Friday, October 5, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/05

  1. Vote - Promoting Human/Bear Coexistence through Education and Action
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  2. Neutering prevents animal suffering: For the unfailing castration, identification and registration of cats
  3. Reduction of soja import (confirmation needed)
  4. Join with us to act on behalf of six blue-green bills on Beacon Hill. The entire Massachusetts House of Representatives and many Senators are up for re-election.
  5. Please Stop Serving Cruelly Produced Horse Meat at MoMa Café
  6. Protect Elephants--Ban Bullhooks in Ontario
  7. Protest against the amendment to the Animal Welfare Act 2012/ETN eV (confirmation needed)
  8. Protect Great White Sharks
  9. Help end long distance live transport - eMail ABP and urge them to reject long distance live transport from it’s ports…
  10. Please send more New Iberia chimpanzees to sanctuaries
  11. Stop the killing of one fifth of the Lithuanian wolves!
  12. Save the Danube – Stop destruction! Petition to protect the "Amazon of Europe"
  13. Foie gras: How much suffering could swallow?
  14. End the use of wild-caught animals as pets. (confirmation needed)
  15. "I pledge to be happy in my own skin, and not support pain, suffering and death by wearing or using the skin, fur or wool from animals."
  16. Oppose seismic testing in the Atlantic. Please choose Alternative "C".
    Tell Secretary of Interior Salazar that we need to protect endangered whales, not deafen them with seismic airgun blasts.
  17. ABC, CBS and NBC: Stop Airing Oil and Gas Industry Lies During National Newscasts!
  18. Don’t Let the Fisheries Service Keep Secrets
  19. Keep oil rigs out of Greater Yellowstone
  20. Protect Rafael Alegria and other human rights defenders in Honduras
    Al gobierno del Sr. Rajoy: Que suban el IVA al 21% también a los TOROS
  2. กรมประมง: หยุดนิรโทษกรรมเรืออวนลากเถื่อน
    Department of Fisheries: Amnesty for illegal trawl vessels.
  2. President Sri Lanka (Mahinda Rajapaksa): Please free the Elephant tied up in the Gangarama Temple
  3. Coal Mining and The Economy
  5. Prosecute owners of dogs who move away and leave their animals to die: Make it a law in your state by contacting your representatives
  6. Conservative Government of Canada: Create a government regulations for sea mammals in captivity within Canada
  7. United States Environmental Protection Agency: Stop Large Industry from polluting our last Great Places
  8. Stop Euthanasia of Healthy Companion Animals
  9. Demand robust regulations on oil & gas drilling in Colorado Springs
  10. Protect Starved Rock from Plastic Bottle Litter
  11. Devon County Council: Remove Straitgate Farm in Ottery St Mary as a Preferred Quarry Site
  12. Gold Fish Pettish
  13. Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board: Shut down Asphalt factories in Karauli (Rajasthan)
  14. Conserve India's Natural Heritage! Implement Western Ghats Panel Recommendations
  15. Anna University: Print Project Report on two sides, save paper
  16. Ajuntament d'Inca: no volem cap parc temàtic religiós a Mallorca
  17. Taiji el mundo te habla
  18. Al Gobierno de la Nación: que se acaben las corridas de toros en España
  19. Protección al yaguareté en peligro de extinción en Misiones (Argentina)
  20. Al alcalde de Tordesillas: Abolicion del toro de la Vega
  21. Gozón: Permitir entrada de perros en al menos una playa incluso en temporada estival.
  22. Director Ejecutivo del Zoo Parque de las Leyendas: Alto al uso de animales como entretenimiento.
  23. Cierre de las fábricas de cachorros en Europa / Closure of puppy mills in Europe
  25. Universidad de Zaragoza, Facultad de Veterinaria: Un terreno y un almacén para la asociación Veterinarios Sin Tierra
  27. At attention of Gouvernement Namibien: Petition against the hunting of seals in Namibia
  28. At Chinese government: STOP THE TRAFFIC OF THE BEAR BILE
  29. Walmart: Stop the cruelty to pigs
  30. Animaux du monde: faire pression contre cette autorisation
  31. Animaux du monde: qu il se mobilise contre cette autorisation de tuer le loup de Canjuers
  32. Animaux sans frontière: qu ils se mobilisent contre cette autorisation de tuer les loups
  33. Animaux sans frontière: qu ils se mobilisent contre cette autorisation de tuer les loups (2nd petition)
  34. Toujour les animaux: faire pression et soutenir les loups
  35. qu elle signe contre l'abbattage des loups de Canjuers
  36. qu elle signe contre l'abbattage des loups en France
  37. qu il signe contre l'abbattage des loups
  38. nadine qu elle signe contre cette autorisation d'abbattre des loups
  39. Stop al finanziamento del centro di vivisezione di Nerviano (MI)
  40. No alla cattura di 16.000 uccelli migratori in Veneto
  41. Prime Minister of Japan: Stop the dolphin and whale killings in Taiji
  42. 日清食品: ベジタリアン・カップラーメンをつくってください!
    Stop the auction of death
  43. Требуем начать расследование о халатности и издевательстве над животными в Березинском заповеднике!
    We demand an investigation of malpractice and abuse of animals in the Berezinsky Reserve!
  44. Министерство лесного хозяйства Республики Беларусь: измените Правила ведения охотничьего хозяйства и охоты
    The Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus: to change the rules of game and hunting
  45. S.O.S. Manila Bay: Save our Sunset! Stop the Reclamation of Manila Bay!
  46. Police Officers: Mandatory classes to handle animal situations non lethally
  47. Chupps Puppies: End Chupp's Puppies PUPPY MILL
  48. กรมป่าไม้: ดูแลพื้นที่ป่าไม้มีการบุกรุกตัดไม้ บ้านคลิตีล่าง หมู่4 ต.ชะแล อ.ทองผาภูมิ
  49. หยุดโครงการสร้างเขื่อนป้องกันการกัดเซาะ หาดท้องศาลา เกาะพะงัน
    Prevent erosion and dam Thong Sala Koh Phangan.
  1. Demand that European Fleets Stop Deep Sea Overfishing
  2. End the Cruel Treatment of California Chickens
  3. Ban Imprisonment of Orca Whales at SeaWorld
  4. Tell Michigan to Start Adopting Clean Energy
  1. Save The 33 Rottweilers from Being Put to Sleep by a Saint Clair County Judge, Alabama
  2. Elephants and Wolves in Wyoming
  4. Tell Canada to Halt the Polar Bear Trade
  5. Stop the abuse of Irish Greyhounds and Racing Dogs.
  6. Stop Greyhounds being tortured to death in Spain
  7. Build Our Sutter Animal Shelter
  9. Say No to Ginesy's law proposition against wolf!!!
  10. We want a Belgian animal police! Wij willen een Belgische Dierenpolitie!
  11. Stop the mass killing of The dolphins in Denmark
  12. Free Narnia the orca

  13. Stop Biofuels Causing Hunger
  14. Don't kill the White Sharks!
  15. Acknowledge Pets as part of the Family
  16. Tell Dubai to Stop Hunting Endangered Sharks
  17. Stop the Export of Endangered Macaws
  18. Stop Animal Experiments at Bristol-Myers
  19. Tell NYC Museum to STOP Serving Illegal Horsemeat!
  20. URGENT - Preserve wolf in Slovenia
  21. Save the Florida Bonneted Bat!
  22. Oxen who worked hard for 10 years face slaughter at Green Mtn College in VT
  23. Abroger la proposition de loi de M Ginesy: "Proliferation du loup"

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