Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/24

  1. Vote - Do you think Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker should stand down as head of the SPCA?
    • Yes, there is a conflict of interest
    • No, she is not going to continue anyway
    The call has come along with an online petition signed by more than 2500 people, urging Hardaker and her council to put a halt to the International Rodeo which will be held at Claudelands Arena on November 24.
  2. Tell the DNR Commissioner To Stop The Wolf Hunt
  3. Help Stop the Sadistic 'Fire Bull' Festival in Soria
  4. Hearts Cut Out at CU-Boulder!
  5. No loosening of elephant conservation in Tanzania!
  6. Orangutans Kick Box and Wear Bikinis?
    link will take you to a Care2 petition after clicking on 'Take Action'
  7. The implementation of Council Regulation 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing - Over 3 million animals are slaughtered in Scotland's abattoirs every year. The Scottish Government are now considering weakening the few and woefully inadequate laws that are supposed to limit their suffering. We have until 26th October to act. (For residents of Scotland only)
    For other countries, use the same letter as given in the petition and address it to The First Minister Alex Salmond -
    End it with your name and country.
  8. Stop the Super Trawler (only two days to go)
  9. Ban Animal Tested Cosmetics 2013
  10. Please help the elder chimpanzees
  11. NJ: Ask Your Assembly member to Support A.3250 to Ban Cruel Confinement of Pigs
    (This alert only applies to the following states: NJ.)
  12. Harper: Don't sell Nexen to China, Stand up for Tibet
  1. South Korean Government: All dogs should be protected equally under the Animal Protection Law.
  2. Serve MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE Judicial Punishment for Animal Cruelty in the State of Wisconsin.
  3. Honorable Gregory E. Grau, Lamont Jacobson, Esq., Wausau, Wisconsin: Please prosecute Sean D. Janas to the Full Extent of the Law
  4. Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr and The City of Charleston: Bring a Local Farmers Market to West Ashley.
  5. Stop animal abuse & the law to be strict on people who abuse animals
    no target stated
  6. Su Majestad La Reina Doña Sofía.: Abolir el maltrato animal en España.
    Her Majesty Queen Sofia: Abolish animal abuse in Spain.
  7. Kelly Ripa: spend time with pit bulls and educate yourself.
  8. Fundación Natura Parc - Canera de Transit: La perrera debe de abrir al público y a los voluntarios
    Fundación Natura Parc - Canera Transit: The kennel must be open to the public and volunteers
  9. Sindh Government of Pakistan: Maltreatment of 22 Thousand Innocent Sheep
  10. Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin und lokale Medien: Schnute und Maxi artgerecht umsiedeln
    I appeal to your conscience, relocate "Schnute" and "Maxi" urgently into a welfare sanctuary so they can live their life finally as bears!
  11. SPCA of Cattaraugus County Board of Directors: You must resign immediately to allow change
  12. Chico Area Parks and Recreation District: Create a Small Dog Park in Chico/ Degarmo Park
  13. President and Congress of the US: Make the captivity of marine mammals illegal in the US
  14. Don't sell out - people over profit!
  15. Don't sell out to right-wing causes and corporate interests.
  16. Lake County FL Administrative Offices: Implement Jacksonville's Feral Freedom Program to end animal euthanasia
  17. Chipotle Mexican Grill: Ask customers if they need a bag before bagging their food
  18. Allow pets in Homeless Shelters and Assisted living Programs
  19. Ministro de Justicia de España: Las agresiones sexuales a animales deben ser tipificadas como delito.
    Make sexual abuse of animals a crime in Spain.
    Don't close the animal shelter in Valencia, Spain
  21. Уберите мертвых животных с витрин ГУМа
    Remove the stuffed wildlife from display windows at State Museum of Natural History in Belarus.
  22. Islas Danesas de Feroe: Que no maten delfines por tradición en las Islas Feroe.
    Danish Faroe Islands: Do not kill dolphins by tradition in the Faroe Islands.
  23. Presidencia de la República, Ministerio de Cultura, medios de comunicación: Las corridas de toros NO deben ser patrimonio cultural en Colombia
    Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Culture, media: Bullfights are NOT to be cultural heritage in Colombia
  24. International Committee of the Red Cross's Weapon Contamination Unit: Stop breeding GM mice to detect landmines
  25. Presidente de RTVE: Que Televisión Española no retransmita las corridas de toros
    Stop broadcasting of bullfights on RTVE channel.
  1. Ban Pride Celebration at Georgia Aquarium to Protect Sound-Sensitive Animals
  2. Applaud Musician Sting for Changing Concert Venue to Please Environmentalists
  3. Stop Turkey’s Animal “Murder Law” From Going into Effect
  4. Cosmetic Company Must Stop Using Chemicals that Cause Breast Cancer
  5. Don’t Legalize Dog Meat and Dog Farms in Korea
  6. Prevent Expansion of Landfill in San Diego
  7. Prevent Further Acidification of Oceans
  1. Stop from giving out untrue, biased information about dogs.
  2. Ask the North-West University Potchefstroomcampus to teach Veterinary science.
  3. Fight for Desperate Polar Bears

  4. Save State Parks From Closing
  5. Keep the Peace River Valley, Say "NO" to Site C Dam
  6. Stop Craigslist From Allowing Free Pets Posts
  7. Urge Pigeon Shooting to End!
  8. Stop the Destruction of Hundreds of Bat Roosts in the UK
  9. STOP!! Hazardous Material (Diesel Fuel) Dumping on Maumee River
  10. SOS Reserve Pontal Jaburu, Eternal Shrine of animals Brasil Goias

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