Monday, July 30, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

Do you support culling flying fox colonies when hendra is a recurring danger to a community?
  • Yes
  • No
  • No but I support colony relocation
  1. Save the wolves! (confirmation needed)
  2. Leaving a dog is an inhumane act. do not do it (confirmation needed)
  3. Testing of cats with eyes sewn. just torture (confirmation needed)
  4. We close the brothels of animals in Denmark (confirmation needed)
  5. No trade in ivory, endangered animals
    (confirmation needed)
  6. Exemplary punishment for a barbarian act  in AJACCIO (confirmation needed)
  7. Tuzla, Bosnia
  8. Stop Baboons being Killed in the Cape Peninsula.
  9. Stop Animal Experiments at Cardiff University.
  10. I’m writing to let you know that I’m strongly opposed to the proposed “Raven” coal mine on Vancouver Island.
  11. Urge the USDA to close the loophole for Internet puppy sellers
  12. Tell Trader Joe's to commit to antibiotic-free meat (US)
  14. Tell Monsanto: Endorse California's Proposition 37, Require GMO food labeling
  15. Boycott Beef to Save America's Wolves and Wild Horses
  1. Maharashtra Forest Minister: Secure freedom for Sunder, an abused elephant, and send him to a sanctuary
  2. UK Prime Minister: Stop veterinary negligence and malpractice
  3. Detener la ilegal Pelea de Caballos en Filipinas/Stop horse fighting in Philippines
  5. Regierung und Politiker in Frankreich und Spanien: Endgültiges Verbot von Stierkämpfen
  6. Criminalize Animal Abuse!
  7. Iowa Government: Stop backyard breeding in the state of Iowa
  8. Stop feeding dogs deceased dog parts
  9. Michael Vick: Donate profits from your clothing line to the American Humane Association.
  10. Skaist Taylor: Please Go Fur-Free!
  11. Canadian Federal Government: Protect the Woodland Caribou and their habitat, the Boreal Forest.
  12. FAO: Elected officials of EVERY Country with Breed Specific Legislation: END Breed Specific Legislation in its entirety, judge deed NOT breed
  13. Ringling Bros Circus, Staples Center: Fire Joe Frisco, head elephant handler
  14. The Chinese Government: Stop keeping emaciated tigers for their blood to make wine.
  15. STOP Bullock cart races in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  16. Queremos que no hayan más becerradas en Algemesí (Valencia, España)
  17. The Vicktory Dogs: The Little Engines That Will: Do not adopt a dog to Michael Vick
  18. President de les Illes Balears: Stop the cruel Corridas in Mallorca now!
  19. Tate and Lyle Sugars: Stop importing sugar from land-grabbers in Cambodia and compensate victims.
  20. Reinforce Pennsylvania Animal Cruelty Laws: Save the Frackville Fifteen (US)
  1. Save the Irrawaddy Dolphins from the Dangers of Fishing in the Mekong River
  2. Zoo Must Ramp Up Safety After Gorilla’s Tragic Death
  3. Put Kennel Owner that Drowns Puppies Out of Business
  4. Save Louisiana Wetlands from Illegal Construction Projects
  5. End Elephant Tourism in Thailand
  6. Dog Killing Is Out Of Control: Demand New Management At Georgia Shelter
  7. Something’s in the Water: Protect South Florida’s Caloosahatchee River
  8. Save Rare River Dolphin from Imminent Extinction
  9. Demand Protection for Rare Tennessee Crayfish
  10. Tell the Army to Stop Using Ferrets for Training
  11. Don’t Allow Hunting of Endangered Antelope
  12. Urge Trader Joe’s to Only Sell Antibiotic-Free Meat
  13. Save Protected California River Delta from Canal Project
  14. Urge Jamba Juice to Stop Using Styrofoam
  15. Ban Plastic Bags in Favor of Reusable Bags
  16. Don’t Allow Loopholes for Genetically Modified Crops
  1. Save Dre, a Pit Bull in Brighton, CO who has NEVER hurt anyone!
  2. Stop Sloth Bear Torture in India
  3. Stop the Somerset Badger Cull!
  4. Stricter penalties for animal cruelty
  5. Stop the mockery of animals!
  6. Stop Pet Shops selling Kittens and Puppies, in Australia
  7. Tell New York to Stop Importing Shark Fins
  8. Change the Law - Don't Take My Dog
  9. Stop Hunting Lynx in Europe
  10. Free Sunder the Elephant!
  11. Revoke Bear Parks License to Exhibit Bears
  12. Stop Pitbull Discrimination!
  13. USDA: Support Alternatives to Meat!
  14. Keep the Ban on Elephant Ivory
  15. Coca Cola supports animal abuse! Help stop this!
  16. No More Animal Cruelty For Art!
  17. Feral Colonies
  18. Save Australia's Coral Sea
  19. Demand the AVMA back off its proposed policy against raw feeding of domestic cats and dogs
  20. Demand the Australian Government End Puppy Factories in Australia
  21. Demand the Killing of Whales to Stop
  22. Stop Rodeos
  23. Ban Sugar Gliders as Pets in U.S.
  24. Stop Killing Wolves in Finland - 135 Left
  25. Save Golden Eagles From Marine Aircraft!
  26. UKC, Allow ADBA and AKC American Staffordhire Terriers and APBTs BACK in your registry!!!!
  27. BC - Please opt out of EAEA and take back right for provincial review of major projects

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