Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another great rescue

This dog had no name until rescue group stepped in. Now she's named Asha Attie.

July 9 - We received an urgent email late last night from one of our East Valley Shelter advocates. They have a Shih Tzu who just gave birth 3 days ago to four puppies and they need rescuing immediately. The mama is covered in fleas and her fur is so matted, the pups are having a hard time finding her nipples to nurse. The shelter is also seriously concerned they'll get sick because of all the illnesses that are present in the shelter. Unfortunately, she is not available until the the next day - July 10.

Asha Attie and pups the moment we got them out of the shelter.
She's so sweet and such a good mama!

Asha means Hope/Life
Attie means Strength of a Bear
Asha Attie and family awaiting her grooming at Animal Medical Center. She was all smiles and very curious about all the people walking by.

Asha crawled out of the cage to say hello to everyone waiting to meet her at Animal Medical Center.
It took more than 90 minutes for Animal Medical Center's groomer to shave Asha. She was completely matted from head to toe and Asha was so sweet and patient throughout it.
Asha reunited with her babies with her new hair-do!
The Attie Pups! 4 days old. Each weigh 7 ounces!

Amia Attie - beloved
Carina Attie - beloved
Wyatt Attie
- strength
Emmett Attie - strong


I received a text from one of the awesome vet tech's at Animal Medical Center today. Asha and the Attie clan are doing really well. Asha is the best little mommy and taking great care of her babies. She's an absolute sweetie and everyone is in love with her.

They finished her spa day and completed her look with a little bow in her hair. Very appropriate indeed :-)

Photo album of them is here - The Attie Family!
Rescued by Bill Foundation

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