Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Urge Trader Joe’s to sell only meat raised without antibiotics
  2. Please End the Running of the Bulls
  3. Do not increase turtle take in the Hawaii Longline Swordfish Fishery (NOAA-NMFS-2012-0068)
  4. Save the Last Ocean
  5. My values in the RMPs for Western Oregon
  6. Conduct a full environmental review of the revised Keystone XL application
  7. Colorado Roadless Forest Again Threatened by Bulldozers, Coal Mine
  8. Vote Bison - Elect our National Mammal (US)

  9. Horse Tripping Is NOT Entertaining ~ Take Action NOW.
    • Oregon Residents AND Non-Residents, CLICK HERE to contact Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. Please convey your thoughts on Horse Tripping, and ask that a BAN on Horse Tripping be Legislated in the State of Oregon.
    • The Governors FAX number is 503-378-6827.  Remember FAXES RULE.
    • CLICK HERE to send FREE FAXES from your Computer. You do NOT need a Fax Machine. You do NOT need a Credit Card. Just be sure to Confirm the Email that you receive after sending the FAX, so it will be delivered.
    • Oregon RESIDENTS, CLICK HERE to find your State Legislators. Scroll down a little bit below your Federal Legislators, and you will see your OREGON STATE LEGISLATORS.  Call, Email, and if there is a fax number – FAX.
    • Please convey your views on horse tripping and request that a Ban on Horse Tripping be Legislated in the State of Oregon IMMEDIATELY.
  1. Stop Elephant Cruelty at Ringling Bros. Circus
  2. North Dakota Needs Tougher Animal Cruelty Laws
  3. Protect Severely Threatened Dwarf Seahorse Habitat
  4. Tell United Airlines To Say No To Shipping Research Animals
  5. Stop Yahoo! From Profiting Off Illegal Whale Meat
  6. Protect East Coast Whales from Extinction
  7. ASPCA Gives Donor Money to Poultry Farm
  8. Stop the Construction of Roads in Santa Fe Forests
  9. Federal Court Ruling Favors Curb on Climate Pollution
  1. Mayor of Ottawa - Jim Watson: Stop the trapping of beaver in the City of Ottawa
  2. Help get more animals out of animal control into foster homes
  3. Demand Justice for Puppy Mill Cruelty
  1. Help Protect Northern Spotted Owls
  2. Urge Lutsk Zoo reunite Nastia bear cub with mum
  3. Stop Endangering Grizzly Bears
  5. Stop Export Permits for Macaws
  6. Shoot down NT 'trophy hunt' plans
  7. Help end experiments on primates
  8. Don't Drown out Dolphins' Voices
  9. Tell Prime Minister Gillard to put more effort into prevention of animal extinction!
  10. Statewide Greyhound Adoption Ads in Florida!
  11. Shut down Facebook page of the artist Iris Schieferstein!
  12. Help Save Endangered Belugas from Big Oil's Airgun Attack!
  13. Man Cuts Dogs Throat to Get His Girlfriends Attention Please Give Him Max Sentence!
  15. Justice for Monkey
  16. Help end experiments on primates
  17. Help me put 4th time dog abuser away-PLEASE SIGN! WE NEED TO STOP HIM!
  18. Protect the last American Wild Horses and the public lands in the West.
  19. People power saves QLD turtles and dugongs
  20. Accept the attached proposed Dissolution Plan for Braveheart Rescue, Inc.
  21. Kentucky Fried Cruelty
  22. Save Sea Turtles from Longline Fishing
  23. Stop the Abuse
  24. Demand Justice for Puppy Mill Cruelty
  25. Be a Hero for Hens
  26. [URGENT] Please don't send us to Toxicity Experiments!
  27. WENDY'S - MCDONALD'S - BURGER KING: Replace plastic cups with recycled paper cups. Discontinue plastic cups.
  28. Urge Costco to say no to dirty gold

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