Thursday, October 18, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/18

  1. Our moment in time to protect SA's marine treasures
    Right now the South Australian Government is considering protecting the most remarkable marine treasures along the State’s vast coastline. Please send your message of support before the deadline of midnight, this Monday 22 October 2012.
  2. Tell Secretary Salazar to Protect Wolves in the West
  3. Help Stop Cruel Beluga Whale Imports from Russia!
  4. Italy: Not always a picture postcard
    Please urge the Italian Government to tell their farmers to comply with the 2013 sow stall ban.
  5. Live export, Britain's shame - Outrage as port is forced to restart trade
  6. Please Support Sen. Harb's Bill to End the Seal Slaughter
  7. Please Support Sen. Harb's Bill to End the Seal Slaughter (peta2)
  8. Oppose Oil-Gas Plan With Airgun Noise That Kills Animals
  9. Stop Keystone XL at its Source: Say No to Shell’s Tar Sands Mine!
  10. Save Trellis Bay
  11. Against vivisection (confirmation needed)
  12. Against GMO (confirmation needed)
  13. For Europe without nuclear weapons
  1. California Department of Fish and Game: Allow two bear cubs to be taken in by Tahoe Bear Rescue.
  3. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP): Stop using real fur on the RCMP uniform (winter hat, parka etc)
  4. THE WHOLE UNITED STATES: NOT to DECLARE Halloween National Kill A Pit bull day
  5. The Government, U.S. Senator, The President: Stop all animal Abuse, Cruelty, Neglect and Puppy Mills
  6. E.L.D.C: Stop the Halal slaughter house opening in Skegness
  7. Save Wild Horses From Slaughter
  8. Walking for Red wants The U.S. House and Senate and President.: To make a national law for animal cruelty in the United State.
  9. The roadside/outdoor/fleamarket sales of dogs and cats in Mississippi: Introduce our Bill to MS State Legislators in the 2013 session
  10. Monsanto: Stop the use of roundup -label products treated with roundup
  11. One Bottle at a Time
  12. Residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Stop calling Mitt Romney "Governor" and calling Massachusetts "his" state.
    (signed in honor of poor Lucy who he made ride on the roof of his car)
    Read the article here: 'The dog loved it': Ann Romney defends strapping pet to car roof on vacation but Mitt says he wouldn't do it again
  13. City of Chicago, 1st and 26th Ward Aldermen, Chicago Park District: Build a dog recreation area in Smith Park.
  14. Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company: Place trash bins on your land on N. Kihei Rd. From mile marker 3 north.
  15. Yale University Presidential Search Committee: Select a candidate with a commitment to sustainability
  16. Marquette University: TAKE BACK THE TAP
  17. Clemson University Board of Trustees: End dirty coal power on our campus
  18. University of KY Board of Trustees: End dirty coal power on our campus
  19. Please say "NO" to Sporting Clays in Goochland.
  20. Lafayette City Council: Prevent Littering in Las Trampas Creek
  21. Amherst College: Stop investing in the coal industry
  22. SOS to the Next President: We Are Running Out Of Water!
  23. Kansas City Public Works: Stop Cutting Down Old-Growth Trees in the Green Impact Zone!
  24. The Governor of PA: Reject House Bill 2224
  25. Help Us End the San Carlos Leaf Blower Nightmare…
  26. President Obama: Continue commitment to action on sea level rise and climate change.
  27. CDFA and CAL-EPA: Stop Secret Pesticide Spraying!
  28. Save Key West! (Stop Proposed Dredging in the National Marine Sanctuary): Tell KW leaders to stop dredging the ocean for mega cruise ships
  1. Demand that Cayman Turtle Farm Stop Farming Endangered Turtles for Meat
  2. Protect Personal Privacy on Google
  3. Enforce Accountability for Oilfield Contractor that Lost Radioactive Device
  4. Prevent Construction of Major Transmission Line through National Parks
  1. Block Swedish Eskilstuna Parken Zoo -Death chambers for globally recognized endangered species.
  3. Destinan 303.000 euros a clases de caza en colegios pblicos en Castilla y Len.
    Teaching children how to kill Bambi. The government will give 303.000 euros to schools to teach children between the ages of 7 and 12 to hunt.
  4. Australia - Protect Blue Whales from Big Oil
  5. Convince the U.S. Government to Establish the World's 1st Global Ecological Development Directive
  6. Petition to Transition Foerter Farm to an Organic Farm
  7. Stop polluting the Ogeechee river! We don't want your poison for whatever reason! This is our land!
  8. Thank FedEx and UPS for Not Shipping Research Animals
  9. Justice-4-Arizona the dog.
  10. Jail animal abusers we will not stand by and let them win
  11. Australia, Support Solar Farms!
  12. Support Pet Safety and Protection Act
  13. Stop Seismic Testing for Oil Exploration
  14. Montanore Mine Threatens Endangered Species
  15. Justice for Chas
  16. Stop using horse carriages in Amsterdam city

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