Friday, October 26, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/26

  1. Please Take Action to Protect Atlantic Menhaden
  2. Help WSPA tell your supermarket that you want to keep cows on grass
    I want my milk to come from cows that are healthy and free to graze as nature intended – on grass in green fields. This is why I am joining WSPA’s European-wide campaign demanding to know: where does my milk come from?
  3. Ban Gestation Boxes: No Reprieve
  4. Oppose Removal of Wild Horses in Oregon's Murderers Creek
  5. Let us not allow the mountain chicken sanctuary tol be destroyed!
  6. Ask Emma Stone To Stop Wearing Fur
  7. STOP the sell-off of the prairie grasslands
  8. Petition against Thai dogs and livestock markets
  9. Thank Sec. Salazar for protecting wildlife
  10. URGENT: Congress Allowed the Food and Farm Bill to EXPIRE!
  11. Have your say on plans to increase logging in our SW forests!
  12. Tell Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: Stop the National Investment Board
  13. Don't let Congress give away your wilderness (US)
  1. Save Bill and Lou from the slaughterhouse
  2. Ban shark long line fishing
  3. Australians Against Shark Culling
  4. Obie Must Stay with Nora
  5. Save The Pitbulls!
  1. Brasil Embassy: Protect the Guarani
  2. The governor and state legislator of California: Enact a law mandating that all privately owned dogs be spayed and neutered
  3. These bears are suffering in an enclosure that's too small
  4. PetSmart: Change your discriminative policies against "bully breeds".
  5. The U.S. President and Congress: Stop Idaho's (HJR2), which will be on the 2012 ballot for killing WOLVES.
  6. Brian Williams / Town Of Galen Animal Control Officer: Remove him from position and rehire non-bias officer
  7. Prefeitura de Londrina: Acabar com Atividades de Carroceiros na Área Urbana
    City of Londrina: Ending Carroceiros Activities in Urban Area
  8. Eliseo Lezama Prieto, presidente de Tehuacán: Autorizar corridas de toros es violar la ley de Proteccion a los Animales
    Elisha Lezama Prieto, president of Tehuacán: Authorize bullfighting is violating the law of animal protection
  9. Mayor Menino & councillor Rob Consalvo: Stop the bullying of pit bulls and their owners.
  10. Hon Michael Gravelle - Ontario Minister of Natural Resources: Save Endangered Species (Jefferson Salamander) from 4 Lane Highway
  11. Canada: Por favor ¿pueden parar las matanzas de focas?
    Canada: Please can you stop the killing of seals?
  12. Reveal Treatment Of Orangutans At Rasa Ria RESORT
  13. U.S. House Oversight Committee: Investigate the Department Of the Interior for unethical practices
  14. Открытое обращение в защиту белорусских болот
    Open letter in support of Belarusian wetlands
  15. Ayudar a los animales de la protectora de Figueres
    Helping animals in the shelter of Figueres
  16. Brenda Barnette/South LA Animal Shelter & LA Mayor Antonio Villaragosa: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your mess up and open the new shelter!
  17. Please Keep the Finger Lakes Beautiful, Profitable, & Healthy! Please Stop the Landfill Expansion!
  1. Enforce the Ban on Shark Finning in the United Arab Emirates
  2. Urge New York to Encourage Cohabitation Over Killing Coyotes
  3. Stop Maryland from Using Birth Control to Manage Deer Populations
  4. Save Los Angeles’s Waterfront – Sink the Long Beach Breakwater
  5. Tell Americans Where Natural Foods are Sourced
  6. Stop Selling Baby Food in Toxin-Filled Plastic Containers
  1. Another case of abuse and neglect (Kelly Rogers)
    original link: PETITION: ANOTHER CASE!!!!!!
  2. Bring Debbie Andrews To Justice For Starving Her Pets To Death
  3. Save Feral Cat Colony in Sandfly!
  4. Stop the unjustly discrimination & murdering of Pit Bulls!
  5. Help us Protect our Kids Franklin and Elizabeth
  6. Save Tam Dam's Bear Sanctuary!
  7. Turtles Aren't Toys.
  8. Stop the slaughter of millions of birds migrating across Cyprus and Malta every Autumn!!
  9. Save the seahorses and other animals used in Chinese medicine.
  10. Ask McDonald's Canada to have a Vegan Sandwich
  11. EPA must not approve palm oil!
    original petition: EPA must not approve palm oil!
  12. Save the hawksbill TURTLES by protecting an important nesting site

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