Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/02

  1. Vote - Should trapping be protected under the state constitution as proposed in HJR 2, which will be on the ballot in November?
  2. Vote - Help Decide if America is a Cat or Dog Country
    You can vote once per day, every day!
    For every vote, Purina will give $1 to Pet Partners’ veteran programs, up to $100,000, to help provide America's military heroes with animal-assisted therapy. 
  3. I urge the farming community to take a leadership role in ending the UK live export trade.
  4. Help end long distance live transport
    Success! After just one shipment from Ipswich Port, Associated British Ports have suspended the trade in live animals due to lack of facilities after an inspection and advice from RSPCA inspectors. However, the trade could restart at any time, please email ABP the owners of multiple ports in England, thanking them for their decision, but urging them to ban live exports from all their ports!
  5. Urge Ms Gillard to uphold her word to protect animals from cruelty.
  6. Protect the EU's Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics
  7. Against foie gras
  8. Time for a ban on the commercial trade in polar bear parts
  9. Say NO to ivory - Join the Elephant March
  10. KFC Stop Destroying Southern Forests
  11. President Chinois Hu Jintao! Stop the massacre (Tigers, Rhino, Elephants) (confirmation needed)
  12. No animal cosmetic surgery! (confirmation needed)
  13. Against the extinction of Mediterranean monk seals (confirmation needed)
  14. Stop savage 'pig dogging' in Australia
  15. Dole: Pull your support for Shell in the Kiobel v. Shell Supreme Court case.
  1. Saving the pets at Village Place
  2. Ban the Senseless Slaughter of our Big.5 for Blood Sport
  3. People Against WA shark Cull
  4. Stop plans for a national radioactive waste dump on Aboriginal land at Muckaty near Tennant Creek (NT)
  5. Stop Benalmadena Killing Neutered Cats
  1. Birmingham city council: Stop the sale of fur at the Frankfurt Market
  2. الهيئة العامة لشؤون الزراعة والثروة السمكية في دولة الكويت: الوقف فورا عن إعدام الكلاب الضالة عن طريق السم
    Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources in Kuwait: immediately halt the execution of stray dogs by poison
  3. People of Kuwait: Whether Citizens or Expats: Sign to request gov funded stray cats & dogs Trap/Neuter/Release program
  4. Kuwait: Punish those who abuse the animals in Kuwait
  5. The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla- India.: Stop the forced and illegal buffalo fights in Himachal.
  6. MoMA PS1: Do not to allow M Wells serve horse meat
  7. MoMA PS1 & M. Wells Dinette: Ban Horse Meat on the MoMA PS1 Menu
    UPDATE - Great news! Thanks to you and the eloquent Vickery Eckhoff, NY Times and Forbes contributor who's article I cited in the petition letter, MoMA PS1 and M. Wells Dinette have further researched the implications of offering horse meat for human consumption. At this time, they've decided to "hold off" on adding it to the menu. Thank you and congratulations! Together we've made a difference! All my best, Amy
  8. EU- Gesetzgebung: Einhaltung der Gesetze in Südtirol
    EU legislation: Compliance in South Tyrol
  9. Pide al Gobierno que prohiba importaciones de monos de Mauricio para la experimentación - Requests the Government to prohibit import of monkeys for experimentation Mauritius
  10. Mayor Jim Watson of Ottawa: Stop the killing of wildlife in Ottawa
  11. Free Pussy Riot!
  12. Préfét des Hautes-Alpes: Empêcher le massacre des marmottes à Saint-Véran - Hautes Alpes - Stop the killing of marmots in France
  13. Nike: Stop the slaughter of kangaroos to make your soccer shoes!
  14. Australian Government: Don´t kill the white shark precautionary
  15. Department of Veterans Affairs: Reverse the Policy: Help our Veterans heal with Service Dogs!
  16. Purdue Delta Upsilon Alumni Board: Allow the undergraduate members to facilitate their adopted dog.
  17. US Congress: Put the Gray Wolves back on the Endangered Species List
  18. Louisiana Public Service Commission and Louisiana Department of Revenue: To keep solar energy affordable for Louisiana citizens
  19. City of Madison, WI and City Forestry Department: Stop the removal of mature fruit trees in the at 1817 Lyndale.
  20. law enforcement: Stop Shooting Family Pets (Pit Bulls in general, but ALL Dogs)
  21. the EPA: Stop allowing air pollutants in the drinking water
  1. Ask the Department of Fish and Wildlife to Stop Shooting Wolves
  2. Don’t Force Iberian Wolves Off Sanctuary Lands
  3. Stop Dehorning Calves and Cows Without Anesthetic
  4. Help Save the Andean Bear from Extinction
  1. Stop abuse walking horses in Texas for human pleasure.
  2. Stop the New Zealand Dolphin becoming EXTINCT
  3. Remove poisonous dog treats from "Target"
  4. Ban shark products from AZ - Stop Shark Finning
  5. Save the Great White Sharks of Western Australia
  7. Club Morsico: Stop Eating Endangered Animals
  8. Lets close down Guardian Angel Horse Rescue
  9. URGENT!!!PLEASE Tell Canada to End Its Shameful Seal Slaughter
  10. Tell the Academy Awards to reject the Spanish movie "Blancanieves" (White Snow).

  11. Stop the Environmental Destruction of Artificial Snow
  12. Don't Allow Dogs to Maul Pigs to Death
    additional petition: Stop savage 'pig dogging' in Australia
  13. Save Japan's Dolphins
  14. Protect Sacred Lummi Lands From Dirty Coal
  15. Ban "Tail Docking" of Farm Animals
  16. Save the Andean Bear from Extinction
  17. Stop Missouri Horse Slaughter Factory

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