Thursday, October 11, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/11

  1. Stop Killing Animals in Cruel Military Training Exercises
  2. Close Mercado de San Bernabe in Mexico!
  3. Say NO to ivory
  4. Help save the beloved clownfish from habitat and species destruction at the hands of global warming.
  5. Protect Canada’s Species at Risk!
    If you’re concerned about the future of Canada’s endangered species, speak up now, before any changes are made to the federal Species at Risk Act.
  6. Help protect Greater Yellowstone's grizzly bears!
  7. It's time to phase out winter feeding on National Elk Refuge
  8. Tell the Army Corps: Stand Up to Cargill and Protect our Bay
    TAKE ACTION and tell the Army Corps of Engineers to protect San Francisco Bay to the full extent of the law.
  1. Repair Leaky Sewage Systems in Miami-Dade, Florida
  2. Stop Tanzania From Selling 100 Tons of Ivory
  3. Applaud Owner of Dairy Farm for Firing Workers Upon Animal Abuse Allegations
  4. Ban Wild-Animal Circuses From the City of Boston
  5. Applaud Cost Rica for Progressive Hunting Ban
  6. Applaud Green Mountain Coffee’s Plan to End Hunger for Coffee Growers
  7. Save Maryland’s Ten Mile Creek from Excessive Development
  8. Commend Australia for Opening Its First Utility-Level Solar Power Plant
  1. RESULTS: New York State Senator David J. Valesky: Sponsor legislation to strengthen NYS law for neglected companion animals
    Hello Everyone! I am pleased to announce that Senator Valesky has responded to our petition and has agreed to co-sponsor legislation that will allow those charged with neglect to be charged with a felony under the penal law! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this petition and the plight for all animals that have been abused or neglected, including Grace. Please read Senator Valesky’s message below.
    "Thank you for contacting me to express your support for a law that would create harsher penalties for animal abusers. I am aware of Grace’s story, and as a dog owner myself, I am sickened. I had the opportunity to meet with members of the Cuse Pit Crew, and indicated that I would be supportive of changing the law to increase penalties against anyone who neglects or abuses a companion animal. I am pleased to report that legislation has already been introduced (S.6730/A.9917) that would accomplish our common goal— allowing individuals charged with neglect, including failure to provide medical care, to be charged with a felony under the penal law. I have signed on as a co-sponsor of this legislation. I will join you in advocating for passage of this legislation in the upcoming 2013 legislative session which will begin in January. Again, thank you for bringing attention to this important issue, and feel free to contact my office if you have any questions."
    Sincerely, David J. Valesky State Senator
  2. Halt the Central Coastal California Seismic Imaging Project
  3. The Meadows Condo Association in Sewell, N.J.: Not gas resident geese who have been living on our ponds for many years.
  4. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Stop Oscar nomination of Spanish bullfighting movie
  5. NYPD: Discipline officers for shooting a homeless man's dog.
  6. NSW Premier Mr Barry O'Farrell: BAN Wild Animal Circuses in Australia
  7. ASPRO: Stop Buying Dolphins from Taiji, Japan
  8. David Cameron: Bring in Charlie's law
  9. Metropolitan Nashville City Council and Metro Board of Parks and Recreation: Shelby Dog Park Lighting
  10. Kelly Ripa: Stop using blanket statements about pitbull type dogs on national TV.
  11. Humane Society of Central Texas-Waco 2032 Circle Road, Waco 254-754-1454: STOP KILLING ALL "PIT TYPE DOGS" because they are older than six months
  12. Sign a petition stating that my parents small dog is not a nuisance
  13. Save the biodiversity and animal rights!: Convenzione biodiversità e tutela diritti animali
    no hunting on ANY OTHER DAY!!
  15. A los Mcdonald's de toda España: Que cambien las condiciones de vida de los animales.
    McDonald's in Spain: they change the lives of animals.
  16. Pantene: que dejen de utilizar y matar animales para experimentar su shampoo
    Pantene: stop using and killing animals to experiment your shampoo
  17. A los legisladores de las Camaras de Diputados en México: La prohibición de los circos con animales en todo el País
    Legislators in the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico: The ban on animal circuses throughout the country
  18. Gobierno Español: Pena de Carcel para los maltratadores de animales
    Spanish Government: prison sentences for animal abusers
  19. President Obama: Remove Ken Salazar for his position as Secretary of the Interior
  20. monsieur HOLLANDE: arréter le massacre de pauvres animaux
    Mr. HOLLAND: stop the killing of poor animals
  21. US President Barack Obama: Speak up against illegal logging and related deaths in Cambodia
  22. Disqualify ArtPrize Entry, "The Chase"
  23. Canadian Pacific Railway & Parks Canada: Do more to prevent bear deaths along the CP Railway in Banff National Park
  24. Enrico Rossi, Governatore della Regione Toscana: Non finanziare ricerche con sperimentazione animale della Novartis Siena
    Enrico Rossi, governor of the Tuscany Region: Do not fund research with animal testing of Novartis Siena
  25. Director de Fauna Silvestre de Santa Cruz: DETENGAMOS EL EXTERMINIO DE GUANACOS EN ARGENTINA
    Wildlife director Santa Cruz: Stop the extermination of GUANACOS IN ARGENTINA
  26. Seprona y Departamento de Ganaderia y Pesca, España: Stop the brutal horse training of - Miguel Perez - para su doma brutal
    Seprona and Department of Livestock and Fisheries, Spain: Stop the brutal horse training of - Miguel Perez - for brutal dressage
  27. HELP: Camels Gunned Down From Helicopters!
  28. Govern de les Illes Balears: Impuesto verde a las superficies comerciales que usan bolsas de plástico.
    Government of the Balearic Islands: Tax Green commercial premises using plastic bags.
  29. Todos por los animales de la calle
    Do everything for strays
  30. Ayuntamiento de San Cristóbal de La Laguna: Pedimos la prohibición de la venta de animales en el Mercado de La Laguna
    City of San Cristóbal de La Laguna: We ban the sale of animals in the Mercado de La Laguna
  31. Liberen a SHILA. No es un animal salvaje.
    Release SHILA. She is a wild animal.
  32. Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer: Que no recojan donativos que vengan de la crueldad hacia los animales
    Spanish Association Against Cancer: Do not come to collect donations when animal cruelty is involved
  33. Pide a Wim Delvoye que deje de tatuar animales indefensos.
    Request Wim Delvoye to stop tattoo defenseless animals.
  35. Pide a Google que no abuse de animales
    Ask Google to not abuse animals
  36. Alcalde de corvera ( y de todos los concejos.. de Ejpaña): NO MÁS ANIMALES EN LOS CIRCOS!!
    Mayor Corvera (and all councils .. Spain): NO MORE animals in circuses!
  37. La Arrabasada Perrera Municipal de Barcelona (CAAC): És horrible el dolor y sufrimiento que padecen millones de animales.
    The Kennel Arrabassada Municipal de Barcelona (CAAC) : horrible pain and suffering endured by millions of animals.
  38. Etiqueta visible en los productos que compro para saber si se ha experimentado con animales
    Visible label on the products you buy to see if it has been tested on animals
  39. Mejores leyes para la protección de los animales en Honduras.
    Better laws for the protection of animals in Honduras.
    no target stated :((
    AID ASSOCIATION Humane Caceres to continue their work.
    no target stated :((
  41. no queremos tiendas que vendan animales!!!!!
    not wanted: stores that sell animals!!
    no target stated :((
  42. "animales en peligro"
    "endangered" animals
    no target stated :((
  43. Governo do Estado do Recife: Stop and make illegal the undiscriminated shark fishing
  44. Save Anson the Black Bear
  1. New Animal Shelter
  2. Help ban animal testing worldwide
  3. Reintroduce Wolves to New England!
  5. Help Protect the New Mexico Cougar
  6. Don't Kill Tasmanian Devils
  7. Revoke Exxon Mobil's License to Pollute
  8. Scotland - Change Your Energy Policy
  9. Stop the 'management' of Wolves in Wyoming
  10. Save Slave Elephant Performers
  11. Stop the Use of Pig Gestation Crates and Extreme Cruelty to Georgia Pigs!

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