Friday, October 12, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/12

  1. Tell Walmart to start selling sustainably caught canned tuna
  2. Pony the Orangutan Prostitute!
  3. Save the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction!
  4. No to the pig industry in d'Heuringhem (France)
  5. Ban on hunting polar bears
  6. Protest letter to the competent authorities in Mexico
    Dolphinarium in the facilities of the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum Resort in Mexico where several bottlenose dolphins are kept in a tiny concrete pool in the most appalling conditions.
  7. Stop the "Dolphin Lagoon" in the Maldives!
  8. No more live lobsters at METRO!
  9. Please require raccoon dog to be called "raccoon dog" on fur labels
  10. Petition to end the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity (confirmation needed)
  11. End the use of wild-caught animals as pets (confirmation needed)
  12. Lobby Your MP - You can ask your MP to sign our latest Early Day Motions and you can also ask them to show their support for our Clean Up Cruelty campaign by pledging to use only BUAV Approved non-animal tested products in their constituency offices. (UK)
  13. Stop "Trade of Shame" - Stop dog-meat trade
    after signing it, you will be redirected to petition.
  14. Please thank Disney for cutting Indonesian rainforest destruction out of its supply chain now!
  15. World-Class Fisheries Depend on World-Class Science
  16. Save Lilo And Stitch - Help Us Save Our Beloved Family Members
  17. Protect Ontario's snapping turtles
  18. Jiminy Cricket, Enbridge is greenwashing!
  19. Tell the Feds: Don't Rubber-stamp New California Mines
  20. Put Climate Change on the Agenda in the Presidential & VP Debates
  21. Tell the Obama Campaign: Stop your Cynical Pro-Coal Ad
  22. Support the Multinational Species Conservation Funds Semipostal Stamp Reauthorization Act (US)
  23. Urge Legislators to Restore Wolves to Colorado (Colorado residents only)
  24. Stop Needless Fish Kills at the Delaware City Refinery (US)
  25. Tell Congress: Extend the Wind Tax Credits! (US)
  1. Ahpae Hanane Shelter: To close shelter down and move animals to safety
  2. The Honorable Prime Minister of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung: Stop the eviction of Animals Asia's bear rescue center
  3. Governor Chris Christie: Suspend the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in New Jersey
  4. Ban Horse racing and Olympic Horse Disciplines
  5. The Dutch Government Authorities / Ministry of Agriculture: Re-open the case for Morgan's release back to the wild
  6. Premier Barnett: We the people, demand full protection of Aboriginal Heritage sites in WA
  7. Halt exploration and production of coal seam gas at Fullerton Cove
  8. Meet with People not just Oil Execs
  9. Premier of British Columbia: Stop Poisoning our Kids!
  10. Make the AP Assembly a Green Building
  11. Town and Country Planning Department - Haryana, India: Zone Aravalli hills: Aravalli hills as water recharge zone and sanctuary.
  12. Do not allow the swim with Tiger cub and Swim with Gator at Dade City's Wild Things Zoo
  13. Her okula barınaktan iki evcil hayvan...
    Each school two pet shelter...
    (Google Translation) Pets in need of care and love they need. Students being in school will love these animals. Students will also increase the responsibility with animals, and they will be very responsible in society. In this way, the animals look good, and get love they need, as well as it benefits for students.
  1. Stop the Illegal Trade of the Slow Loris in Indonesia
  2. Speak Out Against Pet Overpopulation
  3. Prevent Biotech Companies from Patenting Genes
  4. Tell the FDA to Crack Down on Unsafe Imported Seafood
  5. Applaud Efforts To Turn Britain’s Isle Of Wight Into A Self-Sufficient Island of Renewable Energy
  1. We demand that - The framework - starts in the EU immediately, without delay!
  2. Ban shark finning in Texas!
  3. Idaho, Make Dairy Farms Cruelty Free!
  4. Save the Little Spotted Cat!!
  5. Save the Little Spotted Cat!! (2nd petition with more signatures)
  6. Conservatives Plan Seal Cull
  7. Close the Tucson Greyhound Park
  8. Save the wild Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)
  9. End Aerial Shooting of Camels
  11. Eradicate Factory Farming in the US
  12. Stop Bullfights In Spain
  14. Stop Killing Baby Horses for Hormone Replacement Drug
  15. Stop Painful Mutilation of Lambs
  16. Tell Lipton Tea to Stop Animal Experiments
  17. Don't Sell Rainforest Destruction
  18. Support New Jersey Gestation Crate Ban!
  19. Save the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction!
    author of the same avaaz petition - No.3 among various petitions above

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