Thursday, July 12, 2012

Petitions To Stop The Dog And Cat Consumption In S. Korea!

petitions of the main page (source) can change.
check them from time to time ...

  1. The Petition To Stop The Brutal Torture Of Dogs And Dog Meat Consumption In South Korea!
  2. City of Namyangju, S. Korea: Close down the illegal "Hell Hole" dog slaughterhouse now!
  3. Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!
  4. Boycott Hyundai/Kia, Samsung, LG until S. Korea bans the dog and cat torture and consumption
  5. Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim: Stop promoting dog meat as cancer treatment aid and prevention!
  6. Boycott S. Korea! Dogs are part of family. Not Food!
  7. Boycott S. Korea until they stop the torturing and eating companion animals
  8. South Korea: Stop the brutal torture of dogs and dog meat consumption
  9. South Korea : Stop the miserable lives & tortured death of dogs and cats
  10. South Korea: Please stop the torture and consumption of dogs and cats
  11. South Korea: Stop Animal Abuse in South Korea
  12. Petition to request maximum punishment for the scumbag that dragged a dog to death in S. Korea:
    S. Korean Police: Reopen the case of a man who dragged a beagle to death!
  13. Petition to request maximum punishment for the monster who burned a dog alive in Gimje, S. Korea:
    Punish the man who burned a dog alive & strengthen S. Korea's Animal Protection Laws
  14. Deliver maximum punishment for the monk responsible for Jang-goon’s death:
    Director of Animal Welfare: Deliver Maximum Punishment for Animal Cruelty
  15. Petition: Stop The Torture And Consumption Of Dogs And Cats In South Korea
  16. Stop the dog meat trade in Korea
  17. Ban dog meat and cat soup in Korea
  18. Save Cats and Dogs in South Korea from Brutal Deaths
  19. Email writing campaign – Please help end the dog meat trade in S. Korea!
  21. Letter to Director of Animal Welfare, Kyo-Young, Seo to enforce Korea’s Animal Protection Law! (Scroll down for the English text):  서규용 농림수산식품부 장관님께 
Petitions in Spanish (Español):

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