The Monk Seals
  50. Bloomfield Board of Health, Mayor McCarthy, Bloomfield Town Council: Return ALL volunteers to the Bukowski Animal Shelter
  51. R.Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Prime Minister: Stop the inhumane treatment of animals specifically dogs
  52. Albuquerque Pet Co.: Stop making animals live in inhumane areas before bought!
  53. No Breed Specific Legislation
  54. Inhumane Practices at Flea Markets
  55. Viacom: Stop airing Nuclear Energy Institute's pro-nuclear power advertisement. (US)
  56. The President of the United States: Seize the domain or pull the website offline and charge those responsible. (US)
  57. The Governor of KY: change law number (KRS 258.235) (US)
  58. The Governor of GA: Find REBA's Murderer (US)
  59. NC Spay Neuter Law (US)
  60. The Governor of NC: Amend Chapter 14 - Article 47 to include unattended animal in a vehicle (US)
  1. Animals Matter to Me
  2. Protect America's Wolves!
  3. Plastic In Dog Food: Recall Underway
  4. Clean Up Christmas Island
  5. No Horse Slaughter in the United States!
  6. Fayette County: Act on the neglect and abuse by pressing charges against the family!
  7. Ban Disposable Plastic Bags
  8. Demand Justice for Puppy Mill Cruelty
  9. Shoot down NT 'trophy hunt' plans
  10. Pledge to Never Bet on Cruelty
  11. Urge Hungry Jack's to Go Cage-Free
  12. Make the Avian Protection Plan mandatory
  13. Pink River Dolphins Are Not Fish Food!
  14. Protect Whooping Cranes
  15. Puppy killed by slab of cement while sleeping in Washington, D.C.24 hours a day: (202) 723-5730.
  16. Help end experiments on primates
  17. Protect Military Dogs for a Lifetime!
  18. OH: Ban traveling circuses for good, including July 14 and 15 event
  19. Tennessee teens charged in brutal torture of a puppy
  20. End the Cruel Canadian Seal Hunt
  21. Tell Cabot Creamery to Stop Mutilating Cows!
  22. Liberen a Guacho Todos Somos Guacho
  23. Justice for Monkey
  24. Maximum Sentence for Dog Killer, Herlinda Trigo
  25. People's Republic of China: Stop the Unnecessary Testing of Cosmetics on Animals
  26. Stop NSW legalising duck shooting
  27. Australia PitBull lovers that say NO to BSL laws!
  28. Replace plastic cups with recycled paper cups. Discontinue plastic cups.
  29. Thank the Obama administration for protecting the Grand Canyon
  30. Deutsche Bank - Stop supporting Rainforest Destruction
  31. Save Yosemite from toxic mining
  32. Create 12 New Marine Protected Areas
  33. Save the last orangutan refuge
  34. Protect the Caribou and Boreal Forest

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